Tips To Choose The Right Building Solution For Next Industrial Project

Industrial steel buildings

When an industrial operation needs a new building, it is fair to evaluate the options available. Will it be temporary or permanent? Do you need the building to be pre-engineered or want to get it customized? What building system works best?

Every case is unique; there might be instances when a particular building is better than the others. For example, some Industrial steel buildings find tension fabric buildings more versatile than other industrial building solutions.

Steel-framed fabric buildings versus other types

Tension fabric industrial steel buildings use tension across the fabric so it can withstand loads. The tension on the fabric is vital. Any form of friction can cause fabric claddings to diminish and ultimately fail.

In terms of longevity, fabric works well if it is properly tensioned. If not, you may face issues like moving or flapping. A flapping fabric sheet can cause difficulties during the installation of the building.

The difference between conventional and steel-framed tension fabric buildings lies in how the fabric is connected to the frames. Large sheets of fabric are attached to the end frames in conventional fabric buildings. As a result, it can rest on the center frames.

Smaller pre-tensioned fabric panels work better than large ones. This is because the strength of the fabric building comes from the frame without relying on the fabric to keep the building upright. It is what separates them from ‘conventional’ fabric buildings.

Metal buildings

Metal buildings are known for their durability. Metal can be recycled. In some buildings, the structural frames allow for large clear-span widths. Trusses and posts are an inconvenience. They are a deal-breaker in some cases, like in an aircraft hangar.

While you may consider metal buildings for your next construction project, some drawbacks can make you think. First, metal is prone to rust and corrosion.

Water leaks are a flaw that causes damage to the contents stored within. Moreover, they are costly and take longer to build than fabric structures.

Conventional fabric structures

Conventional fabric structures are not so expensive as many other options. As a result, they make a suitable choice for temporary building solutions. In addition, they can be disassembled as soon as the job is done.

The main advantage of steel-framed fabric structures over conventional fabric hoops is that the frame ensures ventilation, allowing fresh airflow through the building. That means it can help you save on your energy bills. Another significant advantage of fabric building is that they are fire-resistant.

Why choose fabric structures?

Fabric structures allow an abundance of natural light, offering the added benefit of energy efficiency and a pleasant environment. That means fewer lights are required, and energy cost is lowered. In addition, the buildings are warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

At Iron Span, we provide an array of fabric building solutions for clients to suit their building needs and budget. So if you have been looking for a reputed fabric building manufacturer, look no further.

The Lesser-Known Facts About the Exterior Finishes for Metal Buildings

Industrial Steel Buildings in Kansas

One of the top perks of choosing a Metal Building is the flexibility in design that comes with it. The strength of steel framing offers boundless options to tailor the building’s exterior-appearance. Whether you are thinking about a contemporary, traditional, or industrial feel, there are many exterior options to transform your dream into reality.

Facade Options

One of the most durable and most robust solutions for a metal building exterior is metal wall panels. They are manufactured to stay tough to the elements like heavy snow, high winds, insects, and many more. Hence, metal siding is considered the best and low maintenance option for contemporary buildings.

They are available in various styles, colors, and profiles to suit your vision for your building’s exterior. Metal wall panels are considered best for modern or industrial style buildings. They are also known for improving metal buildings’ energy efficiency with insulated metal panels. Hence, it is regarded as an excellent choice for Industrial Steel Buildings in Kansas.


Another affordable and attractive solution for a metal building exterior is Stucco. It offers a natural touch that is immensely used in contemporary times. There are various methods for using it on a steel building exterior. Traditional Stucco is generally used for residential structures and, in some cases, needs a spandrel beam. Stucco panels offer a high thermal R-value and are available in several colors. On the other hand, the stucco flex is an economical option for direct application to the metal wall panels.

Brick Veneer

Nowadays, one can get the classic appearance of brick on its exterior. It is not only lighter but also cheaper than the original brick that is attached directly to the metal frame.

Stone Veneer

It offers a touch of natural sophistication at a lesser cost, and it is lighter in weight than natural stone. It is available in several colors, shapes, and styles to meet aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, it can be utilized as an accent to outline special architectural features.


There is also a high demand for installing wooden shiplap siding to the building’s exterior to bring in a rustic charm.

Mixed Façade

A significant advantage of metal buildings is that it offers the builder the freedom to customize the slope, style, and roof’s complete appearance. Metal roof panels are durable, low-maintenance, and an excellent energy-efficient option for a metal building project. You will get a satisfactory performance that you can count on. They do not get affected by snow, wind, and hailstorm.

Metal roofing can be found in numerous styles, from standing seam to screw down. One can select various colors and profiles according to the project’s needs. Also, cool metal roofing colors are known for improving metal buildings’ energy efficiency.

Overall, metal buildings provide versatile options that allow flexibility in design. However, make sure to choose a reliable metal building contractor to bring your vision to life.

Why Should You be Considering Fabric Structures for Industrial Steel Buildings in Kansas?

Industrial steel buildings

Looking for constructing an industrial building requires a lot of planning. That’s because an industrial structure determines the productivity of your business. An industrial installation always requires bulk storage capacity. It requires enough space to house people, equipment, machines, goods, and vehicles. Hence, these structures need to be well-built and durable.

The industrial Steel Buildings in Kansas need thorough planningand you must understand your priorities well before opting for these. If you have a manufacturing unit that needs to be expanded or you’re looking to expand your already existing industrial facility, a steel structure will be a great versatile solution. However, there are also specific reasons that make it a viable solution to serve your industrial needs. Understanding these vital aspects will help you.

Shorter Operation Times to Keep the Budget under Control

The construction time is a significant factor that makes steel buildings a favorite of many. Since steel buildings can be constructed quite fast, you do not have to worry about more extended construction durations, higher labor costs, and operating downtime. Considering how long it will take to construct your building is certainly something you want to think about. The longer your project takes, the more expenses you will have to bear.

Fabricated Buildings are Faster to install

The construction time of a fabric structure also depends on the type of building, its foundation structure, facilities like lighting, cooling, heating, ventilation systems, etc. Most importantly, the purpose of its use is another essential factor. However, the best part that makes it best to construct fabric buildings is that it’s relatively faster to set up. This will include foundation installation, framework assembly, siding installation, and roof installation. Since Fabric Building Structure Providers in Kansas often conveniently provide fabric buildings that are pre-engineered and modular, making the entire installation process much faster and swift.

Longer Lifespan of Roof Systems

Buildings that are made of fabricated layers of steel have a much longer lifespan. Moreover, it is essential for industrial purposes that you get a structure with a robust roofing system for several years to come. The fabric buildings are non-corrosive that makes them an excellent fit for any industrial use. Additionally, a fabric cover also does not need a replacement for about 20 or so years, at a low price that would otherwise be necessary for replacing an entire steel roof.

Fabric Structure Provides Great Versatility

The wide variety of sizing options available with fabric steel buildings makes them incredibly versatile and ideal for nearly any application. Not only are they engineered for decades of use in any climate – even extreme environments and weather conditions like high winds and heavy snow loads — they are useful buildings for a variety of standard and unique commercial and industrial uses.

Ironspan USA’s fabric buildings are ideal for storage and warehousing and vehicle maintenance facilities, modular office buildings, housing and camp systems, research facilities, and even movable airplane hangars.