Understanding Different Types Of Metal Stairs Used In The Construction Industry

Steel stairs Construction

There are various ways one can access the different floors in a building, staircases being the most common means. This makes stairs a vital design component for a multi-storeyed building.

However, just because the practicality of the stairs is high, it does not mean that they cannot look stylish.

Stairs can be the most attractive features in a hallway, depending on how they are built. Hence, the materials you use to build a staircase are essential. To make staircases look appealing, materials such as metals, concrete, wood, bricks, and stone are used. Of all the materials, metal is one of the most popular material choices for builders, architects, and designers. Before opting for steel stairs construction in Kansas, make sure you go through different varieties of metals used in steel construction.

Metal staircases are an integral part of buildings

Metal staircases are independent of the building structure. In fact, they are structurally supported on each floor, if provided. The metal stair is a self-supporting stair system, meaning that it can be built independently of the floor structure.

One of the unique advantages of a metal staircase is that the different portions of the stair can be fabricated at the manufacturing site and then assembled at the job site as needed.

Steel stairs and their components

Steel is a widely used metal in the construction industry as it is highly durable, very strong, and rust-resistant. Steel is an ideal metal choice for the fabrication of spiral metal staircases as it is malleable. That means that steel can be bent and shaped without losing its strength. The different uses of steel in the fabrication of a metal stair are listed below:

  • Steel stair treads
  • Stair with steel plate
  • Steel stair railing
  • Steel handrail
  • Steel stringers

Aluminum stairs and their components

Aluminum is known to be a lightweight, anti-corrosive, and affordable metal used in metal stairs fabrication. It is ideal for spiral metal stairs; however, it is not as strong as steel and does not absorb vibrations as steel does. The metal is more likely to break under high pressure.

Iron stairs and their components

There are two types of iron used in metal stair fabrication, which are:

Cast iron and wrought iron

Cast iron is melted, poured, and molded. In contrast, the rolling takes place in the final stages of wrought iron production. The various uses of iron in metal stair fabrication are:

  • Cast iron treads
  • Cast iron handrail and railing
  • Cast iron spindles
  • Wrought iron railing
  • Wrought iron spindles

Copper stairs

Copper stairs are durable, rust-free, and easy to install.

Fringe benefits of a metal stairs

  • Metal stairs need very little to no maintenance
  • They can be customized to produce different styles, shapes, and designs to make the space look aesthetically pleasing and more versatile
  • Metal stairs do not need much structural reorganization; hence, they can be installed easily on the job site
  • They are sturdy enough to withstand any environmental condition.
  • They are more durable than wood
  • Metal stairs are also pest and insect resistant
  • Metals like steel, aluminum can be recycled, which would indirectly minimize the adverse effects on the environment

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Explore The Answers to Questions You Might Have In Your Mind About Pre-Engineered Buildings

pre engineering building company Kansas

The popularity of pre-engineered metal buildings or PEMBs in commercial construction continues to grow over the past few years. Thanks to the energy and cost efficiencies of PEMBs, building owners can expand faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

From industrial facilities, warehouses to medical facilities and restaurants, pre-engineered metal buildings are used in a variety of projects.

What is a pre-engineered metal building PEMB?

A PEMB is a cohesive metal building comprising rigid frames, building bracing members, cold-formed steel secondary structural members, and metal panels on both the roof and outer walls. All components are manufactured in the factory in a controlled environment and transported to the job site to be erected.

A quality pre engineering building company in Kansas uses a detailed structural design process for fabrication.

PEMBs are an ideal choice for any building that needs clearspan or column-free interiors and abundant clearance.Without the use of columns, PEMBs can offer more usable interior space for commercial services.

Do PEMBs help with the speed of construction?

PEMBs result in shorter construction times than traditional steel buildings. The PEMB components are engineered to fit together precisely, with little to no field welding or cutting, saving time on the job site.

Another advantage that a PEMB has to offer is less interruption to business operations. Whether you need a new facility, want to renovate or expand an existing structure, pre-engineered buildings enable you to resume business faster.

Are PEMBs costlier than traditional building construction?

Pre-engineered metal buildings cost less than traditional buildings from the ground up. With the fabrication work performed offsite in a factory-controlled environment, there is less waste on the erection site. With strategically designed and complex structural components, steel is used where it is needed. That means you would not have to pay for material that is not used. The speed of construction ensures quicker building occupancy. It also means a reduction in lost profits due to prolonged construction times.

The  unique benefits of steel building construction

Steel has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Steel erection is not influenced by cold, as concrete does, and it is much more fire-resistant than any other materials used in traditional buildings. There is no risk of mold or rot. As long as it is appropriately maintained, steel is not prone to rust.

However, steel requires very little maintenance.

Steel can also withstand harsh natural elements, including heavy winds, snow, and severe seismic events.

Do you have to compromise on design with metal building construction?

When it comes to the aesthetic charm of a pre-engineered building, you are limited only by your imagination. Materials like glass, precast concrete, and other materials can be used in PEMBs to achieve the desired look and create an aesthetic appeal.

At Iron Span USA, our architects and manufacturers work closely to make sure that the design of the building suits your unique needs. We can also customize PEMBs to get you the design you want. Visit our website if you have further queries.

Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Ramp Requirements

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The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA guidelines keep on updating the necessary laws at the locations where the public generally access the place with wheelchairs, walkers, motorized scooters over the ramps construction in Kansas.

This means that industrial facilities should require having an ADA compliant ramp that is perfect for the current situations and serves the public’s place. Apart from the laws and regulations, the ramps’ location, slope, and size are major considerations to take while installing. In this blog, you will come to know about the ramp requirement in this year-

Importance Of Using The ADA Compliant Curb Ramps

For customers with disabilities, the curb edges of the ramps can be hazardous. The ADA curb ramp requirements are perfect for preventing accidents like people falling from the wheelchairs or the scooters or tripping while accessing the cane or the walker over the ramp.

Accessibility is an important factor too while installing the ramps as federal law considers discrimination to restrict access of physically challenged people in the public areas. To help you know better about the ADA-compliant ramp specifications, here are some of the points described in brief that will help you in ramp construction.

Where Should You Install The Curb Ramps As Per ADA?

According to ADA buildings need to install these curb ramps along the accessible route in the public places, along the path where there is a chance to access heights over half an inch. As an alternative, several facilities also use elevators or chair lifts to offer accessibility to disabled people. Apart from these, the access routes with a 5% higher slope should comply with ADA regulations.

What Are The Additional Requirements For Installation Of Curb Ramps?

The curb ramp installed in the industries should occupy a space of about 36 inches wide, but not including the handrails. The railings of these ramps are needed if it rises more than 6 inches in height. The width of these ramps should be reduced to flared sides, indentations, and other designing requirements.

It is difficult to navigate long narrow ramps with a wheelchair or walker. Hence, ADA restricts the length of the ramps so long, and the curb ramps do not have more than 30 inches of height. However, the larger ramps can be divided into several smaller ramps where the wheelchair or the scooter can easily go up.

The Slope Requirement for the Curb Ramps

The slope for the ramps construction in Kansas is the ratio of the height of the ramp to the length. The ADA-compliant curb ramp should not be having more than a 1:12 ratio or not be greater than an 8% slope. The ADA also needs the slopes to be consistent from all the ends. But in the case of the cross-slopped ramps, the slop ratio is an exception. The maximum ratio, in this case, is 1:48.

When you are installing the ramp in your business area, follow the ADA guidelines. Wheelchair ramps are best for people who are physically challenged and cannot access the slope easily.

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4 Important Tips to Build Safe and Stable Fabric Buildings

Fabric Building Structure Provider In Kansas

Fabric building structures provide lots of benefits, including low cost on installation, flexibility, construction speed, and many other sustainable advantages that you will never find anywhere else. All these features seem unnecessary if the building is not safe, secured and stable for use. However, with the proper construction planning, maintenance and design, the fabric structures will also be just as secure as the traditional buildings. To buy fabric buildings, you can consult a reputed fabric structure provider in Kansas having several years of experience in this field.

Here, we have come up with major considerations to make when building the fabric structures. It will help to prevent structural failures that often endanger lives and cause damage to property. Here are the best ways for ensuring good quality fabric structure designing and building.

Build to Code

Though it is obvious, several buildings collapse as they fail to follow the building code. The local building codes are the legal benchmark, but they are great to gauge to measure the minimal requirement of wind, heat, pressure, snow or any natural calamities. Builders need to follow the local building codes for every construction project for long-term durability and safety.

Do Not Take Short Cuts

The building designs that seem to be great are considered true in terms of easy installation and cost. If the building faces any challenging weather conditions, saving money on the construction could prove fatal in the upcoming future. This is why it is very important to consult with reputed providers like Ironspan USA that has a track record in designing effective fabric-covered structures for commercial applications.

Building Having Strong Foundation

We all know that fabric buildings are dynamic, and they can be successfully used in any foundation, but the quality of the foundation should not be ignored. If the fabric structure is required to be present for months, years, and even for various decades, you will need a proper foundation for terrain and soil condition. It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications. The foundation is the key to any building as it supports the rest structure. Skipping this step can make you compromise the whole structure.

Choose The Fabric Wisely.

Choosing the fabric is last but the most crucial points to keep in mind. People think that as there are many options available, all do the same task and provide the same features. But it is not true. You should choose the fabric building that offers tensile strength, has higher cleanability, UV protected higher longevity and flame resistance. Hence, while considering fabric building construction, it is very important to discuss your needs with the fabric building structure provider in Kansas, like IronSpan.

Apart from these, keep in mind the maintenance of the structures. Not all the materials need a similar type of maintenance, so be sure to choose the one that needs minimal maintenance.

Ironspan USA is one of the most trusted and popular fabric-covered structure providers in the US that caters to industrial clients’ needs throughout. Choose the best structures for durable building designs.