Amazing Benefits of Steel Building Construction

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The construction industry has evolved a lot. Many materials are used nowadays, making construction work easier than before. The customers can now select from different design configurations specially engineered to fit together in various combinations. These new designs can meet the unique requirements of specific users.

Using steel as a primary building material is a choice that is growing in popularity among companies and residents with a need for additional space. Steel, an iron-carbon alloy, is used for various purposes ranging from heavy industry to the household and is practical for many applications. Steel Building Construction in Kansas have several advantages compared to traditional wood and concrete structures. The benefits range from the relative ease of construction to environmental issues.

The term prefabricated can also indicate the pre-site’s high construction work level. Usually, it goes on at the manufacturer’s factory before they are sent to the construction site. There is not much work to put them together when the prefabricated buildings arrive at the construction site.

Advantages of Metal Buildings

Admittedly, some people prefer using traditional materials to erect their buildings rather than using prefabricated modules. They are not aware of the advantages that steel buildings can provide them.

Less Time Spent on Construction

This is an important benefit you can get from using steel buildings. These buildings take less time to build than any other building structure types. Prefabricated building components were designed and pre-built to be easy to assemble. The processes usually occur on the construction site with other building materials before the steel building system components have left the factory. Using a prefabricated building, smaller buildings that typically take weeks and months to build can be erected in just a few days.

Easy Expansion

Due to its dynamic design, steel building systems can be modified economically and quickly during or after its completion. It makes everything easier to accommodate all kinds of expansion needed for the installation. Steel buildings can be expanded easily by removing the sidewalls or end walls. With this, you can erect a new framework and add more walls and roof panels.

Material-Utilization’s High Efficiency

Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio than other construction materials. It is also around 25 times stronger than wood.

The process used to fabricate structural members of a metal building is state-of-the-art computer-aided designs.

Durable and Weather Resistant

As was said earlier, steel is probably one of the most robust building materials available nowadays. Because of this, metal buildings can withstand extreme weather climates like severe snowstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes, and high winds. Also, steel is not susceptible to the destruction caused by fire, rotting, cracks, creeping, and even parasites such as termites. Special coatings, such as galvalume, are used to treat steel building system structures to protect their surfaces and paint from rusts.

Less Construction Costs

Most importantly, people are recommended to use prefabricated metal building materials because it promises to lower the construction project’s cost. Because it would take less time to erect a prefabricated building, you are giving yourself more money to save. The materials to be used are specially engineered to fit each other easily and are cut appropriately; the cost of assembly is also reduced significantly.

How Steel Buildings Last for Long Time?

Steel Buildings

Building any structure takes much material and a good knowledge of the construction trade. There are all kinds of buildings made of different materials. Brick and Concrete buildings are good, but the best buildings are steel buildings.

What makes this so? There are many reasons to want to have a building made out of steel. The first is steel is a material that can be easily molded and shaped. If you want your building with a little flare in design, go for Steel Building Manufacturers in Kansas.

Steel is easily put together. You have all the steel parts made at the factory, and all you have to do is put them in place. Either by riveting or welding, putting steel in place is faster than concrete because concrete has to be poured and be allowed to dry. This is a time saver. In construction, any time saved is money saved especially in these economic time, it is needed.

Steel is very strong. It can withstand long periods of sustained winds like tornadoes and hurricanes and not be affected. It can also stand the power of earthquakes. Even with these forces of nature, the steel keeps its structural integrity. With the strength of steel, you can build your buildings higher into the skyline. Buildings can be more extensive and accommodate more people, saving space in crowded cities.

Steel is a cost saver. Compared to the material of concrete, it does not cost as much to produce. Any cost savings save the builder money, which in turn, the client saves money on the construction project. This is a win-win scenario that all parties can live with.

The environment will benefit from the use of steel. Steel, about sixty percent and more of it, is recyclable. Steel buildings that have been torn down has been recycled into more steel for other building use. It is great for the environment because less material will be placed in trash dumps.

You can build large or small structures out of steel. It does not just belong to the skyscrapers that dot the skylines of just about every major city of the world. You can build structures for your backyard like sheds. You can even build an extra garage out of steel.

More and more homes are made of steel in this day and age. It is smart decision for the home buyers. Steel doesn’t wear away like brick and also does not rot like wood. Rotting wood structures due to moisture has to be torn down. Steel buildings are resistant to insects as well. Termites and other insects that like to eat wood cannot damage the steel’s structural integrity. And, you have all the other mentioned benefits of steel.

Steel buildings are the best buildings for any large company or home. They are very strong and will last for an extended period. They are a cost saver and a time saver so you can meet your construction deadlines. They are the perfect choice for any new project.


A Comprehensive Guide on How You Can Buy Steel Buildings for Industrial Use

Steel Building Companies

There is a good chance when you are thinking of using steel for your next construction project if you are going this blog post. Might be you are having a small company and want an extra storage room, or you are looking for a hangar for storing airplane, a metal stall for keeping your farm animals, or just an area for practicing your hobby. The opportunities are endless, and with steel buildings, you can make several thousands of structures. However, at first, you should choose reputed Steel Building Companies in Kansas having several years of experience.

Steel structures are becoming one of the best solutions for any challenging constructed area. You might be thinking about the reasons behind the popularity of steel buildings over the traditional material available. The answer is- steel provides lots of benefits to the construction field. It is highly flexible, light in weight, cost-effective, environment-friendly, corrosion-resistant, and recyclable. You have already spent a little time to research online about the benefits of using steel structures and how steel being implemented to make various commercial buildings. Before you decide to buy steel structures, some of the factors you should have a look at-

Advantages Of Steel Structures

  • Cost of reduction benefits
  • Safety benefits
  • Environmental benefits
  • Flexibilities


The fabricated and pre-fabricated steel structures require very little time for construction. This means, if you are planning to construct any steel structure, you can easily get them directly at the site, from the manufacturers. The builders have to install the structures where needed. Standard customized steel construction is completed in just a few weeks. For any traditional steel construction mode, the builder needs about 1-3 months for the overall construction.


The overall construction of steel structures is lower as compared to other types of traditional construction. The structures that are needed for steel building construction are designed to ensure a perfect fit at the right position. As these structures are cut and prepped using an automated process, the production cost really goes down. The construction cost is reduced to about 60% of the overall construction cost.


Construction in the case of steel also reduces the potential gap in windows, doors, and other areas where the air might escape through the construction. The best part with steel structures is that you will need less energy for construction.


The structures made with pre-fabricated steel are mean to last for long. They are available in paint finishes, and they include several years of warranties that protect the structures from peeling, cracking, chipping, and blistering. On the other hand, the wooden structures are subject to potential expansion while buildings do not.


One of the best things about using steel structures is that they are highly stable and stronger as compared to other traditional structures available. This made steel one of the most accepted materials found on earth to construct Commercial and Residential Structures.

Steel is widely used among builders for its wide range of benefits and features. Hence, for further construction projects, use steel for durability and savings. Ironspan is one of the leading companies that offer steel structures in the U.S for several years.

Everything you Wanted to Know About Wind Frame Bracing in Steel Buildings

Wind Frame Bracing

It is indeed true that steel buildings are the most rigid structures that can stand the test of time. However, it is also true that you are required to make the steel building strong so that it can stand tough against extreme weather conditions. So how do you protect your steel building from heavy wind, snow, and seismic forces? The fundamental structural elements of steel buildings are the columns, wall girts, and roof purlins. As a whole, these components are the skeleton of the building that supports the roof and wall panels by providing structural integrity and ensuring a water-tight seal.

Wind Framing

Before we move further, it is significant to discuss the dynamic forces that come into play. Imagine a house of cards built from both sides with a roof that does not have any interior structural support. Now it is easy to know how quickly it will topple over with one push. In order to avoid such scenarios in steel buildings, wind framing comes into action. Without the presence of wind framing, the building will be at the mercy of high winds and seismic forces. As a result, the building will sway and flex, which will damage the structure and injure its occupants. Hence, it would be best to remember this fact when planning a project of Commercial Steel Buildings in Kansas.

The common wind framing consists of an ‘X’ pattern of cable or rod bracing, based on the geographical location. The braces are placed after every 100 inches across the length of the building on an average. At the same time, they can be placed on every fourth or fifth bay based on whether your bays are at a gap of 20 inches or 25 inches on the roof and walls evenly.

Bracing options

Cable Bracing

The most affordable option, yet it needs re-tightening every 3 to 5 years. It is important to consider this factor when you are choosing cable bracing, or else it will reduce overall stability of the structure with time.

Rod Bracing

Compared to cable bracing, this is much more rigid, has zero stretch, and it is stronger, and it does not need re-tightening. It allows the building a more stable structure that costs a few hundred dollars more per frame. Nowadays, most business owners, as well as engineers and architects, choose rod bracing because it is tougher and can withstand extreme environmental conditions easily.

Portal Bracing

This bracing type is used when an opening, like a window, garage door, or a walk door, is in a bay where engineering standards require wind bracing. It is actually two vertical members welded to the vertical pillars, which have a horizontal header member attached to the vertical members spanning over the uppermost part of the framed opening. The cost of this portal frame is a few hundred dollars more than the ‘X’ bracing. Nevertheless, it offers flexibility to the building design plan to a great extent.

It is needless to say that engineering and architecture in steel buildings are far more in-depth than traditional buildings. However, for more information, you should talk to a steel building engineer to get more information in this regard.

Why Businesses Choose Steel Building Construction in Kansas

Steel Building Construction in Kansas

Every year, the number of businesses turning to prefabricated steel buildings is increasing at an impressive rate. About 75-80% of new commercial and business structures consists of steel buildings. Steel is a versatile material and has dominated the commercial construction space for several reasons. Due to this, Steel Building Construction in Kansas is growing in importance.

Unlike the other buildings built with brick and wood, the steel buildings can fit easily to any application. Apart from these, steel buildings are easy to assemble, offer higher protection than conventional buildings, and last for decades. Due to these benefits, businesses prefer using steel over traditional structures. Steel buildings can be set up in a few days depending upon the size and difficulties and sometimes without any contractor’s need.

As steel structures’ construction requires less time, people prefer using this material for setting up shops. Pre-engineered steel structures have open floor plans and enable the businesses to design and organize the interior as they want.

When the steel building kit comes in, it includes everything- from the assembly to the organization. The pieces are available in pre-cut and pre-drilled variants, and they are ready for installation. The steel buildings can be customized depending upon the needs that include windows, skylights, insulation, etc. A pre-engineered metal structure needs little maintenance which allows more focus on the business.

Pre-Engineered Commercial Steel Buildings

Most businesses prefer prefabricated metal buildings as they are installed in less time, and are cost-effective. These structures provide excellent value for money and allow the business to start operations fast. Businesses can choose from several structures depending upon the scale of the business. Steel structures are sustainable, recyclable and they produce less waste.

Why Are Steel Structures Best For Stores? 

  1. Durability– these structures are highly durable, and they last for 40 years or more. With the building kit available, you can be sure that the structures last for decades.
  2. Construction Speed– as in just a few days, these structures are set up, and owners can start to operate shortly. These kits come in fully cut and drilled with a complete set of installation instructions, and they are ready to put together in a few days.
  3. Flexible in Nature– if you want to move the steel structure from one place to another, these buildings can be moved from one place to another. Apart from these, if you want to expand in the future, you can easily do it with steel.
  4. Cost-efficient– by installing steel buildings, you can avoid the need to hire a contractor and lengthy construction process.


Commercial steel buildings are used in various sectors as per the budget and need of the business. Commercial steel structures are used to build commercial garages, trucking garages, , manufacturer’s outlets, commercial workshops, aircraft hangars, medical clinics, prefab steel homes, industrial uses, data centers, business expansions, office buildings and so on. Ironspan is one of the most trusted and reputed steel structure providers in Kansas. This company has experience of 60 years or more.

Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Steel Building Companies in Kansas

Ironspan is one of the most reputed and trusted Steel Building Companies in Kansas. This company is experienced in offering prefabricated steel structures. If you are planning to buy prefabricated steel structures, this guide will help. Business owners are now considering steel buildings due to their unique and resilient features. They are highly durable and strong compared to the conventional options available in the market. Here are some of the points to consider while you are planning to buy steel structures.

1. Evaluation Process-

Buying pre-engineered steel structures is not easy. People might get confused regarding what to buy apart from prefabricated steel structures like concrete block, pre-formed concrete and wood. But when the decision comes, the budget becomes one of the most important factors to keep in mind. Other factors include local conditions, expected use , lifespan and also weatherproofing nature.

However, at times, when people think to buy prefabricated steel structures, they usually make mistakes. Hence, attention should be paid in the initial stage so that such mistakes can be generally avoided.

Here Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Steel Structures- 

1. Wrong Building Selection:

It is an unfortunate error, and can be easily avoided. It is important to realize the use of the building. . A steel structure used as aircraft hangar is different from a building used as shops, offices, and inventory storages.

2. Looking for Cheap Structures:

Yes, while designing steel structures, budget is very important to consider. Apart from the initial budget, long-term building operations, maintenance, and useful life of steel structures must be considered. A steel building that costs half than the other style is more expensive than the structure with a higher initial cost but has low maintenance and energy cost. When conducting a cost evaluation, it is very important to consider all these factors. It is not necessary to choose the cheap one as it will cost you more later.

3. Focusing on Present Uses:

The prefabricated steel structures are used in various needs. It is very important to think ahead and imagine what other usages these structures may have. It is affordable and easy to design a building with the help of steel structures.

4. Preventing Anchors’ Need:

One of the costly mistakes that people do is forget anchoring a metal structure to the foundation. It is important for areas prone to weather conditions like hurricanes, heavy winds and tornados. If the structures are perfectly anchored, there is less chance of it getting damaged from storms.

Ironspan Structures provide industry-leading structures applied in various sectors that range from heavy industries, medium and small scale industries, and domestic usages.

3 Long-Term Benefits Of Using Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings

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Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings are ideal for construction projects. For several generations, Ironspan has been one of the leading providers of high-quality steel buildings in the US. As we have been in this industry for more than 60 years, we clearly understand several benefits that steel buildings provide the clients. No matter what type of industry, you have both short-term and long-term benefits. In this blog, you will know why Steel building Manufacturers in Kansas and other locations are so popular among the builders.

Let us start from the basics- the pre-engineered steel structures are made using a structural framing system mainly engineered to fit your project’s requirement. Some builders prefer this type of structure as all prefabricated steel buildings are made off-site under factory conditions, and they are brought ready. They are economical for all construction projects. Due to the durability and quality of these structures, the savings is also more.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Using Steel Structures-


Steel structures like metal roofing and sliding are popular for their durability and resistance to natural elements like wind, snow, rain, and even fire. At Ironspan, the prefabricated building kits are manufactured with quality steel available, and all the secondary framing like purlins, doors, girts, and window framing, base, and gable are G-90 galvanized. All these structures have a higher lifespan, and they provide much light reflection.

Steel screws have neoprene washers that are designed to withstand exterior elements in the building. Though some steel building manufacturers use lightweight channels for end wall framing, Ironspan always uses heavy steel beams as they are easy to erect and provide strong and stable structures. As these structures are so durable, the property owners can save on premiums as most insurance companies provide discounts on the steel structures.


The steel buildings are made with a heavy coat of good quality enamel paint for cladding of steel structures and then applied in the controlled environment. However, these structures need a little bit of maintenance, reducing the chances of painting each year. These prefabricated steel structures are resistant to corrosion and all sort of weathering. This also increases the lifespan of the building and keeps valuable items inside safe. The steel components provided by Ironspan are renowned in the market as they are easy to assemble and erect.


One of the major benefits of using steel structures is that they are versatile. Apart from these, steel structures also have a flexible design. These structures are not one-size-fits-all. As said before, these structures are customized as per the need of the customers. If any additional space is needed, these pre-engineered steel structures are easy to remodel.

Why Choose Ironspan as your Steel Structure Provider?

Ironspan is having more than 60 years of experience in this field. The team working in this company is experienced, skilled, and understands the clients’ requirements. This company’s pre-engineered steel structures are made with good quality steel, which is flexible, affordable, easy to construct, and economical. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of steel structures, get them from Ironspan.