An Essential Step in Any Building Construction: Steel Staircases

Steel stairs Construction

Steel Staircase Construction is a popular construction choice among builders, architects, and designers in the indoor settings of homes, businesses, industrial areas. Steel is the ideal choice of material for the construction of these staircases, especially if made of galvanized or stainless steel, the reason being that it is a popular material for crossover, tread, and mezzanine stairs in industrial locations and spiral staircases in homes and commercial buildings.

As an integral part of any building, stairs hold high requirements in the use of materials in its construction.

Here are four advantages of using steel stairs:

• Sturdiness and durability: Structural steel is a strong metal and can hold up in extreme conditions such as calamities, excessive, and consistent wear and tear. It is five times stronger than concrete or timber staircases. It is also resistant to corrosion, rot, repeated expansion and is free from pests and other damages. This ensures a high sturdiness and rigidity that can withstand a wide range of impacts.

• Versatility: Structures steel is quite malleable and able to be drawn into various shapes and patterns. Owing to this, it is used in various types of custom staircases and any house or office building.

• Economic incentive: Considering longevity, versatility, sturdiness, and esthetical appeal, structural steel becomes the ideal choice. This makes the structural steel fabrication process relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, all the components are fabricated individually and arrive on-site on time. This saves a lot of money on labor expenses and resources.

• Minimal maintenance: Steel staircases require very little upkeep and do not require polishing or the application of paint, varnish, or sealant to maintain their appearance.

• Esthetic appeal: Although wood construction looks more rustic in terms of an antique feel, steel staircases offer a more modern and chic feel. In addition to the surplus of beautiful designs in spiral and straight stairs, use of steel enables a seamless, cohesive design with a flawless fit and finish.

Why should you look for in a company that constructs steel staircases?

• Steel stairs are pre-fabricated, easy to assemble, and ready for shipment.
• All steel stairs are OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant.
• Welded stairs reduce time and prevent installation errors, as well as reduce the RFIs.
• Stairs are designed keeping in mind the building codes and are customized as per the need of the project.
• Designers are well-trained and knowledgeable professionals with an abundance of experience in construction techniques and tools.
• Stairs are durable, affordable, and easy to install.
• Through construction services, minimize the costs and reduce the lead time.

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What You Need To Consider When Selecting a Ramp For Home

ramps construction

Ramps come in different widths, heights, materials, and styles to suit all types of needs. They are available in portable, modular semi-permanent, and permanent versions made from wood and concrete.

The ideal ramps construction type for you depends on a variety of different factors. It includes the height of the threshold or number of steps you are trying to overcome, the kind of mobility aid you use, physical skills, whether you rent or own the place, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

Ramp Types

A quick overview of different ramp types can be found here. There are some essential aspects to consider when choosing a ramp for your home.

1. Threshold Ramps: Make door thresholds passable for people using a walker, wheelchair, or scooter. Some are designed to rest on the ground before the threshold, while others are designed to be screwed securely in place. Models that screw in place are a better consideration if you use a power wheelchair or scooter.

2. Single and Multi-Fold Ramps: These ramps are also known as briefcase ramps or suitcase ramps. It can be folded up and make them easy to transport and easier to move aside when not in use. They are Used to overcome tall thresholds, curbs, and a height of one or two steps. You can also find them in lengths up to 12 feet long.

3. Solid Surface Ramp: These ramps have fewer joints and movable parts, making them stronger and more durable than foldable models. These ramp types are a good consideration for use with power wheelchairs and scooters or if you anticipate leaving the ramp in the same location always. They can be found up to 10 feet long and are used to overcome tall thresholds, curbs, or a single standard-height step.

4. Gateway Ramp: A straight ramp with handrails. Generally, Handrails make a ramp safer for everyone, both persons who can walk and use wheelchairs. The rails help to ensure a wheelchair always remains safely on the ramp. In addition, some wheelchair users like to use handrails to pull themselves up the ramp. These Ramps can be found in lengths up to 12 feet long.

5. Track Ramps: A pair of slender, lightweight channel ramps are available in non-folding models placed parallel to each other. They have a fixed length and are used to overcome curbs and steps and load wheelchairs into the vehicle. The hinged models are foldable and easier to transport and store away. Usually, the non-folding models are sturdier.

6. Permanently Constructed Ramps: This type of ramp can be more easily matched to your home and landscaping. A local contractor can be hired to build a custom ramp. Usually, it is best to choose someone who already has experience with building wheelchair ramps. They are more likely to understand and successfully include all the required elements to make the ramp truly useful and safe in all respects.

Iron span is the leading company that excels in ramps construction in the USA. With years of experience in this field, we provide best-in-class structures that meet construction codes and budgets.

Tips To Choose The Right Building Solution For Next Industrial Project

Industrial steel buildings

When an industrial operation needs a new building, it is fair to evaluate the options available. Will it be temporary or permanent? Do you need the building to be pre-engineered or want to get it customized? What building system works best?

Every case is unique; there might be instances when a particular building is better than the others. For example, some Industrial steel buildings find tension fabric buildings more versatile than other industrial building solutions.

Steel-framed fabric buildings versus other types

Tension fabric industrial steel buildings use tension across the fabric so it can withstand loads. The tension on the fabric is vital. Any form of friction can cause fabric claddings to diminish and ultimately fail.

In terms of longevity, fabric works well if it is properly tensioned. If not, you may face issues like moving or flapping. A flapping fabric sheet can cause difficulties during the installation of the building.

The difference between conventional and steel-framed tension fabric buildings lies in how the fabric is connected to the frames. Large sheets of fabric are attached to the end frames in conventional fabric buildings. As a result, it can rest on the center frames.

Smaller pre-tensioned fabric panels work better than large ones. This is because the strength of the fabric building comes from the frame without relying on the fabric to keep the building upright. It is what separates them from ‘conventional’ fabric buildings.

Metal buildings

Metal buildings are known for their durability. Metal can be recycled. In some buildings, the structural frames allow for large clear-span widths. Trusses and posts are an inconvenience. They are a deal-breaker in some cases, like in an aircraft hangar.

While you may consider metal buildings for your next construction project, some drawbacks can make you think. First, metal is prone to rust and corrosion.

Water leaks are a flaw that causes damage to the contents stored within. Moreover, they are costly and take longer to build than fabric structures.

Conventional fabric structures

Conventional fabric structures are not so expensive as many other options. As a result, they make a suitable choice for temporary building solutions. In addition, they can be disassembled as soon as the job is done.

The main advantage of steel-framed fabric structures over conventional fabric hoops is that the frame ensures ventilation, allowing fresh airflow through the building. That means it can help you save on your energy bills. Another significant advantage of fabric building is that they are fire-resistant.

Why choose fabric structures?

Fabric structures allow an abundance of natural light, offering the added benefit of energy efficiency and a pleasant environment. That means fewer lights are required, and energy cost is lowered. In addition, the buildings are warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

At Iron Span, we provide an array of fabric building solutions for clients to suit their building needs and budget. So if you have been looking for a reputed fabric building manufacturer, look no further.

Top 4 Applications Of Commercial Steel Buildings

commercial steel buildings

A growing trend in commercial steel building construction is the use of prefabricated steel buildings. Not only are these options cost-effective, eco-friendly but they are also suitable for a myriad number of applications.

The use of commercial steel buildings ranges from widespread, everyday use to specific applications. At Iron Span USA, we intend to highlight a broad range of commercial applications of steel buildings.

Commercial storage

Metal buildings are suitable for commercial storage as they are durable and easy to customize. That means it is easy to add a number of doors in a garage to provide space for large equipment. Plus, the floor plan can be open concept with very minimal effort. These characteristics make steel buildings ideal for storage units, warehouses, garages, and more. These days, RV storage, terminals, or aircraft hangers even use metal for construction.

Service industry

Steel buildings require less maintenance. They are also easy to customize and ideal for service industry applications. Applications can include the automobile industry from dealerships, service garages, auto detailing, towing companies, storage to shipping companies. Besides that, almost any industrial service can benefit from the sturdiness of a pre-engineered steel building.

They are commonly used for industrial shops like electrical, cabinet-making, machining, locksmithing, landscaping, computer repair, HVAC, appliance servicing. Even non-industrial applications such as dog kennels or groomers, food services are common applications for metal buildings.

Retail and office spaces

The customization of steel buildings makes them ideal for both retail and office spaces. The wide variety of finishing options means your interior can be as polished or rugged according to the builder’s need. While service applications can go for a more unfinished interior, retail & office applications can produce an interior equal to traditional structures at a lower cost and with lower maintenance needs. From restaurants, regular shops to dental offices and contemporary churches, there is no end to the possibilities.

Recreational facilities

Since steel buildings can offer large, indoor spaces with minimal obstruction, they are also great for housing recreational facilities. Moreover, they are easy to configure with environmental control, making them the ideal choice for facilities such as skating rinks and swimming pools. Their customization allows for regular use as paintball arenas, sporting arenas, courts, bowling alleys, gyms, and rock climbing facilities, to name a few.

No matter what your commercial needs for a new building are, prefabricated steel buildings are a superior option. If you would like to know more about how Iron Span USA can help you meet your metal building needs, please do contact us.

Everything You Need To Know About The Steel Building Construction

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Are you searching for steel construction options when you think of investing in a new building? When you are thinking of spending money on any construction for the first time, you can choose a reputed steel builder with several years of experience in this field. You must know that steel building helps save money on construction and provide you with highly durable and cost-effective structures. After all, you are looking for opportunities to save money for the same, Right! Okay, here are some of the reasons why you will invest in steel buildings for construction-

Saving Money On building Materials

Choosing the steel structures for the construction project will allow you to choose from a wide range of steel options. This will further lead to saving money on construction. You should know that fabricated and prefabricated steel structures are both affordable and long-lasting. Whether you are choosing fabricated steel structures or prefabricated ones, you can save money as a whole on the project. For example, if you are looking for a steel building construction, it is better to choose a company that provides steel structures for commercial purposes.

Have Long-Term Savings on maintenance

Steel structures last for long and hold on well against extreme weather conditions compared to wood and other concrete structures. Thanks to the durability and toughness of these structures. Once you install steel structures for your building needs, you will not need to invest further in any costly repairs for a long period.

Save On the Labor Charges

One of the major benefits of installing steel structures is that you will save on the labor charges you have to pay for traditional structures. Just imagine, when you install wood or cement structures in the commercial space, you need laborers for installation and transportation. These structures are burdensome compared to steel ones. Hence, if you want to save dollars on the labor charges, you should opt for steel structures.

Apart from these, steel structures have several benefits over traditional materials in terms of their features. If you want to know in detail, here are some of the points to keep in mind-


Yes, steel structures are highly durable, and they last for more than 20 years if they are maintained properly. Due to their extended longevity, steel structures are more used in commercial spaces than traditional structures. In addition, steel buildings are resistant to extreme weather conditions and are easy to maintain compared to their wooden counterparts.


Steel buildings require less construction time than wooden or concrete buildings. This is because steel buildings are pre-fabricated, which means that they are built at the warehouse, and they are just needed to get installed at the construction site. This ensures that steel construction saves time and makes the construction process faster.


The best part about using steel buildings is that they are highly flexible and can be constructed at any size and shape that you are looking for. Depending upon your building needs, steel can be customized, which is a plus point to using steel structures.

These are some of the reasons you should use steel structures for construction. Choose a better product for better longevity. Want to buy the best steel buildings, consult the team from Ironspan USA to have good quality steel structures.