How To Maintain Pre-Engineered Steel Building

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Investing in a pre-engineered steel building is a huge step. Whether it’s your first or fifth, and whether you run a retail company or an industrial operation, you likely choose this building type for its strength and durability. While pre engineering building company make these buildings are designed to be worry-free, several maintenance items should be done to keep them looking great and performing at optimal levels.

Annual Inspection

It is a good idea to schedule annual inspections of pre-engineered buildings to identify any potential problems. By being proactive, you are likely to detect and correct issues when they’re still minor. It can save your company money by:

  • Keeping repair costs to a minimum
  • Preventing further deterioration of the building
  • Reducing the potential for downtime due to repairs

To monitor the status of the building and to ensure maintenance checks are being conducted, it is advisable to:

  • Establish a maintenance schedule
  • Notify your pre-engineered steel building company of any potential defects
  • Record the problems and the steps taken to address them

An experienced individual should conduct these inspections. If it’s necessary, you can outsource the task to a qualified contractor. Some of the pre-engineered steel building companies even offer inspection work as a value-added service.


A fastener that’s rusted out, insecurely attached, or faulty compromises the weatherproofing of a pre-engineered steel building. It applies to:

  • Nuts
  • Rivets
  • Screws
  • Other hardware

Loose fasteners should be tightened, and ones that are damaged in any way should be replaced.

It is important to note that they might still be excellent when some fasteners might have rusted heads.


If you want to keep the exteriors of steel buildings looking their best, it’s recommended that you wash at least once a year. It will prevent the buildup of mold or dirt that could trap moisture. The latter can lead to premature corrosion.

It can be performed just with a pressure washer on a low setting and the use of a suitable cleaning solution.


The exterior coating on a steel building is highly resistant to:

  • Weather
  • UV rays
  • Corrosion
  • Flaking
  • Fading

However, your building could receive the odd dent or scratch through physical contact with vehicles, forklifts, equipment, and materials over time. Sealing the areas with paint matched to the building color (and possibly a metal filler) will keep them protected.


Taking time to inspect the building’s insulation is one maintenance item that could save you money. If it’s deteriorated or damaged in any way, it could:

  • Increase your heating and cooling bills
  • Lead to moisture buildup that can affect employee health (i.e., mold)
  • Lead to moisture buildup resulting in corrosion

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Why you should add a wheelchair ramp in your commercial space

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says that most businesses should make reasonable accommodations for a person with disabilities. However, small companies or businesses that don’t offer public services are usually exempt from this requirement. Regardless of whether the ADA requires you to have a wheelchair ramp construction or if you want to be compliant, it’s easier than you may think to install one. Here’s what you need to know about accessibility standards and why adding a wheelchair ramp to your commercial space is beneficial to everyone.

Be Accommodating for People with Disabilities

A person with disabilities can get nervous when they have to climb stairs to enter a commercial building. A simple wheelchair ramp is all it takes to make them feel more comfortable and secure. Without a wheelchair ramp, your business may seem uninviting to them, and they could even think they aren’t welcome there. This likely isn’t true, but this is the perception of not having a wheelchair ramp outside your establishment.

Minimize The Risk of an Injury Occurring On Your Property

When you eliminate stairs in favor of a wheelchair ramp, you’ll be minimizing the risk of a potential injury occurring on your property. Even people without a physical disability can easily slip and fall on slippery stairs, which could lead to legal action against your business. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to remove all stairs in and around your building. However, if you have a wheelchair ramp to the entrance shows you care about the safety of your customers and employees.

You’ll Be ADA-Compliant

Being ADA-compliant is critical to avoid costly fines or potential lawsuits. A wheelchair ramp must be present, and it also must adhere to specific accessibility standards outlined in the ADA. Everything from the slope to the width and even the landing area must be specific. This is why it makes sense to have a professional install your wheelchair ramp so you can have peace of mind knowing it’s installed properly.

Everyone Can Enjoy a Wheelchair Ramp

Some people don’t like going up or downstairs and prefer to use a ramp instead, even if they don’t have a physical disability. By having a wheelchair ramp outside your business, you’ll be more welcoming to everyone. In addition, people without mobility limitations can enjoy it if they have their hands full and may not see the step below them. Reduce the risk of having someone injure themselves on your property and have a professional install a wheelchair ramp.

Ironspan is here to help businesses meet the accessibility standards put in place for them. Some businesses need a complete overhaul to meet these standards, but they require minor adjustments or additions. Our experts can evaluate your property and make recommendations to help you become ADA-compliant and make your space as convenient as possible for your guests, customers, and employees. Be sure to contact us to schedule an appointment and be on the right path to providing accessibility around your establishment.

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4 Ways To Build Safe Fabric Structures

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Fabric structures offer several benefits, including lower building costs, flexibility, speed of construction, and more sustainable designs. However, these benefits mean very little if the building itself is not safe and stable. With proper planning, maintenance, and design, Fabric Building Structure Provider can build a safe building. All while outperforming it in terms of initial and ongoing costs.

When building a fabric structure, here’s a list of critical considerations to prevent structural failures that endanger life and cause costly property damage. Of course, many things can cause structural failure, so this is not an exhaustive list. However, here are some of the best practices when building, designing, and maintaining fabric structures.

Build to Code

Many structures fail as they were never up to code. The Dallas Cowboys practice facility is one example. This membrane structure failed in a thunderstorm in 2009, leading to many injuries and millions of dollars in damages. According to the investigations, the structure had been inadequately designed.

Local codes are not only a legal benchmark. They’re an excellent gauge of minimum requirements for snow, wind, and other forces the building is likely to face. So for long-term safety and durability, following local codes for every project is the way to go.

Strong Foundation

Fabric structures are dynamic and can successfully use several different foundations, but this part of construction should not be overlooked. If your fabric structure is up for months, years, or even decades, it will require a proper foundation for the soil and terrain. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications. The foundation is critical because it supports the rest of the building—skimping here compromises the whole structure.

Don’t Take Shortcuts.

Designs that seem too good in terms of cost and ease of installation may take shortcuts. If the structure faces challenging weather, saving a little money upfront can prove very costly in the event of failure. You should use reputable suppliers with proven track records to design effective structures for similar applications and regions.

Remember the Fabric

The fabric is the last thing on a fabric building. People assume that different options all do the same thing and don’t carefully consider the other options. Many factors to consider include:

Tensile strength– You can use a product that provides the best tensile and seam strength in all environments.

Cleanability– Dirt and grime are unsightly, but they damage the underlying fabric. They can even lead to mildew growth that further damages the structure. Instead, use a self-cleaning product that retains its fundamental properties throughout the lifetime of the structure.

UV resistance- UV rays damage fabric roofs. You can choose a product with long-term performance in terms of UV resistance and color stability.

Flammability– Fire is a hazardous structural failure. Many fabrics are inherently flame resistant, while others need proper formulations of the coating compounds to provide permanent fire resistance. Safer fabrics offer peace of mind.

Longevity- You can choose a product that can stand up to decades and work as it did when it was installed first.

Ironspan follows the best structural design. We fabricate these buildings with the latest raw materials that are best suited for the fabric-covered structures.

Why Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Are Best for Wineries and Distilleries

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When Autumn arrives, which is the harvest season in the Pacific Northwest, it is the best area for the wineries and vineyards. The wineries, distilleries and breweries should maintain the delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. They should know how to stay competitive, and they should look for the infrastructure for growing, harvesting, and producing the products.

To fulfil these needs, more and more wineries and distilleries are using pre-engineered metal structures. Moreover, they are ordering the products from the reputed steel building manufacturers to buy reliable and affordable solutions.

The pre-engineered steel structures are stronger and durable than the other structures available. Still, they provide the chance for larger areas that will last longer and need very minimal maintenance. These structures are highly durable, they are resistant, and they are temperature controlled too. So if you are willing to install the wineries and distilleries, the best thing is to use the steel buildings that most builders highly appreciate these days. The buildings are customized with the overhead doors with the attractive commercial storefront opening and the climate control units.

Climatic Control by Steel Buildings

The experienced wine or the beer maker will tell how important climate control is to maintain the quality of the wine. The pre-engineered buildings are great to meet the precise temperature and humidity for producing and ageing the best quality beer, wine and liquor. These buildings can be customized with insulated metal roofing and wall panels that help improve climate control and decrease energy costs. These structures also can be customized as per the ventilation, volume pressure, weight and building capacity.

Steel Buildings Have Open Spans

Wineries and breweries have the precise space requirements for accommodating the production, tasting rooms, storage, etc. These pre-engineered structures provided by these buildings have a clear span that maximizes the usable space with the prefabricated construction. Most of the builders recommend using the larger and wider clear span steel buildings to the clients as they can maximize the usable space and come along with the load-bearing walls and supportive columns.

Cost-Effectiveness of The Steel

One of the major reasons to use steel buildings is that they are cost-effective, which is why steel is one of the widely used construction materials. The steel buildings help reduces the time in construction and reduce the entire money on the project.

Apart from these, steel buildings are highly durable, making them one of the best to be installed at the workplace. You can buy the best steel buildings from reputed steel building manufacturers.

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Your Effective Guide to The Custom Storage Steel Containers

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Is your company looking for the best quality custom storage containers for your business? For example, it might be your organization needs to have a 20-foot unit for storing the industrial equipment, or you need to have the 40-foot unit containers for storing the food in the grocery store. Regardless of what type of need you have, the custom storage container facilities are best in the current days. This guide will provide you with the important facts that you need to know about the modified custom storage containers and how they are being used at the workplace.

What You Need to Store at These Custom Containers?

First, it is very important to clearly define what you need to store in the custom containers. Then, depending on the use of the storage unit, you will need to have specific notifications. For example, suppose you have a company that needs several units to ship the products to different locations or the single box adjacent to the current office. In that case, it becomes very crucial to look for the storage container that fits the needs. On the other hand, if your company is looking for longer boxes that easily fit inside the truck’s bed, you will need to have a container that has a narrow plot of land in between. Containers are available in various sizes that include the 20-foot to the 10-foot-long units.

On the other hand, if your company needs a larger custom storage container that is standard, you should combine several multiple shipping containers. The builders modify each one of the containers to place them together on-site, then sealing is done, and the larger units are made in such a manner.

What Type Of Modification Is Required?

As these custom storage containers are made as per the clients’ needs, several modifications are done depending upon the need of the customer and the businesses. For example, suppose one container must be operated as the cargo doors to maximize access to stored items. In that case, another one can go for the personnel door for accounting for heavy foot traffic.

  • Door Modification- in the case of the door options, the cargo doors are the best options built into the unmodified containers that serve as the personnel doors and roll-up doors. There are various other door modifications done as per the business needs.
  • Flooring and Wall Options- Another way to modify the container is to modify and customize the flooring and the wall options depending upon the areas where they are being installed.

Make Custom Containers from Experts

One of the reputed companies that offer custom storage containers is Ironspan USA, a leading steel structure provider that aims to deliver the best quality storage containers for clients. In addition, the manufacturers customize the containers depending on the flooring and the wall options.

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