Benefits Of Using Steel For Commercial Buildings

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The wooden construction era is gone as structural steel is becoming popular with business owners. When it comes to constructing buildings, steel building companies in Kansas can help you. They are more durable, reliable, and cost-effective material. They can elevate the entire operation’s efficacy and efficiency and set up a fast track to success from warehouses, factories, and shipyards to small manufacturing facilities and farms. Here are some of the advantages of structural steel.

Build fast and easily

In the modern world, time equals money. Fast-paced projects like building a warehouse or manufacturing a facility have always been a nightmare for engineers and architects expected to complete projects before time. The problems are eliminated with structural steel as it allows for faster construction due to precise and quick prefabrication. All the steel parts are engineered at the manufacturing facility and ready to set into place upon arrival at the construction site. It cuts the construction time with large scale projects not needing more than several weeks to be finished.

Steel is highly versatile.

When it comes to construction variety and versatility, steel reigns supreme. Steel constructions are used to build from aeroplane hangars, agricultural buildings to indoor arenas and skyscrapers. It allows the architects to design and build a different commercial facility, knowing the structure will be sturdy, safe, and resilient.

Steel is environmentally friendly.

Unlike other materials, structural steel can be recycled when it has reached the end of its lifespan. It means you will be helping in the preservation of the environment and be eligible for several green building certification programs.

Steel is affordable

When you invest in steel commercial buildings, expect first time and lifetime monetary savings. Steel can also be recycled easily and can save money on fast construction and labor. It means you can have steel waste picked up for free by interested parties. It requires almost no maintenance, withstands extreme environmental conditions and beating in high traffic facilities. As the material can withstand tremendous abuse and stress, you will likely pay a lower premium for the steel facility’s insurance.

Steel and precast concrete

Combining structural steel with other building solutions across your facility will yield greater returns in terms of energy efficiency, overall productivity, and financial savings. For example, while combining precisely cut steel frames with precast concrete panels and proper insulation, you can create a sturdy, comfortable building that accommodates solar arrays on the roof and roof cooling solutions. The combination will allow for greater energy savings, time savings and cost-effectiveness. In addition, there is no need to wait for the panels to gain strength; manufacturing them off-site will minimize wastage rates and create a safer working environment, given the reduced clutter.

Steel is lighter

Structural steel ends up being lighter than its lightest possible wooden beam counterpart. The construction needs far less of the material because of its inherent durability and density. While lighter, you need plenty of wood to construct a structurally sound beam.

At Ironspan, we have gained a reputation in the market due to our commitment to provide the best-in-class steel structures to our clients.

8 Reasons Why Fabric Buildings Are A Good For Businesses

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Building structures using fabric isn’t a replacement concept anymore. These traditional construction materials still exist. For instance, the standard yurt remains common in some parts of the world. In addition, a yurt may be around; a portable tent made with various fabrics or skins.

It is a standard housing method employed by nomadic groups in Central Asia. However, the utilization of fabric has gone beyond housing usage. Instead, it’s already crossed over different industries. These include container sheds for industrial companies.

Similarly, fabric material is additionally used for entertainment and sports facilities. Thus, there are many reasons fabric covered structures are a good choice in various industries. Here are a number of them:

1.Made from sustainable materials

Most fabric buildings contain recycled materials. Hence it’s sustainable for the environment. Moreover, these materials can even last up to 30 years, counting on the material.

2.Easy to install and move

Fabric-covered buildings are around three times faster to put in than traditional buildings. These buildings are portable yet permanent enough to be used for an extended time. Logistics won’t be a problem either. As it’s portable, you can bring it to a different location when necessary.


Heating and cooling a steel building can cost you tons. However, you won’t need to spend on heating or cooling systems for a fabric-based building.
This is due to the latter’s ability to manage the temperature. It allows natural light to enter the structure. Installing solar panels on the building also can help offset energy expenses.

4.Durable and long-lasting

Fabric buildings are surprisingly durable. Most fabric materials utilized in buildings can last for several decades. It is because these are specially made to face up to heavy industrial purposes. Moreover, it can withstand harsh weather like extreme heat.

5.Fabric buildings for mining sites

Mining is the oldest industry in the world. Therefore, it requires utilizing technologies to form the foremost out of this type of industry. These technologies are acquiring shelter or shed.
This is how these buildings can help the mining industry a lot. Here are some ways fabric buildings can help within the mining industry:


In setting a replacement mine site, the value is vital. Unlike metal-based structures, fabric buildings are more cost-efficient. It helps save on energy costs, including lighting and cooling and heating systems.

7.Ensures structural integrity

The fabric utilized in fabric structures is already durable enough. Add steel frames to it, and it’ll be twice as stable enough to last many years.


It may come a time where the mining site shuts down for a few reasons. First, fabric buildings will help cut site remediation time in half. In addition, these sorts of buildings are often installed on different foundations. Finally, moving from one location to another is simpler, unlike using metal structures.

Fabric building may be a good investment, especially for heavy industrial projects. Not only can it help save costs, but it also offers tons of advantages that are well worth the price.

Our dedicated and experienced professionals at Ironspan design the material buildings at a fraction of the normal building cost. These fabric-covered structures are customized and have many options to assist you to use them in various sectors.

A Comprehensive Guide to The Custom Steel Storage Containers

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The shipping or the storage containers are made with sturdy steel structures, and they are built to withstand huge pressure and environmental elements for several months at a time. The shipping containers are the best example of steel storage facilities used for varied applications in the current days. Some of the novel uses of these storage containers are being used as mobile office spaces or storage units for commercial or residential spaces. Many people are also buying shipping containers for additional modifications for creating affordable and sustainable living options.

The steel shipping containers are eco-friendly, and they are the best economical choices to be used. They can have the support amenities like doors, air conditioners, electricity, plumbing and doors, everything you will need to have an alternate living or workplace. Choosing the custom storage containers in Kansas is the best choice for a person if they want to have a great investment.

What Do You Mean by The Perfect Shipping Container?

These containers are made with 16 gauge corten steel, and they are used for heavy-duty transportation facilities for the goods from one location to another. These rugged and strong containers are placed on the deck of the cargo ships, mainly for the oil and gas companies, so that they need to have a durable strength to withstand the harsh weather conditions. Mainly these steel containers are rectangular, flood-proof and indestructible as well. These steel containers are highly transportable, and they are perfect for any mobile work or storage facility. They have the pocket-built for the forklift operation, and the corner castings are made for movement with the help of a crane.

What Size Of Steel Container Do do You Need?

These custom storage containers in Kansas are available in various sizes and shapes. Apart from these, the steel containers are also custom made as per the requirement and demands of the users. So whether you want to have a smaller steel container or the larger one, you can get them from the reputed providers like Ironspan U.S.A, one of the best providers of steel containers with a huge range of products for various industrial needs.

The common shipping containers size range from the 40’, 20’ or the 10’ inch containers. These shipping containers help you make use of the best internal space, and even the larger units can fit easily onto any plot or even on the flatbed of the truck. In addition, there are various types of steel storage containers available like the one-trip or the new containers, the wind-tight and the refurbished containers.

Before the storage containers are being used, you should follow the state guidelines and have special permits and planning permissions. These steel containers are affordable, and they help your business to stay ahead of the competitors. Ironspan U.S.A is the best choice to get various steel containers for your business use. Make sure you place orders by contacting the team now.

Why Industrial Steel Buildings are Opting for Universal Design these Days?

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Steel buildings have been fulfilling personal and professional requirements for a few decades now. Though in the initial phase, it was more about advertising the capabilities of a business and proving a little bit of the gimmick, today, the thought process has changed significantly. People in various areas of the world are discovering multiple usages and benefits of steel buildings regularly. These new aspects and discoveries are helping businesses come up with new products. The same development is assisting people in making construction decisions faster. Hence, Industrial steel buildings in Kansas are gaining more focus and boosting the industry further.

Selecting the design norm that will make the most sense

If you are about to get such a building constructed and are not sure about what design norm to follow, then a little more thought is necessary for the topic. There is a universal approach to designing a building, and there is a local one. Apart from that, there has always been space for customized versions. Whatever decision you are making regarding the design of the building, it is necessary to understand the pros and cons associated with it. Each design structure comes with a set of details and unique features. Therefore, they have their unique set of traits and special qualities, sometimes befitting a particular area. You need to be aware of these points before making the decision.

Deciding on the design will depend on several factors

The building in question, especially its purpose, is essential to decide the design. For instance, if it is for personal use, then the design can be something you prefer and or something that is entirely for your convenience. On the other hand, if the building is for public or commercial usage, you will have to select a design that will provide convenience to the greatest number of people. For instance, if you are building a hotel and making arrangements for regular visitors, you should also consider the people with special needs. Therefore, the place should be designed to accommodate everyone without making them feel bad or less in any way.

More companies are opting for universal design

Companies that are choosing steel buildings for their various constructions are selecting universal design instead of the localized version and for a good reason. With advanced technologies and faster traveling, the world is becoming smaller every day. Keeping up with this spirit, people and places are becoming more inclusive, which means including certain universal features. When someone from another part of the world is visiting your home, the primary goal is to make them feel welcome and comfortable.

Being inclusive should apply in every aspect

The point which is valid for people from different parts of the planet, the same point applies to people with different abilities and requirements. For instance, if someone visits you who is wheelchair-bound, you have to ensure that the bathroom, toilet, and different areas of the house are wheelchair accessible. Not caring about this point will make the visitor feel bad for their issues. They will also have to face several difficulties in completing the basic everyday chores. This will not be a pleasant experience for them. They will feel highly reluctant to revisit you because of the problems they faced.

Keeping up with the trend is sometimes essential

Being inclusive is a priceless trait in every human being. Along with large and impressing gestures to make someone feel welcome, small and seemingly innocuous gestures matter a lot. You may not realize this unless faced with a similar situation. However, the importance of inclusive design is growing every day. The trend of using universal design of steel structures is a positive development in this context. For further details on the topic or to get your commercial steel building constructed, please get in touch with Ironspan USA today. They will be able to provide the advice and assistance you require.