Have a Look on 4 Materials for Ramp Construction in Commercial Spaces

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Most commercially-grade ramps are usually made with the four common materials like wood, aluminum, steel, and concrete. All of these construction materials have huge durability, strength, load-bearing weight, and require very little maintenance. If you are looking for a manufacturing company that provides ramp construction in Kansas or anywhere in USA, you can rely on Ironspan. It is one of the trusted names that offer steel ramps for commercial spaces. These ramps are well-designed, durable, and have a huge load-bearing capacity.

The ramps are one of the common structures used in commercial as well as residential spaces. These structures are installed to increase the mobility of the people, mainly for those who are disabled. The ramps save time and energy while accessing to a high elevation. All these construction materials have some benefits, which is why they are used for the construction of the ramps.

Various types of ramps available are  listed below:

  1. Wooden ramps

The wooden ramps are generally used in commercial buildings that have an older foundation. The wood is generally inexpensive; this means that very little money is spent on constructing these ramps. Many property owners prefer to use wooden ramps as they enhance the aesthetic value of the building. However, the wooden ramps require time for construction, which induces labor and money. As wooden ramps rot, they require maintenance.

2. Concrete ramps

They are one of the popular types of ramps you can find in commercial properties. They have very low maintenance, and they are highly durable too. They have huge weight capacity, and they are highly beneficial for daily use. However, installation and removing the concrete ramps are a bit time consuming and costly issue. They are often prone to damage. It is also not possible to manufacture customized concrete ramps for commercial or residential use.

3.  Aluminum Ramps

The aluminum modular ramps are a great choice for the customizable ramps. They require very low or no maintenance at all. As the modular parts of these ramps are pre-made before shipping, experts can install the ramp on the site within a few hours. This makes the aluminum ramps one of the best ramps for temporary and permanent solutions. They require very less maintenance, and they can tolerate harsh environments. As the aluminum ramps are pre-installed parts, the initial construction cost is high than normal.

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4.Steel ramps

They are one of the mostly constructed ramps in the commercial spaces. The steel structures are highly durable, resistant to heat and pressure, require very less maintenance, and are easy to install on the site. Additionally, the steel ramps can be customized in various shapes as per the needs of the clients. They are versatile, and they cost less in the process of construction and installation. When not in use, steel ramps can be dissembled and used to make other structures.

Hence, among all the materials, steel is the best material to manufacture ramps. If you want to buy steel ramps for your commercial building, you can rely on Ironspan, the USA’s trusted name that provides highly durable steel structures.