Top 4 Applications Of Commercial Steel Buildings

commercial steel buildings

A growing trend in commercial steel building construction is the use of prefabricated steel buildings. Not only are these options cost-effective, eco-friendly but they are also suitable for a myriad number of applications.

The use of commercial steel buildings ranges from widespread, everyday use to specific applications. At Iron Span USA, we intend to highlight a broad range of commercial applications of steel buildings.

Commercial storage

Metal buildings are suitable for commercial storage as they are durable and easy to customize. That means it is easy to add a number of doors in a garage to provide space for large equipment. Plus, the floor plan can be open concept with very minimal effort. These characteristics make steel buildings ideal for storage units, warehouses, garages, and more. These days, RV storage, terminals, or aircraft hangers even use metal for construction.

Service industry

Steel buildings require less maintenance. They are also easy to customize and ideal for service industry applications. Applications can include the automobile industry from dealerships, service garages, auto detailing, towing companies, storage to shipping companies. Besides that, almost any industrial service can benefit from the sturdiness of a pre-engineered steel building.

They are commonly used for industrial shops like electrical, cabinet-making, machining, locksmithing, landscaping, computer repair, HVAC, appliance servicing. Even non-industrial applications such as dog kennels or groomers, food services are common applications for metal buildings.

Retail and office spaces

The customization of steel buildings makes them ideal for both retail and office spaces. The wide variety of finishing options means your interior can be as polished or rugged according to the builder’s need. While service applications can go for a more unfinished interior, retail & office applications can produce an interior equal to traditional structures at a lower cost and with lower maintenance needs. From restaurants, regular shops to dental offices and contemporary churches, there is no end to the possibilities.

Recreational facilities

Since steel buildings can offer large, indoor spaces with minimal obstruction, they are also great for housing recreational facilities. Moreover, they are easy to configure with environmental control, making them the ideal choice for facilities such as skating rinks and swimming pools. Their customization allows for regular use as paintball arenas, sporting arenas, courts, bowling alleys, gyms, and rock climbing facilities, to name a few.

No matter what your commercial needs for a new building are, prefabricated steel buildings are a superior option. If you would like to know more about how Iron Span USA can help you meet your metal building needs, please do contact us.