What Are The Various Applications Of Steel Buildings?

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An increasing number of food and grocery delivery businesses has resulted in an increase in work-from-home opportunities, making meetings via video streaming popular.

Innovation often comes from thinking outside of the box and looking for new applications for products that already exist. Whether you need more space for business or personal use, consider metal buildings’ value, quality, and versatility.

Today’s commercial steel buildings in Kansas are suitable for more than just warehouses and storage facilities. They can be used in a wide range of structures. If you are considering new construction, we encourage you to first look at all of your options.

Here are some modern applications of steel buildings you should be familiar with.

Agricultural buildings

The agricultural industry has embraced the value of steel buildings for a while now. Steel structures for agriculture can offer affordable, large covered spaces for animals, hay, storage, and protect valuable farm equipment. In addition, with so much to do on farms, low-maintenance metal buildings are a staple.

Aircraft hangars

If you need storage for a small landing strip or airport, steel buildings seem ideal solutions. They offer protection from the weather and theft and provide secure space for aircraft restorations and mechanical work.

Cold storage

Metal buildings provide excellent insulation opportunities for a variety of cold storage applications. These include medicines, foods, and dairy products. Metal buildings can be configured to provide the required space for your application. They can also serve as an addition to a current structure, providing additional versatility.


Many consider steel buildings while constructing churches as they need additional space or older structures are being replaced. Today’s steel buildings can be an attractive, comfortable, and affordable way to accommodate expansion.

Arenas for horses

Covered outdoor horse arenas built of steel provide a safe area to show horses no matter the weather. As a result, steel buildings have become the structures of choice for the equestrian industry. They are available in pre-fab steel building kits.

Commercial buildings

On the hunt for an affordable way to build your commercial building? Do you wish to create an investment opportunity with a high potential ROI? Steel building kits can be used for auto shops, retail space, offices, self-storage, fitness centers, strip malls, and more.

There are unlimited personal and business applications for steel & metal buildings. Construction time is reduced, maintenance is low, and steel buildings demonstrate resilience in various weather conditions. Steel buildings are a blank canvas when it comes to commercial metal buildings. You can use steel structures in a wide variety of ways to give them your desired shape and serve specific purposes.

If your perception of steel buildings is not clear, it is time to revisit all your options. Contact us at Iron Span USA and discover the wide range of steel buildings we provide.

Looking Forward To Constructing A Steel Building For Your Next Commercial Building Project? Here Are Things You Should Know!

Are you planning to open a storefront? Believe it or not, there has never been a better time than now, especially if you have a new product or service to offer to your clients. If you are preparing to open a new storefront, choosing the right location is the key to successful construction. Since you are investing a fortune in your retail store, you probably do not want the construction to go wrong. You might be wondering what materials will work best for your store that will ensure peace of mind and successful project completion.

A commercial steel building is what should be your building design solution. Not only will it meet all your retail, storefront, or other small business needs, but it also ensures the building is reliable, customizable, adaptable, and cost-effective.

Why does a custom steel building make sense?

Commercial steel buildings in Kansas are more flexible and customizable than traditional structures.

Economical – With an adaptable steel building, you no longer have to settle for less quality while ensuring value for money. Since steel is easy to customize, you can build a commercial space within days without having to spend a fortune.

Reliable and low-maintenance – Unlike wooden structures, steel buildings are less likely to catch rot. They are more reliable than any other construction materials and can withstand a host of extreme weather conditions, including heavy wind, rain, snow, and lightning. In addition, the material is not susceptible to termites, mold, or mildew. Not to mention steel is easier to clean and asks for less maintenance.

Cheaper insurance costs – Steel is robust, reliable, and inflammable. This means that your property insurance costs will be reduced if you opt for a commercial steel building.

Easy to customize– The versatility of steel allows for more flexibility and complex architectural designs. Structures built using steel do not require interior columns or supports. That means you can get more usable clear-span interior space.

A perfect commercial building solution

At Iron Span USA, we understand that starting a new business is not easy. Our construction experts are here to make the project as simple as possible. Investing in a steel building is a significant investment. Deciding to work with us will not only help you accomplish your goals faster, but we will also ensure the best quality and peace of mind.

So, are you ready to take the leap and construct your very own custom building design? Our best-in-class building designers, architectures, and contractors give you the freedom to customize your ideal plan and foundation for the steel building.

Our steel structures are precisely designed to meet excellence. Since every project is unique, we take time to go through the requirements our clients may have and come up with the best possible solution while ensuring value for money.

If you have been thinking of building an entirely new commercial facility or want to expand an existing one, Iron Span USA is the answer you are searching for.

Why Commercial Steel Building is a Cost Effective Choice?

steel building manufacturers Kansas

Steel buildings are becoming increasingly more popular for business uses in recent years. These buildings are designed, fabricated, and constructed to meet the customer’s needs and be cost-effective. Construction delays are less of an issue with commercial steel buildings in Kansas, and unexpected costs, which often plague traditional construction, are reduced or eliminated.

These buildings can be custom-designed from the very beginning by professionals. It is essential to choose a company with a solid reputation for ensuring the building chosen is of the highest quality materials and delivered as ordered. You can save time and expense in construction in this manner. The buildings are more easily put together by an essential crew and up and ready for use in far less time than a wood or brick construction project would take. Almost everyone has seen the aviation buildings at airports to house airplanes. It is just one of the uses for fabricated structures.

Modifications into these buildings

Special modifications can be incorporated into the buildings; if the particular structure needs more vents or more natural lighting, this could be arranged with the building specialists. A metal building is much more than just a series of metal sheets. It can include rain gutters, specially placed doorways, and anything a commercial building might use.

While a metal building may or may not make the ideal corporate headquarters, it can serve as the first home for a new business. These buildings make excellent storage for commercial operations, addition or main workshop for light industrial operations, and many other practical uses. Gone are the days of glaring sheet metal buildings cold in the winter and steaming in the summer. These buildings may be finished with insulation and can from the interior look just like a building constructed board by board.

Additionally, the metal exterior might be painted with durable paint in a wide range of colors to please almost any taste. This means the new building need not be different from any existing buildings on the property. Instead, it can be quickly erected and seem as if it were always there instead of a hasty afterthought.

Choose a reputable company

Whether the desired building is a small storage area or a large open workspace, these metal constructions can fit the need. Choosing a company with a solid reputation and years of experience with metal construction could well be a cost-saving and time-saving move. Rather than suffering through their learning curve, an established company will know what questions to ask and modify existing plans to fit the customer’s exact specifications.

When considering a cost-effective building for expanding an existing facility or beginning one, commercial steel buildings in Kansas is a very logical choice. If the company specializing in fabricated structures is chosen carefully. Savings may be realized from the initial phases onward. There is no requirement for an architect, budgets and timelines are carefully monitored, and modifications are precise according to the client’s direction.

Ironspan USA Steel Buildings is one of the leading steel building companies in USA. Having an experience of 60 years, we deliver pre-engineered structural steel buildings to both industrial and domestic clients.

Everything you Wanted to Know About Wind Frame Bracing in Steel Buildings

Wind Frame Bracing

It is indeed true that steel buildings are the most rigid structures that can stand the test of time. However, it is also true that you are required to make the steel building strong so that it can stand tough against extreme weather conditions. So how do you protect your steel building from heavy wind, snow, and seismic forces? The fundamental structural elements of steel buildings are the columns, wall girts, and roof purlins. As a whole, these components are the skeleton of the building that supports the roof and wall panels by providing structural integrity and ensuring a water-tight seal.

Wind Framing

Before we move further, it is significant to discuss the dynamic forces that come into play. Imagine a house of cards built from both sides with a roof that does not have any interior structural support. Now it is easy to know how quickly it will topple over with one push. In order to avoid such scenarios in steel buildings, wind framing comes into action. Without the presence of wind framing, the building will be at the mercy of high winds and seismic forces. As a result, the building will sway and flex, which will damage the structure and injure its occupants. Hence, it would be best to remember this fact when planning a project of Commercial Steel Buildings in Kansas.

The common wind framing consists of an ‘X’ pattern of cable or rod bracing, based on the geographical location. The braces are placed after every 100 inches across the length of the building on an average. At the same time, they can be placed on every fourth or fifth bay based on whether your bays are at a gap of 20 inches or 25 inches on the roof and walls evenly.

Bracing options

Cable Bracing

The most affordable option, yet it needs re-tightening every 3 to 5 years. It is important to consider this factor when you are choosing cable bracing, or else it will reduce overall stability of the structure with time.

Rod Bracing

Compared to cable bracing, this is much more rigid, has zero stretch, and it is stronger, and it does not need re-tightening. It allows the building a more stable structure that costs a few hundred dollars more per frame. Nowadays, most business owners, as well as engineers and architects, choose rod bracing because it is tougher and can withstand extreme environmental conditions easily.

Portal Bracing

This bracing type is used when an opening, like a window, garage door, or a walk door, is in a bay where engineering standards require wind bracing. It is actually two vertical members welded to the vertical pillars, which have a horizontal header member attached to the vertical members spanning over the uppermost part of the framed opening. The cost of this portal frame is a few hundred dollars more than the ‘X’ bracing. Nevertheless, it offers flexibility to the building design plan to a great extent.

It is needless to say that engineering and architecture in steel buildings are far more in-depth than traditional buildings. However, for more information, you should talk to a steel building engineer to get more information in this regard.

What makes steel the go-to material for large industrial and commercial usages?

steel building construction in Kansas

It is already an established fact that steel buildings are much more reliable and durable than the wooden ones, which makes it indispensable in constructing large factories, warehouses and other commercial buildings. Since a steel building needs usual columns, beams, and girts to distribute and resist loads and to support the interior and exterior finishes, it does tend to have more core strength and resistance than a wood building.

Some of the key points are mentioned below:

 An excellent option for commercial and industrial usage

The strength and durability of steel are beyond comparison. It also means added benefits to the builder who decides to opt for the resistance of metal buildings against traditional wood construction. Putting it straight, a steel building is generally more reliable and offers more structural strength per dollar. Thus, this advantage makes steel building construction in Kansas an intelligent investment decision. A steel building is designed to support almost all kinds of loads from industrial equipment to machinery, goods, bulky furniture, material, workforces and lots more. That’s what makes steel the go-to material for industrial and commercial buildings.

A superior construction material

When it comes to deciding which construction material to use for your building, you may come across an array of options to choose from. However, when it comes to strength, the unsurpassed sturdiness of steel is matchless. It offers the needed durability, power and a strong foundation to any building structure. Architecturally speaking, steel gives you almost unlimited choices for design and tailoring an arrangement to meet your exact needs suitably. Most importantly, in most cases, it can also be done without the need for interior columns and maximizes interior space like no other. By opting for steel building construction in Kansasyou can thus get a superior building structure that will last for a long time.

The most powerful foundation

The foundation systems used in steel buildings construction can be designed to make the best use of even the most challenging site situations, roughest of terrains and heavy footfall of workforces. It allows you maximum cost savings over conventional construction methods in much lesser time. Also, keep in mind that the need for regular maintenance of a steel building that is almost nil. With the application of the correct insulation package and essential upkeep, a steel structure gives you the freedom to focus and work on the purpose of erecting the building in the first place without having to worry about any sudden faults or ongoing costly maintenance issues.

Provides your building with a higher degree of reliability

Security and safety is one aspect that goes uncompromised when you choose steel for constructing your building. Steel is one of the most robust building materials available and is almost 100% resistant to degradation if designed and erected with the appropriate means. Galvanized steel will also not oxidize like other construction materials and can be trusted to outperform for decades without any worry. Modern developments in engineering methods guarantee that steel structures are built to exacting specifications, taking the slightest margin of doubt out of construction works and avoiding anything dangerous even long before the works begin.

Steel building manufacturers USA
Steel building manufacturers Kansas

Cost-effective with all options of customization

When it comes to building a structure of your choice, steel offers you innumerable customization options. With the existing upgrades to a steel structure like insulated metal panels, stable door and window systems, steel mezzanines, and the like, a steel building is highly customizable. It facilitates the highest degree of security along with providing the desired form as well as function at the same time. From designing buildings with great heights like the numerous skyscrapers in the US to more extensive warehouses and factories in the industrial areas, steel has everything to offer you.

At Ironspan USA, we have the knowledge, skill and time-tested ability to design a building that is perfectly suited to your needs. Call us today to discover a range of superior building options and let’s get building!

What Makes Steel Buildings A Great Choice In Dealing With Natural Disasters?

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Most buildings were never constructed to deal with extreme weather conditions. Natural disasters hit hard, damaging thousands of people’s lives. Buildings made out of steel have a higher rate of survival. However, even if it is a steel construction, taking prevention in time is always a good idea. Steel building construction in Kansas is more common these days.

The design and material 

Steel buildings are versatile and durable in nature. Commercial ranked steel possesses the highest of quality and strength. Being one of the few construction materials, steel can cope up with the new building codes.

Apart from being a superior choice for construction to deal with natural disasters, steel is also known to be the ‘green’ material, which essentially reduces the dependence on less sustainable products.

The usefulness of steel as a building material 

Bundling the strongest foundation is essential in areas prone to earthquakes. Steel structures have the potential to provide you with stronger building solutions in ways you could never imagine. The biggest advantage of using steel is that it can withstand the worst of atmospheric conditions. Being a strong bit lightweight, steel can enable you to design it in accordance with safety.

  • Being the most versatile material on earth, steel is easy to obtain almost in any color, pattern, and texture as well.
  • Steel roofs are beneficial in terms of lowering insurance premiums as the material comes with a normal warranty. The material is also fire-resistant, hence, whenever the lightning strikes, the electricity will pass across the steel roof, while getting grounded via the walls.
  • Prefabricated and pre-engineered steel buildings lower the timeline of the total construction time. In an unfortunate event of a natural disaster, with steel, replacing those damaged structures is much easier.
  • Being ductile in nature, steel can withstand earthquakes as it will not make steel bend. Steel framed buildings are designed to last longer even in bad weather conditions.
  • It is a unique feature of steel that it never molds, corrodes and can never be affected by pests. Infestations can never do harm to steel constructions.

Final words

Natural disasters are inevitable and all you can do to protect building structures is to ensure that the material used is stronger and durable. Iron Span USA, being a reputed steel structures manufacturing company, can provide you with cost-effective building solutions to suit your budget and lifestyle. No matter the type of property, the trend of steel construction is not a thing of the past.

Importance of an engineer in a steel building project

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

There is no doubt about the fact that many business owners do not understand the importance of engineers in a steel building project. Well, the significance of engineers depends on the kind of project as well as the details and complexity involved in the project. It is true that you will not need the expertise of an engineer when it comes to building a small garden shed or just a steel warehouse but you will need the expertise of an engineer when you building something bigger and complex than that.

In a complex project, the role of an engineer is involved in different levels of the project. It needs to be understood that a steel engineer is educated, qualified and trained to understand metallurgy as well as the design of the structure to make sure that it is going work in accordance with the purpose and meet all the codes simultaneously. Also, it is not just about one engineer but the number of engineers involved in a project also depends on its size and complexity.

Ironspan is a reputed company in the USA, known for constructing commercial steel buildings in Kansas.

Engineering roles in a steel building project

The first and foremost reasons are that an engineer has the right skills to identify the potential issues which are needed to be solved so that the steel structure could be sound in both appearance and strength. Today, most of us are aware of the fact that steel is the right choice in a material when it comes to building modular custom designs to include conventional and other material in the project. Besides, steel is a material that saves energy as well as helps in constructing environment-friendly designs.

What an engineer does is that the person can envision as well as design the components based on the functional requirements to match the purpose of constructing the building. Hence, whenever you are building steel structures, the need for an experienced engineer will always arise, irrespective of whether it is a commercial, residential or an industrial building. Engineers not only identify the defects but also create more opportunities which are not visible to an untrained eye.

It is true that steel is a complex metal product. The other components that are needed in the process of constructing a steel building depend on the functional needs of the building. In such scenarios, a structural engineer has an in-depth idea about choosing the right steel that will contribute to the strength and design of the building. Sometimes light steel is used to decrease weight, heavier steel is used for increasing the strength and steel girders and struts are added for increasing the durability of the building.

Choosing the Right Type of Wheelchair Ramp

steel building construction in Kansas

If you are a family with a disabled person in the house, nothing can be as better as a wheelchair ramp to ensure safe mobility. Disabled persons face many difficulties in their lives as they lack the ability to move properly without any assistance.

Ramps construction in the Kansas, USA is very popular that enables disabled persons to move freely wherever they want to go. It does not need them to rely on anyone; rather they can move on their own through wheelchair ramps.

If you are seeking the right wheelchair ramp, it is important that you know the different types of wheelchairs available in the market. There are many different styles of wheelchair ramps if it is for external purpose.

Here are the different types of wheelchair ramps that you can consider purchasing:

Wooden Wheelchair

This is the most common type of wheelchair that can be used for personal purpose. This type of ramp can be built through tools that can be easily found at any home improvement stores in your locality. Iron Span is one of the reputed ramp constructors that build wheelchair ramps to cater to physically disabled individuals, enabling them to move freely. These ramps can be constructed in fewer hours if you do it from a professional constructor.

Concrete Ramps

This type of ramp resembles a poured concrete ramp; however, these wheelchair ramps are way lighter and cost-effective.  If reliability is the only concern for you, nothing could be as better as concrete ramps. This type of ramp does not allow a disabled person to slip out as there is concrete poured on the flat surface, attached to a metal structure.

Aluminium Ramps

If you are looking for a wheelchair ramp that is convenient enough to suit your needs, aluminium wheelchair ramps can be the way to go. These ramps come with surfaces that are textured. That means there is no necessity of adding a non-slip surface.

Galvanized Steel Ramps

If you are after a wheelchair ramp that does not encourage any elemental build-up, galvanized steel wheelchair ramps are the solution for you. With this, you will need to be careful about the footwear you are wearing. Opting for unstable shoes can be risky for you.

Choose The Right Wheelchair Ramp For You:

Ramp rise : This is the verticle height of a ramp. It is necessary for you to know which type of rising would be the best for your stairway.

Ramp slope : This is measured by the steepness of the wheelchair ramp. While installing the right wheelchair ramp, make sure that you seek guidance about the measurement of the slope that will suit your need.

Assessing the needs

It is important for you that you know for how long you would need a wheelchair ramp. Whether you are seeking a permanent solution, or it is a temporary one, knowing what you want is the only way to get everything done with ease.

Maybe your disability is temporary, or you require having access to a public space in case it is long slope, you might want to hire an expert ramp constructor for better results.