What Makes Steel Structures a Better Choice for Building Construction?

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Initiating a building project requires making lots of major decisions that directly and indirectly influence the budget and duration of completing a building project. Not only that but also the decisions made at the beginning of a building can have a long-lasting effect on the buildings even after many years. In the current scenario, most business owners seem to be interested in steel structures for their building projects. Even contractors nowadays recommend steel structures because they come with numerous benefits. Hence, whether you are building a church, school or a gymnasium, hiring steel building manufacturers in USA is the best thing to do in the current times.

Ironspan Steel Buildings is one of the most reputed steel building companies in USA. Check the following points to know more about the various benefits of steel structures in the current times.


A quality that sets steel apart from the rest of the others is its toughness, stiffness, strength and ductile properties that allow structural steel to be made into various shapes and sizes. Furthermore, steel structures are constructed by welding or bolting the pieces together on the site after they are delivered from the suppliers. On the other hand, the traditional construction of building requires weeks to begin after the concrete and bricks are delivered on the construction site. Moreover, the tension stress and compression in steel buildings provide for architects to explore their imagination as well as make the structures as functional as possible.


Structural steel is in high demand these days because they do not age or decay like other materials in the construction industry. At the same time, they are superior in strength than other construction materials in the current times. It must be understood that steel for construction has a higher strength-to-weight ratio along with tensile strength, which means it is able to withstand stress from tension without any hindrance.


If you are concerned about safety then structural steel is the right choice for your upcoming building project. Even though it is a non-combustible material but the International Building Code has made it mandatory to coat it with a fire-resistant material that will ensure proper protection of dwellers in case of any fire accidents. At the same time, steel structures are also coated with water-resistant material which aims to prevent corrosion from getting hold of the building in wet and moist climatic conditions. In this way it also prevents the growth of moulds, thus making it a perfect choice as a building material in the current times.

Apart from the aforementioned facts, there are also numerous other benefits of choosing structural steel in the current times. Like, it can be recycled endlessly, thus making it safe for the environment. The on-site assembly, as well as fabrications, allow lots of flexibility that is not available with other construction material in the current construction industry. Hence, by choosing structural steel you will be making a great decision that will ensure lots of benefits in the years to come.

Why Choose Steel Storage Containers?

steel building companies in Kansas

Many require storage containers for various reasons. Some need storage containers for protecting office documents while others require storage containers for shipping items across different countries in the world. Steel shipping containers are also required for storing valuable items for a very long time. Well, whatever might be your reason for buying containers, steel storage containers have lots of benefits that you will get to know in the following facts.


One of the most valuable features of custom storage containers in USA is the maximum level of security which is hardly available in other alternatives. At the same time, you can choose the most advanced locking with it and have it installed by the professionals which will ensure maximum security of your items. Even though many manufacturers of steel storage containers install these lock systems but if you want something more sound then you can separately install a better mechanism in terms of your need. You can custom create your storage containers these days, means you will be able to make your containers based on your functional requirements easily.


Well, storage is the most obvious benefit of steel containers but what sets it apart is the huge amount of space that you get with it. Steel containers are also available in small sizes plus they can be custom made according to the client’s need. Also, they are considered to be great for storing official documents for long days. Moreover, steel containers are used for transporting items to distant locations because they offer more safety than other obtainable options in the current market.


The most important reason for which people choose steel containers is their strength and toughness that ensures complete safety of the items inside the container. Irrespective of any weather conditions, steel material won’t allow anything to happen to the items inside the box. It is because of this reason steel storage unit are in high demand because they come with so many qualities. Furthermore, if the steel containers are maintained properly then they will last perfectly for about eighteen to twenty years without any problems. However, if you decide to go for any other material then you will be in constant tension whenever storm will strike at your location. However, steel storage container offers peace of mind because even if there is a heavy storm, nothing will happen to the items inside the container.

Best for shipping items

Like as discussed before, steel containers are the best for shipping goods to different locations. Even if you are looking for just storing items but you never know when the need for shipping may arise in the future. In that case, the right solution for both storage and transportation is steel containers because they have all the qualities that it is required to ensure the safety of valuable items in residential as well as commercial premises.

Now that you are aware of the different advantages of using steel containers, it is high time that you enjoy these benefits to the fullest. Ironspan is a reputed supplier of custom storage containers in USA plus it is also renowned for its steel building construction services across the country.

How to Buy the Steel Building- A Professional Guide from Experts

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Buying the steel building is a huge investment for the contractors, builders, brokers and individuals. As compared to the other type of structures available in the market, the steel buildings are versatile and economical. If you are looking for the best steel building manufacturers in USA, Ironspan is considered the best one of all. This company has many years of manufacturing experience and it provides various steel structures as per the need of the clients. While choosing the reputed steel manufacturers like this one, you must check the experience level and warranty on products before making the final purchase.


Recently, the steel buildings are used in the commercial and the industrial areas. The steel buildings provide an economical and versatile solution to various work and storage requirements. With steel, you can get unlimited designs to meet the practical and aesthetic needs. Here are some of the tips to choose steel buildings from the manufacturers-


Cost – The steel components are not always low priced. However, building houses with the help of steel can significantly reduce the overall cost of construction. As we all know that steel is prefabricated, there is no wastage on site. Erecting the steel buildings require fewer labors. It will eventually reduce the labor cost. There are even no constructional delay and hidden costs. Both the construction process and the maintenance can be made easy with the help of steel.


Speed of construction – Another benefit of using the steel building is the speed of construction which is required to construct the buildings. Unlike the traditional mode of construction, the raw materials like wood and iron require months to build and these components are not too easy to be carried from one place to another. However, the steel is pre-fabricated having the pre-punched holes and anchor bolts in the spot. Fixing and erecting steel buildings is quite easy. The steel buildings come with the stepwise erection guides and help the builders to understand the process and complete them easily.


Durability – When you compare steel buildings with other conventional materials, steel has the larger and heavier ration as compared to others. It weighs less than the timber and thus it makes steel easy to carry from one location to another. Steel does not even buckle, divide and rotate. This makes steel one of the most durable products and that are of value for money.


Have a Look on the Purchasing Process


 The builder chooses the steel buildings from the general contractor, building manufacturers or the brokers, depending upon the requirement. Ironspan is one such reputed steel building manufacturer that has an extensive level of experience in this field and knowledge. This company has lots of reputed clients. This company not only provide steel buildings, but it also shows expertise in fabric-covered buildings as well.

Thus, while choosing the steel structures, it is very important to choose the one that has a good reputation in the market and has experience in manufacturing the steel buildings as per the requirement of the customers.


Custom Storage Containers in USA – What You Must Know About These Structures

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

The shipping container might seem like the simple product, but we always find these structures to be interesting as they are called by various names as like the C cans, Storage Bins or the Sea cans. There is a little difference between all these structures in terms of shape and capacity. However, most of the storage containers serve similar functions. If you are looking for the best type of custom storage containers in USA, you can buy them from Ironspan, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom steel and fabric covered storage containers.

Know About C Cans and Sea Cans

As the shipping containers are manufactured in such a manner that they can withstand the pressure across oceans and the rigorous handling at the ports and the ships, hence they are also called the sea cans or the C cans. But unlike the conventional typical aluminum storage containers, Ironspan offers large steel containers that are exceptionally made from the 8-gauge steel that makes them extremely strong and secured. These storage containers have steel frames and aluminum sides that make them highly durable in all weather conditions. The containers offered by Ironspan are certified and as they are transported by ocean, rail and by road. They can be pulled from one location, dragged and craned when transported. Their structural integrity is never compromised.

Portable and Durable Storage Containers for Offices and Buildings

Ironspan has been modifying the shipping containers for several years and this company has developed standard measurements that they can complete before the delivery. The portable office and the heat storage containers are largely used in various industries and mining and even at the construction site. Whether the storage containers are required at the remote area or the busy urban area, the suppliers offer flexible transport of these containers that bear all sorts of storage challenges.

Benefits of Using the Storage Containers

These portable storage containers provide various benefits to the users. They are versatile and they are used in various projects. The storage containers are designed to be used at various industries and situations that range from construction sites to the retail storages. Continue reading to know the benefits of using these storage containers-

 1. Versatile In Nature

One of the primary benefits of using storage containers is that they can be used in various locations for numerous purposes. Whether you are looking for the storage container for short term purpose or a long-term project, you can use them as per your requirement. These storage containers come in various sizes and shapes to suit the business needs.

2. Increased Security

You must never be worried about the safety of the belongings. With the use of these portable and highly durable containers, you can transport any product from one place to another. Ironspan portable storage containers are made with high-quality steel to increase the security and protection of the belongings.

3. Affordable in nature

The purchase or the rent of these containers is affordable. You can get large containers at an affordable price. Thus, you can fulfil your demand as per your budget and needs.

This is the guide on the storage containers. If you want to buy a storage container, buy it from a reliable supplier.