Why Steel Is the Cost-Effective Choice for Any Construction Project

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Building with steel is considered as one of the most affordable ways to raise any structure. You can build green with the help of steel material. But, do you have any idea that steel is an affordable material when you consider manufacturing any structure in your residential, commercial or agricultural premises?

Iron Span offers the best steel building construction in Kansas. It is one of the most reputed providers of steel structures around the USA. It has experience of 60 years. This company delivers pre-engineered structures made with steel for both commercial and residential clients. This company offers steel structures that fit perfectly in any building or storage facilities.

Even the manufacturers can also custom design the structures as per the needs of the clients. Steel material has become so popular in the market due to its wide range of benefits over other conventional materials. The pre-engineered steel structures offered by Ironspan are reliable, unique, strong and highly durable in all terms.


Implementing the pre-fabricated steel structures is one of the best ways to save money if you are planning to construct anything. Remember that the overall cost is something more than just the materials. Effort and time are equally required at the time of blueprint. When these pre-engineered structures are assembled in the worksite, you not only save money on the labor but also ensure that all the parts will work in the right manner.

Besides, when you are choosing the pre-fabricated steel materials, there are few leftovers. You are paying for the structures that you need. Steel is also having lots of tax benefits. Steel can be easily recycled and it is suitable for solar panels too.


You can save money in the long span as when the building is complete. As you, all know that steel is highly durable, steel structures can combat the extreme weather conditions in various regions in the US. The steel buildings are stronger than their counterparts are.

For instance, the wooden items expand and warp during the bad weather. Even the termites can damage and hamper the integrity of the wooden structures. However, with steel structures, there is no problem. Steel is the best structure if you do not want to pay any additional costs.

The cost of the steel structures gets lower as it is one of the cost-effective materials available in the market. The steel is reflective and thus it preserves the temperature and keeps the structures cool.

Why steel building is the right choice for your budget-

  1. Pre-fabricated steel structures are best for assembly, ensure higher quality and reduce construction waste.
  2. Custom steel items provide perfect building layout in the worksite.
  3. Steel is highly durable, has high tensile strength and is weather-resistant as well.

Thus, from the above points, it is clear that steel has lots of benefits over other construction materials. Steel saves money, resistant to extreme weather conditions and costs less.

Know About Various Benefits of Steel Frame Construction in Industrial Site

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Architects think that steel frames are just for the skyscrapers, but they are not. In the earlier days, the steel material was considered too expensive and only it was used in large-scale projects that everyone was unable to afford. However, things are not the same these days.

Structural steel is found in almost all buildings that range from commercial to residential spaces. Due to the increased popularity of structures, several steel building companies in Kansas have come into existence. Ironspan is one such trusted and popular provider of steel structures in the USA. It aims to provide strong, highly durable and customized steel structures that fit all needs and budgets.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Using Steel Frame Construction-


Everybody knows that time is equal to the money spent, mainly in the construction business. If you do not want to exceed your building deadlines and spend too much on the process, the best way is to use structural steel frames.

Unlike the other frames made with other materials, steel structures are pre-fabricated at the site and ready to install. This further reduces construction time overall. Furthermore, the steel structures are built at a particular dimension and standards, the engineers do not have to worry about the quality of each one of the steel pieces.


Thinking how can be steel eco-friendly. Yes, you are right. Steel structures are considered as eco-friendly as they can be recycled again and again. Though steel is used in heavy industrial sectors, it is still eco-friendly as compared to the other materials available in the market.

Steel structures are recycled. Every building that has the steel frame can be recycled. So, you do not have to worry about pollution. Apart from this, steel frames generally last longer than other frames available. As steel structures are re-engineered and recycled, the steel industry has reduced the energy use of this material to about 30% since 1990.


First, it is said that steel is light in weight. Now, steel structures are said to be light in weight than the wooden counterparts. Though it might sound odd, if you consider two similar structures, one made with and another one with wood, steel is light in weight.

The density of steel is higher than wood, hence the weight becomes less. If you are looking for steel structures in the USA, you can consult the team of Ironspan. It provides pre-fabricated steel structures having various benefits to fulfil the needs of the builders.

Importance Of Cool Roof Panels For Steel Building

Structural Steel

In the current times, many homes and business owners are choosing cool coated roof panels for their steel building. Locations that are prone to high temperatures during summer, metal roof panels reduce the utility bills to a great extent.

Hence, it not only saves energy but also care for our environment at the same time. In the current times, 70% of the electricity is consumed by the big buildings, according to the U.S Energy Information Administration. The commercial and residential structures consume 40 quadrillion British thermal units of energy every year.

Cool metal roof panels

It needs to be understood that all roofing absorbs heat from the sun. Moreover, the darker the roof is, the hotter it is going to be in the summer. The truth is that dark roof absorbs 90% of the solar energy that strikes its surface.

Besides, it is needless to say that hot roof transfer heat into the building. In such scenarios, the air conditioning system has to struggle more in the sweltering summer for combating the transfer of heat from the roof. However, the latest technology of reflective paint reflects the sunlight and the ultraviolet which keeps the roof cool somewhere around 60 degrees. Today many industrial steel buildings in Kansas use cool-coated metal to keep the roof temperatures within an acceptable range.

Benefits of cool-coated cladding on steel building

  • Very few know that cool-coated panels reduce the air-condoning bills by 15% and more. You can say that a cooler roof equals the interior of a cooler building to a great extent.
  • 95% of the durable cool-coated pigments maintain their performance for many years without any hindrance.
  • It is also true that the areas surrounding the building tend to be cooler simultaneously.
  • Furthermore, the harmful UV rays that get reflected from the roof which prevent any chemical damage on the roof.
  • Even extreme heat lead to thermal fatigue in any roofing material. That is why cooler roof materials are always a better choice because cool roof temperatures extend the lifespan of the roof consequently. At the same time, reflective paints work perfectly in any color. Hence, you can explore various colors as there is no need to stick to only the white color.

Environmental benefits of reflective roof panels

Like as told before, cool-coated roof panels provide environmental advantages too. First of all, it reduces stress on the power plants which assist in avoiding blackouts and power outages. Less usage of energy reduces the levels of pollution as well as chemical emissions in power plants. It increases the lifespan of the roof structure. In this way, it also reduces the millions of tons of roofing materials which get discarded every year in the overcrowded landfills. In the end, steel roof panels are 100% recyclable which is an added benefit.

Ironspan Steel Buildings is a renowned company in the USA that is known for the construction of industrial metal buildings in contemporary times. They have been in this field for a very long time and the experiences that have acquired, helps them to provide unrivalled services.

A Cost Guide To Steel Buildings In The Current Times

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

There are high chances that you are considering structural steel for your next building project if you are reading this. Even you could be the owner of a small company in need of some storage space or someone who wants to build a place for the animals as well as it can be a place to polish your talents perfectly. Well, it is needless to say that the potential is boundless.

In such scenarios, steel construction happens to be the perfect solution in current times. The main reason is that steel buildings are able to meet the space challenges that architects and building owners face in the current times. It is because of this reason the demand for steel building manufacturers Kansas has increased to a great extent in recent years.

Keep reading to find out more about structural steel buildings, their benefits and aspects.

Cost-related advantages

Whether it is about ensuring the best build quality of the property or energy efficiency, there are numerous advantages to pre-engineered buildings in contemporary times. It needs to be understood that pre-engineered buildings are different kind of buildings where the construction duration is comparatively less than the conventional construction period. Also, a properly planned steel building doesn’t take more than a few weeks to complete. However, we are all aware that a traditional building takes more than one month to get completed.

Reduces overall cost

Did you know that going for PEB reduces the overall cost to a great extent? It is true because the budget for a pre-engineered building is much less than the conventional building construction. The reason behind this is that the process in the construction of steel buildings is much smoother as they are already cut and then assembled in the construction site. It is an automated process which naturally’ reduces the production cost.

Reduction in maintenance cost

The first thing is that pre-engineered buildings made of steel are built to last a very long time. Steel structures come with paint finishes that have multiple-decade warranties against blistering, peeling, cracking, chipping and peeling. On the other hand, wooden or concrete structures need to be repainted within a few years as well as renovation needs to be done within 7 to 8 years for re-strengthening the building.

In addition, you can also enjoy 40% fewer premiums in steel building insurances these days.

Ironspan Steel Buildings is one of the most reputed steel building contractors in the USA. They manufacture some of the unique steel buildings and are known for their quality work in this respect