About Us

Ironspan Steel Buildings is one of the leading steel building companies in Kansas. Having an experience of 60 years, we deliver pre-engineered structural steel buildings to both industrial and domestic clients. Ironspan has a huge collection of steel structures for several buildings and storage requirements. We claim to manufacture some of the most innovative steel covered buildings, designed and implemented with utmost precision and technology. We design the steel buildings keeping in mind the challenges you face. We keen to design custom steel structures to fit every business needs. Our pre-engineered steel buildings reflect durability, strength and uniqueness in every sense.

Our Steel Structures Promises Durability and Affordability

At Ironspan, we have gained a reputation in the market due to our commitment to provide the best-in-class steel structures to our clients. Our team has extensive years of experience and knowledge in this construction domain. We ensure to manufacture durable and reliable steel structures that speak for themselves. Our pre-engineered steel buildings are easy to implement on-site. We promise not to compromise the quality of the products and ensure to deliver tensile steel structures at an affordable price. We always make sure to maintain a warm relationship with our customers.

We are one of the reputed industrial steel buildings in the Kansas that leads in technology, longevity, flexibility and high-quality steel structures for more than 60 years. Ironspan is a fast-growing and experienced steel manufacturer for customized steel structures. Our steel structures are designed by implementing the latest and scientific techniques. Our steel panels are best suited for various commercial and industrial sectors offering unique design and styling along with maintaining a high level of durability.

We Are Dedicated To Offer Green Buildings

Ironspan is dedicated to design sustainable steel buildings and we induce practices to conserve resources and reduce carbon footprints to the environment. Our endless options for steel structures help to bring ideas to life. At Ironspan, we do not outsource our resources or responsibilities. Our structures are designed in USA and detailed in USA only.

At Ironspan, we strongly believe to create a better world. We implement latest technologies to manufacture our steel structures.