The leading Constructors of Ramps in Kansas

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As an alternative to stairs, Ramps are inclined platforms that are used to connect the lower to the upper level. Specifically, they join the landings and the floors in a building. Now, ramps are an integral element in any building construction because, apart from their design possibilities, they allow the user to effectively overcome their physical barriers. For example, with the message of positive reinforcement, ramps allow physically challenged people in wheelchairs to access the building and enable easy loading and unloading of office supplies. Therefore, ramps construction companies in Kansas have stepped up a notch in constructing ramps of various indoor and outdoor designs and slopes.

Ramps are constructed when people of vehicles have to be moved from one level to the other. They are commonplace in public buildings and offices, train stations, airports, stadiums, hospitals, and exhibition halls.

What construes the shape of the ramp:

• Ramps are generally straight, but curved ramps also exist. Curved ramps are mainly used in parking structures or to shift the parking space to an upper floor.

• A minimum horizontal landing of 50cm diameter is provided for every change in the ramp’s direction—this diameter aids in a complete rotation of the wheelchair.

• The transverse slope of the ramp must be less than 2% to avoid lateral slippage.

Significant features and uses of ramps:

• The ramp floor should not be excessively smooth because it might cause slippage, especially in the case of wheelchairs. Ramps can be constructed from either or steel. The finishing material must provide a non-slip surface, both in dry and wet conditions, whichever the base material. The individual in the chair and their caregiver should have good traction regardless of the weather. Each ramp is equipped with safety side curbs at least 2 inches in height at each section as a vital safety measure, mainly in ramps for wheelchair users.

• Ramps are mainly constructed in government buildings, where the foot traffic is high, and now even in private residential buildings. For public use, ramps must have landings at regular intervals along the ramp. The most common place is at the top of the ramp in front of the entrance. This gives room to open the door and provides a stopping point to search for keys.

• There are strict guidelines regarding the bearing capacity of ramps. There are some ramps in the service entrance of the building that is used by vehicles and for loading and unloading. The bearing capacity of these ramps is different than those of others inside the buildings.

• Ramps are sloped usually at 1 in 10 to 1 in 15. This method needs a lot of space.

• Ramps for people on wheelchairs should have handrails on both sides. They are an important feature of a well-built ramp. It serves as a safety measure and a convenience for both the user and the caregiver.

• Ramps, like all building elements, have to have a modicum of esthetic sense in their design.

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What You Need To Consider When Selecting a Ramp For Home

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Ramps come in different widths, heights, materials, and styles to suit all types of needs. They are available in portable, modular semi-permanent, and permanent versions made from wood and concrete.

The ideal ramps construction type for you depends on a variety of different factors. It includes the height of the threshold or number of steps you are trying to overcome, the kind of mobility aid you use, physical skills, whether you rent or own the place, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

Ramp Types

A quick overview of different ramp types can be found here. There are some essential aspects to consider when choosing a ramp for your home.

1. Threshold Ramps: Make door thresholds passable for people using a walker, wheelchair, or scooter. Some are designed to rest on the ground before the threshold, while others are designed to be screwed securely in place. Models that screw in place are a better consideration if you use a power wheelchair or scooter.

2. Single and Multi-Fold Ramps: These ramps are also known as briefcase ramps or suitcase ramps. It can be folded up and make them easy to transport and easier to move aside when not in use. They are Used to overcome tall thresholds, curbs, and a height of one or two steps. You can also find them in lengths up to 12 feet long.

3. Solid Surface Ramp: These ramps have fewer joints and movable parts, making them stronger and more durable than foldable models. These ramp types are a good consideration for use with power wheelchairs and scooters or if you anticipate leaving the ramp in the same location always. They can be found up to 10 feet long and are used to overcome tall thresholds, curbs, or a single standard-height step.

4. Gateway Ramp: A straight ramp with handrails. Generally, Handrails make a ramp safer for everyone, both persons who can walk and use wheelchairs. The rails help to ensure a wheelchair always remains safely on the ramp. In addition, some wheelchair users like to use handrails to pull themselves up the ramp. These Ramps can be found in lengths up to 12 feet long.

5. Track Ramps: A pair of slender, lightweight channel ramps are available in non-folding models placed parallel to each other. They have a fixed length and are used to overcome curbs and steps and load wheelchairs into the vehicle. The hinged models are foldable and easier to transport and store away. Usually, the non-folding models are sturdier.

6. Permanently Constructed Ramps: This type of ramp can be more easily matched to your home and landscaping. A local contractor can be hired to build a custom ramp. Usually, it is best to choose someone who already has experience with building wheelchair ramps. They are more likely to understand and successfully include all the required elements to make the ramp truly useful and safe in all respects.

Iron span is the leading company that excels in ramps construction in the USA. With years of experience in this field, we provide best-in-class structures that meet construction codes and budgets.

Why you should add a wheelchair ramp in your commercial space

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says that most businesses should make reasonable accommodations for a person with disabilities. However, small companies or businesses that don’t offer public services are usually exempt from this requirement. Regardless of whether the ADA requires you to have a wheelchair ramp construction or if you want to be compliant, it’s easier than you may think to install one. Here’s what you need to know about accessibility standards and why adding a wheelchair ramp to your commercial space is beneficial to everyone.

Be Accommodating for People with Disabilities

A person with disabilities can get nervous when they have to climb stairs to enter a commercial building. A simple wheelchair ramp is all it takes to make them feel more comfortable and secure. Without a wheelchair ramp, your business may seem uninviting to them, and they could even think they aren’t welcome there. This likely isn’t true, but this is the perception of not having a wheelchair ramp outside your establishment.

Minimize The Risk of an Injury Occurring On Your Property

When you eliminate stairs in favor of a wheelchair ramp, you’ll be minimizing the risk of a potential injury occurring on your property. Even people without a physical disability can easily slip and fall on slippery stairs, which could lead to legal action against your business. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to remove all stairs in and around your building. However, if you have a wheelchair ramp to the entrance shows you care about the safety of your customers and employees.

You’ll Be ADA-Compliant

Being ADA-compliant is critical to avoid costly fines or potential lawsuits. A wheelchair ramp must be present, and it also must adhere to specific accessibility standards outlined in the ADA. Everything from the slope to the width and even the landing area must be specific. This is why it makes sense to have a professional install your wheelchair ramp so you can have peace of mind knowing it’s installed properly.

Everyone Can Enjoy a Wheelchair Ramp

Some people don’t like going up or downstairs and prefer to use a ramp instead, even if they don’t have a physical disability. By having a wheelchair ramp outside your business, you’ll be more welcoming to everyone. In addition, people without mobility limitations can enjoy it if they have their hands full and may not see the step below them. Reduce the risk of having someone injure themselves on your property and have a professional install a wheelchair ramp.

Ironspan is here to help businesses meet the accessibility standards put in place for them. Some businesses need a complete overhaul to meet these standards, but they require minor adjustments or additions. Our experts can evaluate your property and make recommendations to help you become ADA-compliant and make your space as convenient as possible for your guests, customers, and employees. Be sure to contact us to schedule an appointment and be on the right path to providing accessibility around your establishment.

We manufacture some of the most innovative steel covered buildings, designed and implemented with utmost precision and technology.

Factors to Consider While Ramping Your House

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Do you live with someone having a disability? Suppose you are seeking to make your residence accessible to disabled individuals. In that case, Ramps Construction in the USA is the way to go. Adding ramps to a house can be a costly affair, and it is vital to do this right the first time.

Here we talk you through a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a ramp for your house.

Choosing The Right Material

One of the first considerations for ramping is materials. Traditionally, wood is used for ramp construction, which offers low-cost options to its users. However, wood is disadvantageous because it requires a lot of maintenance and is prone to decay.

Other options are there that reduce the need for maintenance and include steel and aluminum. Some aluminum ramps offer a lifetime warranty and come with options of powder coating, custom coloring to enhance the aesthetics.

Steel is a cost-effective and heavier option for ramps. Their looks can be enhanced too by powder coating. However, steel ramps are not as durable as aluminum ramps due to their susceptibility to rust.

Some people use concrete to build a ramp in their house. It is a sturdy material and needs low maintenance. With a concrete ramp, your aesthetics options are greater than that of the appearance of a traditional ramp.

Upper Landing’s Placement

Another important factor to consider has an upper landing. Placement of an upper landing is vital with sizing on the basis of the turning radius needs of the user. While building a wheelchair ramp, it is imperative to keep as much space as you can to the door’s swing side. This is to ensure the user can avoid the door swing while approaching the doorway.

Gradient Selection

According to the ADA code, a minimum of 1:12 pitch is mandatory for commercial ramping. That means that there should be at least 12 inches of length for ramps for every inch of rising. This is why you want to check with your local inspector to learn about your area’s specific code requirements.

There are a few factors to determine a perfect pitch for a residential ramp.

How much space is there?

What is the budget for ramp construction?

What are the abilities or limitations of the user?

Safety of The User

No matter the material you select for ramp construction, length, and structure you choose, the security of the wheelchair user should be a priority for you. It takes experience to build something durable. Professional ramp constrictors can assist you with the same, giving you peace of mind.

Ramps enhance the usability and convenience of a house. Making it right is a must.

Ramp construction needs professional assistance that you get from an expert. Ramping your house for disabled people is an excellent way to make it accessible. When you seek professional advice, it means the project will be successfully completed without you being worried.