Factors to Consider While Ramping Your House

Ramps Construction in the USA

Do you live with someone having a disability? Suppose you are seeking to make your residence accessible to disabled individuals. In that case, Ramps Construction in the USA is the way to go. Adding ramps to a house can be a costly affair, and it is vital to do this right the first time.

Here we talk you through a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a ramp for your house.

Choosing The Right Material

One of the first considerations for ramping is materials. Traditionally, wood is used for ramp construction, which offers low-cost options to its users. However, wood is disadvantageous because it requires a lot of maintenance and is prone to decay.

Other options are there that reduce the need for maintenance and include steel and aluminum. Some aluminum ramps offer a lifetime warranty and come with options of powder coating, custom coloring to enhance the aesthetics.

Steel is a cost-effective and heavier option for ramps. Their looks can be enhanced too by powder coating. However, steel ramps are not as durable as aluminum ramps due to their susceptibility to rust.

Some people use concrete to build a ramp in their house. It is a sturdy material and needs low maintenance. With a concrete ramp, your aesthetics options are greater than that of the appearance of a traditional ramp.

Upper Landing’s Placement

Another important factor to consider has an upper landing. Placement of an upper landing is vital with sizing on the basis of the turning radius needs of the user. While building a wheelchair ramp, it is imperative to keep as much space as you can to the door’s swing side. This is to ensure the user can avoid the door swing while approaching the doorway.

Gradient Selection

According to the ADA code, a minimum of 1:12 pitch is mandatory for commercial ramping. That means that there should be at least 12 inches of length for ramps for every inch of rising. This is why you want to check with your local inspector to learn about your area’s specific code requirements.

There are a few factors to determine a perfect pitch for a residential ramp.

How much space is there?

What is the budget for ramp construction?

What are the abilities or limitations of the user?

Safety of The User

No matter the material you select for ramp construction, length, and structure you choose, the security of the wheelchair user should be a priority for you. It takes experience to build something durable. Professional ramp constrictors can assist you with the same, giving you peace of mind.

Ramps enhance the usability and convenience of a house. Making it right is a must.

Ramp construction needs professional assistance that you get from an expert. Ramping your house for disabled people is an excellent way to make it accessible. When you seek professional advice, it means the project will be successfully completed without you being worried.