Tips To Maintain Structural Steel Building After Construction

Steel building construction in Kansas

Structural steel is one of the most valuable materials in the construction industry. It is durable, attractive, cost-effective, easy to install, and has high tensile strength. However, like any other material, steel building construction in Kansas needs proper maintenance to stay in good shape, especially after constructing any structure. This blog highlights structural steel maintenance necessities after construction.

Inspect the Structure Regularly

You need to inspect your steel building at least twice a year to identify and fix issues on time. Inspect every season since some seasons, such as winter, have harsh weather that could lead to damage. You don’t want to experience any issues in the future due to flaws that developed in the previous seasons.

You should inspect the steel parts after a remodeling project, like the enlargement of the existing structure. As the addition can affect the integrity of the existing one. It’s best to hire a professional to ensure no errors go undetected.

Take photos before and after the inspection. They can help you during the next inspection as you can quickly notice other errors you had not seen earlier. Record the names of the companies or experts you work with during the inspection. The government regulatory agencies may need these critical details during safety regulations checks.

Repair Minor Flaws

You should make minor repairs early before developing further and weakening the structure. If you notice any minor issue, call a welder to fix it; you don’t have to wait until your next inspection.

The parts you should pay attention to include minor fittings like door hinges. Structural steel piles are fastened together with fasteners or fittings. When they rust, they can get loose and affect the stability of the structure.

Therefore, you need to inspect, repair or replace them on time. Oil the door hinges daily to reduce friction to work efficiently. For extra precaution, you can paint new fittings with coal tar.

Bushes and Trim Trees

If you have bushes and trees around the structures, you need to trim them before they get attached to the structure. Plants hold water, exposing the structure to water, leading to corrosion or mold growth. The branches can create scratches on the walls and roof. So you should trim them early.

Check the Insulation

usually, Structural steel buildings are insulated to control temperature, noise, and moisture. However, birds, rodents, and insects, other pests might damage the insulation. For instance, if birds create holes in the insulation while building nests, cold air from outside gets in and affects the thermal comfort of the structure.

Therefore, if the structure doesn’t block noise or your energy bills have spiked due to high AC usage, call experts if you notice damages.

Clean the Structure

You need to clean the steel structure to eliminate accumulated dust that can lead to scratches or make your structure dull. In addition, you should remove mold that can be formed due to moisture exposure. You can use a mild cleaning agent or mix one cup of ammonia with five gallons of warm water. Invest in a low-pressure washer or a soft-bristled brush.

Steel structure maintenance is easy when you have the right tips. Ironspan inspects your steel structure, repairs broken parts, and guides you on how to prevent further damages. Contact us now for exceptional services.

What You Need To Know About the Steel Building Construction in Kansas

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Generally, steel buildings are said to be one of the most popular types of construction available. The several features of steel like versatility and durability indicate that, it is perfect for both the traditional commercial or residential usage and also for constructing specialized buildings like bridges. For the contractors searching for the best type of steel buildings for the first time, you should have a clear idea of these buildings and the materials used for building the same. Several manufacturers provide steel building construction in Kansas that is perfect for long-term construction facilities.

The Various Types of Steel Building Construction Facilities

Here, you will discuss the main types of steel building choices available. Due to the flexibility of steel structures, there are many variants you can see in the market. Let’s delve into details to know more-

1. Plain Carbon or Mild Steel Structures

The plain carbon or mild steel structures are considered common types of steel structures used for buildings. They are hallmarked for their durable nature. These structures can endure excessive pressure and impact without any cracks, but they are also flexible and ductile in nature. The builders can also get a low variant of low carbon steel structure. They are quite easy to handle. However, you should be a little careful regarding fire protection as they become weaker when exposed to high temperatures.

2. Rebar Steel Structures

You can see these structures in plenty of applications, but they are not designed to function on their own. They are used for creating additional tension to the reinforced concrete or reinforced masonry. These structures are made from carbon steel having the ridges added with a better anchor type in the concrete. The steel helps in holding the concrete in a compressive nature. There are various types of rebar steel structures available in the market that range from epoxy-coated bars, chromium structures to stainless steel buildings.

3. Structural Steel Structures

These are some of the popular types of steel structures that are available to builders. These steel components are made from a specific type of cross-section that are designed with right standards for chemical and mechanical properties. They are available in the form of I-beams, structural channels and Z-shapes. Like the other structures made with steel, they are highly durable, but they need care and maintenance to make them corrosion-resistant.

4. Standard frames

These standardized frames are available in various versions, including arch buildings, multi-span rigid frames, and single-span rigid frames. The arch buildings are self-supportive structures that do not have interior columns, trusses and beams. They are mainly used for their ease of assembly. The single-span rigid frames are made with a beam offering support at either of the frames. The main advantage of using this Steel stairs construction in Kansas is to create an unobstructed space without the need for an interior column.

To get the best quality of steel structures, you can consult the team from IronSpan USA, one of the trusted providers of steel structures for both commercial and residential spaces. If you want to have Steel stairs construction, choose this manufacturer for the best quality products.

Why Businesses Choose Steel Building Construction in Kansas

Steel Building Construction in Kansas

Every year, the number of businesses turning to prefabricated steel buildings is increasing at an impressive rate. About 75-80% of new commercial and business structures consists of steel buildings. Steel is a versatile material and has dominated the commercial construction space for several reasons. Due to this, Steel Building Construction in Kansas is growing in importance.

Unlike the other buildings built with brick and wood, the steel buildings can fit easily to any application. Apart from these, steel buildings are easy to assemble, offer higher protection than conventional buildings, and last for decades. Due to these benefits, businesses prefer using steel over traditional structures. Steel buildings can be set up in a few days depending upon the size and difficulties and sometimes without any contractor’s need.

As steel structures’ construction requires less time, people prefer using this material for setting up shops. Pre-engineered steel structures have open floor plans and enable the businesses to design and organize the interior as they want.

When the steel building kit comes in, it includes everything- from the assembly to the organization. The pieces are available in pre-cut and pre-drilled variants, and they are ready for installation. The steel buildings can be customized depending upon the needs that include windows, skylights, insulation, etc. A pre-engineered metal structure needs little maintenance which allows more focus on the business.

Pre-Engineered Commercial Steel Buildings

Most businesses prefer prefabricated metal buildings as they are installed in less time, and are cost-effective. These structures provide excellent value for money and allow the business to start operations fast. Businesses can choose from several structures depending upon the scale of the business. Steel structures are sustainable, recyclable and they produce less waste.

Why Are Steel Structures Best For Stores? 

  1. Durability– these structures are highly durable, and they last for 40 years or more. With the building kit available, you can be sure that the structures last for decades.
  2. Construction Speed– as in just a few days, these structures are set up, and owners can start to operate shortly. These kits come in fully cut and drilled with a complete set of installation instructions, and they are ready to put together in a few days.
  3. Flexible in Nature– if you want to move the steel structure from one place to another, these buildings can be moved from one place to another. Apart from these, if you want to expand in the future, you can easily do it with steel.
  4. Cost-efficient– by installing steel buildings, you can avoid the need to hire a contractor and lengthy construction process.


Commercial steel buildings are used in various sectors as per the budget and need of the business. Commercial steel structures are used to build commercial garages, trucking garages, , manufacturer’s outlets, commercial workshops, aircraft hangars, medical clinics, prefab steel homes, industrial uses, data centers, business expansions, office buildings and so on. Ironspan is one of the most trusted and reputed steel structure providers in Kansas. This company has experience of 60 years or more.

Why should you consider a steel warehouse for your Industrial steel buildings in Kansas?

Structural Steel

If you are in an entrepreneur or in the manufacturing or retail business that needs more space to store and hoard goods and commodities, the necessity of a warehouse is undeniable. Commercial and industrial complexes these days need to rely on warehouses for a variety of reasons, and building with a robust alloy like steel is the best way to do it.

Iron, steel, and aluminum, all being durable and powerful building materials, can provide your industrial warehouses the needed strength and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and store loads of goods safely. Several working equipment, machinery, and chemicals also need to be stored from time to time. All these put together makes it extremely crucial to look for an industrial structure that is well-built and last for years to come. Therefore investing in Industrial steel buildings in Kansas is the ideal option.

Warehouses have become an inevitable part of industrial structures

With the global expansion of the supply-chain networks, storing, distributing, and stocking raw materials and finished products becomes an essential component of businesses worldwide. This puts a lot of emphasis on building superiorly  engineered storage spaces in the form of warehouses that can house goods, machines, and people at work at the same time. Invariably, it becomes all the more critical to build sturdy structures that are spacious enough and serve the purpose for a prolonged duration. Keeping this vital necessity in mind, the Industrial steel buildings in Kansas are built with high-grade steel that provides optimum strength and protection at the same time.

Robust warehouses are capable of hoarding goods and equipment for longer durations

It happens most of the times, especially during excruciating circumstances and natural calamities like floods, tornados, or prolonged rains or snow that goods need to be hoarded inside the warehouses for a considerable period, which is usually longer than normal. In such situations the goods need to be kept safe and protected from any damages or theft. Well-built steel structures of warehouses ensure this protection. Moreover, the steel itself is highly durable, corrosion, and moisture-resistant; the warehouses can withstand such storms or bad weather without any problem.

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas
Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Steel warehouses are conveniently customizable too

When it comes to customizing your steel warehouses according to your industrial needs, you do not have to think much. You can introduce structures like additional shelves, beam structures, interior rooms, and external spaces effortlessly. Experienced construction engineers can streamline the process, and you can discuss and plan with them, regarding the kind of modifications you are looking at. You might need new additions like an air-conditioning system in individual chambers wherein the perishables need to be stored. All these can be done very smoothly without the slightest margin of error, and rest assured that it will not affect the core-strength of your warehouse building.

Utilize as much space you want 

If you want to maximize profits through your warehouse, then maximize the space available for storage. The more interior floor area you have, the better it is to hoard the goods. That’s where the type of building comes in. A steel building can be conveniently built without columns inside the structure to hold it up. Thus, you’ll have maximum space available to meet the commercial storage needs of your business. The interior can also be rearranged without worrying about obstacles like poles or columns, which are otherwise very common in warehouses. It increases the efficiency rate when an item needs to be taken in or out of the facility, which eventually means less time wasted, leading to more profits.

If you are in the manufacturing or logistics business and looking for constructing a robust steel warehouse, get in touch with us at Ironspan USA to give you the best solution. Our industrial steel buildings are of the highest grade and offer you optimum durability.

How to Choose the Best Metal and Steel Builder for Construction

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Everyone knows the benefits of using metal and steel buildings. Steel has several features that make it one of the widely used materials in the construction industry. Steel is flexible, customizable, low cost, easy to assemble, and easy to maintain. The construction cost for any building can be reduced with the help of steel. Nowadays, almost all residential and commercial structures are made of steel. The best part about steel buildings is that they can be recycled again.

If you are planning to build steel structures, you should choose the best steel builder who has a good reputation and skilled expertise in this field. In this blog, you will know about the tips to follow when you are planning to select the best builder for construction-

  1. Foundation

There are two types of metal structure builders- those that use the concrete slab foundation and the other who do not use. If your builder is not using the concrete slab, you have to arrange the contractor who will do that part of the task for you. Not only this, but you also have to arrange a builder to discuss the concrete slab foundation and similarly make the schedule.

Few metal builders provide the best quality steel buildings for commercial and residential construction. If you are looking for steel building construction in Kansas, choosing IRONSPAN Metal Buildings is the best decision. This builder in the U.S. has about 60 years of experience in building and construction. This company delivers pre-engineered structured steel buildings that are needed for both industrial and domestic clients.

2. The Quality of Materials

Not all  metal buildings are made equal; builders like Ironspan make the buildings maintaining the guidelines as per the U.S. construction standards.

  • 100% made in the U.S. with commercial grade steel
  • Use of high strength bolts
  • Clear span about 150.’
  • Available with color selections for roofs, trims and walls
  • Can be customized in any shape and size
  • Available with various metal building accessories
  • Prefabricated with steel frames

3. Have a Good Reputation

 If you want to evaluate the company’s reputation, you should go through the reviews and testimonials. You can ask for the referrals, inspect their previous work, and talk to the builder about your requirements. It is very important to go through the contract carefully and ensure that the company can provide the best quality of products.

steel building construction in Kansas


4. Licensed And Insured

Ask the company to show proof that they are bonded or insured. Request the team to show the certificate of insurance and license. Having the license means that you are financially protected if the contractor does not complete the project.

Why choose Ironspan Steel Buildings?

Ironspan Steel Buildings is said to be one of the reputed and leading steel builders in the U.S. It claims to manufacture some of the most innovative steel covered structures that are designed with utmost technology and precision. The steel buildings from Ironspan reflect high durability, flexibility, and uniqueness.

Why Steel Is the Cost-Effective Choice for Any Construction Project

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Building with steel is considered as one of the most affordable ways to raise any structure. You can build green with the help of steel material. But, do you have any idea that steel is an affordable material when you consider manufacturing any structure in your residential, commercial or agricultural premises?

Iron Span offers the best steel building construction in Kansas. It is one of the most reputed providers of steel structures around the USA. It has experience of 60 years. This company delivers pre-engineered structures made with steel for both commercial and residential clients. This company offers steel structures that fit perfectly in any building or storage facilities.

Even the manufacturers can also custom design the structures as per the needs of the clients. Steel material has become so popular in the market due to its wide range of benefits over other conventional materials. The pre-engineered steel structures offered by Ironspan are reliable, unique, strong and highly durable in all terms.


Implementing the pre-fabricated steel structures is one of the best ways to save money if you are planning to construct anything. Remember that the overall cost is something more than just the materials. Effort and time are equally required at the time of blueprint. When these pre-engineered structures are assembled in the worksite, you not only save money on the labor but also ensure that all the parts will work in the right manner.

Besides, when you are choosing the pre-fabricated steel materials, there are few leftovers. You are paying for the structures that you need. Steel is also having lots of tax benefits. Steel can be easily recycled and it is suitable for solar panels too.


You can save money in the long span as when the building is complete. As you, all know that steel is highly durable, steel structures can combat the extreme weather conditions in various regions in the US. The steel buildings are stronger than their counterparts are.

For instance, the wooden items expand and warp during the bad weather. Even the termites can damage and hamper the integrity of the wooden structures. However, with steel structures, there is no problem. Steel is the best structure if you do not want to pay any additional costs.

The cost of the steel structures gets lower as it is one of the cost-effective materials available in the market. The steel is reflective and thus it preserves the temperature and keeps the structures cool.

Why steel building is the right choice for your budget-

  1. Pre-fabricated steel structures are best for assembly, ensure higher quality and reduce construction waste.
  2. Custom steel items provide perfect building layout in the worksite.
  3. Steel is highly durable, has high tensile strength and is weather-resistant as well.

Thus, from the above points, it is clear that steel has lots of benefits over other construction materials. Steel saves money, resistant to extreme weather conditions and costs less.

A Cost Guide To Steel Buildings In The Current Times

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

There are high chances that you are considering structural steel for your next building project if you are reading this. Even you could be the owner of a small company in need of some storage space or someone who wants to build a place for the animals as well as it can be a place to polish your talents perfectly. Well, it is needless to say that the potential is boundless.

In such scenarios, steel construction happens to be the perfect solution in current times. The main reason is that steel buildings are able to meet the space challenges that architects and building owners face in the current times. It is because of this reason the demand for steel building manufacturers Kansas has increased to a great extent in recent years.

Keep reading to find out more about structural steel buildings, their benefits and aspects.

Cost-related advantages

Whether it is about ensuring the best build quality of the property or energy efficiency, there are numerous advantages to pre-engineered buildings in contemporary times. It needs to be understood that pre-engineered buildings are different kind of buildings where the construction duration is comparatively less than the conventional construction period. Also, a properly planned steel building doesn’t take more than a few weeks to complete. However, we are all aware that a traditional building takes more than one month to get completed.

Reduces overall cost

Did you know that going for PEB reduces the overall cost to a great extent? It is true because the budget for a pre-engineered building is much less than the conventional building construction. The reason behind this is that the process in the construction of steel buildings is much smoother as they are already cut and then assembled in the construction site. It is an automated process which naturally’ reduces the production cost.

Reduction in maintenance cost

The first thing is that pre-engineered buildings made of steel are built to last a very long time. Steel structures come with paint finishes that have multiple-decade warranties against blistering, peeling, cracking, chipping and peeling. On the other hand, wooden or concrete structures need to be repainted within a few years as well as renovation needs to be done within 7 to 8 years for re-strengthening the building.

In addition, you can also enjoy 40% fewer premiums in steel building insurances these days.

Ironspan Steel Buildings is one of the most reputed steel building contractors in the USA. They manufacture some of the unique steel buildings and are known for their quality work in this respect

What Makes Steel Buildings A Great Choice In Dealing With Natural Disasters?

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

Most buildings were never constructed to deal with extreme weather conditions. Natural disasters hit hard, damaging thousands of people’s lives. Buildings made out of steel have a higher rate of survival. However, even if it is a steel construction, taking prevention in time is always a good idea. Steel building construction in Kansas is more common these days.

The design and material 

Steel buildings are versatile and durable in nature. Commercial ranked steel possesses the highest of quality and strength. Being one of the few construction materials, steel can cope up with the new building codes.

Apart from being a superior choice for construction to deal with natural disasters, steel is also known to be the ‘green’ material, which essentially reduces the dependence on less sustainable products.

The usefulness of steel as a building material 

Bundling the strongest foundation is essential in areas prone to earthquakes. Steel structures have the potential to provide you with stronger building solutions in ways you could never imagine. The biggest advantage of using steel is that it can withstand the worst of atmospheric conditions. Being a strong bit lightweight, steel can enable you to design it in accordance with safety.

  • Being the most versatile material on earth, steel is easy to obtain almost in any color, pattern, and texture as well.
  • Steel roofs are beneficial in terms of lowering insurance premiums as the material comes with a normal warranty. The material is also fire-resistant, hence, whenever the lightning strikes, the electricity will pass across the steel roof, while getting grounded via the walls.
  • Prefabricated and pre-engineered steel buildings lower the timeline of the total construction time. In an unfortunate event of a natural disaster, with steel, replacing those damaged structures is much easier.
  • Being ductile in nature, steel can withstand earthquakes as it will not make steel bend. Steel framed buildings are designed to last longer even in bad weather conditions.
  • It is a unique feature of steel that it never molds, corrodes and can never be affected by pests. Infestations can never do harm to steel constructions.

Final words

Natural disasters are inevitable and all you can do to protect building structures is to ensure that the material used is stronger and durable. Iron Span USA, being a reputed steel structures manufacturing company, can provide you with cost-effective building solutions to suit your budget and lifestyle. No matter the type of property, the trend of steel construction is not a thing of the past.

Top Reasons Why You Should Install Structural Steel for Constructing Buildings

Structural Steel

The versatility and durability of structural steel make it the best building material for several projects. The structural steel is not just for constructing the skyscrapers. The immense versatile nature of this material allows the manufacturers to use it in various sectors like commercial, industrial and agricultural departments too. Besides, structural steel is used in various building processes like framing, roofing and floor joists.

Iron Span is said to be the industry leader in structural buildings in USA. It is one of the most trusted steel building companies in the Kansas having an experience of more than 60 years. It offers pre-engineered structural steel structures for both the domestic and industrial clients. Even this company also customize the steel structures as per the requirements and budget of the customers.

Read Below the Blog to Know the Top Benefits of Using the Structural Steel for Construction-


In the construction project, the budget and the schedule are both involved. The less time you give on the job site, the less you will spend on the manpower. The reputed steel manufacturing company like Iron Span address to all these challenges as also help in choosing the material that is required for construction. The structural steel can-

  • Eliminating the need for measuring and cutting on site
  • Reducing human error
  • Reduces the number of onsite employees that are required for completing the project

All these factors show that structural steel is one of the best materials that are used in the construction field.


When you compare the steel structures with wood or with other engineered wooden beams, the steel I-beam will have similar load-bearing capabilities and have a lower weight than the wooden I-Beam. As steel is light in weight, it helps in reducing the material shipping costs, less foundation and structural support and the simplified design options.


Structural steel is very versatile. It can be converted in various shapes and strength as per the requirement of the customers. Its durability helps to get a structure that will last longer and it is used in various sectors that include indoor arenas, aeroplane and equipment hangars and the agricultural storage buildings. As when the steel structures are in place, the designers and architects will create an incredible and unmatched range of buildings and structures.

These are the top benefits of using structural steel. Iron Span in the USA offers various structural steel buildings used for construction. Besides offering steel structures, it also deals with fabric-covered structures.

Choosing the Right Type of Wheelchair Ramp

steel building construction in Kansas

If you are a family with a disabled person in the house, nothing can be as better as a wheelchair ramp to ensure safe mobility. Disabled persons face many difficulties in their lives as they lack the ability to move properly without any assistance.

Ramps construction in the Kansas, USA is very popular that enables disabled persons to move freely wherever they want to go. It does not need them to rely on anyone; rather they can move on their own through wheelchair ramps.

If you are seeking the right wheelchair ramp, it is important that you know the different types of wheelchairs available in the market. There are many different styles of wheelchair ramps if it is for external purpose.

Here are the different types of wheelchair ramps that you can consider purchasing:

Wooden Wheelchair

This is the most common type of wheelchair that can be used for personal purpose. This type of ramp can be built through tools that can be easily found at any home improvement stores in your locality. Iron Span is one of the reputed ramp constructors that build wheelchair ramps to cater to physically disabled individuals, enabling them to move freely. These ramps can be constructed in fewer hours if you do it from a professional constructor.

Concrete Ramps

This type of ramp resembles a poured concrete ramp; however, these wheelchair ramps are way lighter and cost-effective.  If reliability is the only concern for you, nothing could be as better as concrete ramps. This type of ramp does not allow a disabled person to slip out as there is concrete poured on the flat surface, attached to a metal structure.

Aluminium Ramps

If you are looking for a wheelchair ramp that is convenient enough to suit your needs, aluminium wheelchair ramps can be the way to go. These ramps come with surfaces that are textured. That means there is no necessity of adding a non-slip surface.

Galvanized Steel Ramps

If you are after a wheelchair ramp that does not encourage any elemental build-up, galvanized steel wheelchair ramps are the solution for you. With this, you will need to be careful about the footwear you are wearing. Opting for unstable shoes can be risky for you.

Choose The Right Wheelchair Ramp For You:

Ramp rise : This is the verticle height of a ramp. It is necessary for you to know which type of rising would be the best for your stairway.

Ramp slope : This is measured by the steepness of the wheelchair ramp. While installing the right wheelchair ramp, make sure that you seek guidance about the measurement of the slope that will suit your need.

Assessing the needs

It is important for you that you know for how long you would need a wheelchair ramp. Whether you are seeking a permanent solution, or it is a temporary one, knowing what you want is the only way to get everything done with ease.

Maybe your disability is temporary, or you require having access to a public space in case it is long slope, you might want to hire an expert ramp constructor for better results.