Everything You Need To Know About The Steel Building Construction

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Are you searching for steel construction options when you think of investing in a new building? When you are thinking of spending money on any construction for the first time, you can choose a reputed steel builder with several years of experience in this field. You must know that steel building helps save money on construction and provide you with highly durable and cost-effective structures. After all, you are looking for opportunities to save money for the same, Right! Okay, here are some of the reasons why you will invest in steel buildings for construction-

Saving Money On building Materials

Choosing the steel structures for the construction project will allow you to choose from a wide range of steel options. This will further lead to saving money on construction. You should know that fabricated and prefabricated steel structures are both affordable and long-lasting. Whether you are choosing fabricated steel structures or prefabricated ones, you can save money as a whole on the project. For example, if you are looking for a steel building construction, it is better to choose a company that provides steel structures for commercial purposes.

Have Long-Term Savings on maintenance

Steel structures last for long and hold on well against extreme weather conditions compared to wood and other concrete structures. Thanks to the durability and toughness of these structures. Once you install steel structures for your building needs, you will not need to invest further in any costly repairs for a long period.

Save On the Labor Charges

One of the major benefits of installing steel structures is that you will save on the labor charges you have to pay for traditional structures. Just imagine, when you install wood or cement structures in the commercial space, you need laborers for installation and transportation. These structures are burdensome compared to steel ones. Hence, if you want to save dollars on the labor charges, you should opt for steel structures.

Apart from these, steel structures have several benefits over traditional materials in terms of their features. If you want to know in detail, here are some of the points to keep in mind-


Yes, steel structures are highly durable, and they last for more than 20 years if they are maintained properly. Due to their extended longevity, steel structures are more used in commercial spaces than traditional structures. In addition, steel buildings are resistant to extreme weather conditions and are easy to maintain compared to their wooden counterparts.


Steel buildings require less construction time than wooden or concrete buildings. This is because steel buildings are pre-fabricated, which means that they are built at the warehouse, and they are just needed to get installed at the construction site. This ensures that steel construction saves time and makes the construction process faster.


The best part about using steel buildings is that they are highly flexible and can be constructed at any size and shape that you are looking for. Depending upon your building needs, steel can be customized, which is a plus point to using steel structures.

These are some of the reasons you should use steel structures for construction. Choose a better product for better longevity. Want to buy the best steel buildings, consult the team from Ironspan USA to have good quality steel structures.

Few Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing the Steel Buildings for Construction

Steel building construction in Kansas

We all know the benefits of using steel buildings for construction as they are one of the best structures to use for residential and commercial building purpose. As compared to the traditional materials available in the market, steel has the features that make them perfect for installing and maintaining steel buildings. This is the reason why the Steel Building Construction in Kansas and other areas are gaining importance. Several companies now offer steel buildings in various shapes, sizes and weights as per the clients’ requirement.


Now, if you are new in the construction field, you might make some mistakes while buying these structures. So, it is better to know about the common mistakes to avoid them while buying.


  1. Pouring The Foundation Before You Are Getting The Plans


Sometimes, the customers say that they have already poured the foundation before they have got any plans. But it is not true; the builders should not pour the foundation before they arrange the plans. They think that pouring the foundation before planning will save money and time. But it is a mistake. If you consult with a trusted steel provider, the team will come to the site, provide a suitable plan and then suggest pouring the foundation.


  1. Taking The Delivery Of Steel Buildings Before You Have The Construction Permits


Arranging the permit is a must necessary before taking the delivery of the steel buildings in the area. Once the buildings are fabricated, you have to pay regardless of whether you are legally able to construct on the property or not. If you want to invest in the right construction, you should first collect the permit and then deliver the steel structures for money management.


  1. Buying The Wrong Type of Building


Yes, one of the common mistakes done by most of the builders is that they buy the wrong type of building without knowing which is important or not. Hence, before you are placing the order, it is quite important to know your requirements and pick the ones that are required for your construction purpose.


  1. Not Calculating The Total Cost


At times, people consider buying the kit for building, but once you add up the costs, you will realize that you have made a lot of investment. You should keep in mind some important points before buying the structures; they are- erection, doors, concrete foundation, insulation, taxes, interior finishing, electricity, delivery, permits, plumbing and so on.


  1. Not Checking The Reputation Of The Company

One of the most common mistakes made by the builders is that they do not check the reputation of the company and place the orders of the buildings without considering anything. However, if you make this mistake, you might end up spending too much money on the project. Hence, it is very important to check the agency’s reputation before you are placing the orders.


These are some of the mistakes to keep in mind while placing the orders of steel buildings. Ironspan is one of the largest steel building manufacturers in the USA, specializing in steel buildings, ramps and Steel Stairs Construction in Kansas.

Amazing Benefits of Steel Building Construction

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The construction industry has evolved a lot. Many materials are used nowadays, making construction work easier than before. The customers can now select from different design configurations specially engineered to fit together in various combinations. These new designs can meet the unique requirements of specific users.

Using steel as a primary building material is a choice that is growing in popularity among companies and residents with a need for additional space. Steel, an iron-carbon alloy, is used for various purposes ranging from heavy industry to the household and is practical for many applications. Steel Building Construction in Kansas have several advantages compared to traditional wood and concrete structures. The benefits range from the relative ease of construction to environmental issues.

The term prefabricated can also indicate the pre-site’s high construction work level. Usually, it goes on at the manufacturer’s factory before they are sent to the construction site. There is not much work to put them together when the prefabricated buildings arrive at the construction site.

Advantages of Metal Buildings

Admittedly, some people prefer using traditional materials to erect their buildings rather than using prefabricated modules. They are not aware of the advantages that steel buildings can provide them.

Less Time Spent on Construction

This is an important benefit you can get from using steel buildings. These buildings take less time to build than any other building structure types. Prefabricated building components were designed and pre-built to be easy to assemble. The processes usually occur on the construction site with other building materials before the steel building system components have left the factory. Using a prefabricated building, smaller buildings that typically take weeks and months to build can be erected in just a few days.

Easy Expansion

Due to its dynamic design, steel building systems can be modified economically and quickly during or after its completion. It makes everything easier to accommodate all kinds of expansion needed for the installation. Steel buildings can be expanded easily by removing the sidewalls or end walls. With this, you can erect a new framework and add more walls and roof panels.

Material-Utilization’s High Efficiency

Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio than other construction materials. It is also around 25 times stronger than wood.

The process used to fabricate structural members of a metal building is state-of-the-art computer-aided designs.

Durable and Weather Resistant

As was said earlier, steel is probably one of the most robust building materials available nowadays. Because of this, metal buildings can withstand extreme weather climates like severe snowstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes, and high winds. Also, steel is not susceptible to the destruction caused by fire, rotting, cracks, creeping, and even parasites such as termites. Special coatings, such as galvalume, are used to treat steel building system structures to protect their surfaces and paint from rusts.

Less Construction Costs

Most importantly, people are recommended to use prefabricated metal building materials because it promises to lower the construction project’s cost. Because it would take less time to erect a prefabricated building, you are giving yourself more money to save. The materials to be used are specially engineered to fit each other easily and are cut appropriately; the cost of assembly is also reduced significantly.

Why Do your Metal Roofs Need Maintenance?

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are designed to offer a longer lifespan and durability. Thanks to the low maintenance design of Metal Roofs, it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

At Iron Span USA, let us help you know why metal roofs are an ideal choice for your steel building. Today, Steel Building Construction in Kansas is popular because of good reasons. Let us explore.

Why is Steel Building’s Metal Roof Maintenance important?

Although metal roofs are designed to last longer and require very little upkeep, you want to ensure the integrity of your metal roof by maintaining it on a regular basis. It will help you to identify:

  • Leaks
  • Corrosion
  • Degradation
  • Scratches
  • Dents

Regular maintenance also keeps your metal roof free from dust and grime. Let us discuss how to maintain your metal roof.

You want to ensure safety

When you are performing routine maintenance, it is worth complying with all the federal, state, and local rules. It also helps to keep foot traffic as minimal as possible on the roof. While checking, make sure the roof is not slippery due to rain or snow.

Maintenance frequency

The maintenance frequency of your metal roof depends on a few factors, which are the location, condition, and age of the building. We suggest maintaining your roof at least twice a year. If your building is located in an area where it is too cold during winter, make sure you check your roof before winter and in the spring once the snow melts.

Inspect your roof:

In severe weather conditions: If there is a severe storm in your area, inspect the roof to check if there is any damage. Clear debris to let water drain out to make sure gutters are free from debris. Check if there are any loose components like fasteners and flashing.

Maintenance activities

Your routine roof maintenance plan should include the following:

Removing debris

Debris is your biggest enemy. Make sure there is no debris on the roof, gutters, dead spots to keep your building from damage. If the water flow is blocked from debris, gutters will start overflowing on the roof surface. Apart from that tree branches can cause scratches in the paint coating of a metal roof.

Cleaning up the Roof

It will help extend your roof’s lifespan if you clean dirt, stains, mildew, or other harmful elements on a regular basis.

Checking Roof Elements

Roof elements like curbs and other penetrations are necessary to check at a regular interval. If there are any loosened flashing materials present on the roof, it can cause it to leak. Other elements like fasteners, screws, rivets should also be checked.

Why Work with Iron Span USA?

Iron Span USA is one of the pioneer steel building companies having years of experience in the field. We can deliver the assistance you need to maintain your steel building. Whether you are a domestic or industrial individual, we have answers to every question you may have. Get in touch with us for more information.

Why Steel is a Better Choice than Concrete as a Building Material?

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When it comes to a steel building project, several factors come into consideration. The most important amongst them is the material that will ensure the longevity, toughness and look of the building to a great extent. Many investors feel confused about whether to go for steel or concrete as a building material for their next project in contemporary times. If you have vague ideas regarding steel building  material and want to know more before making a decision, this post will help you reach a benefitting conclusion.

So how do you compare steel with concrete as a building material? Read on to know more about why steel is the ideal choice for longevity, maintenance and the environment in the points given below.

Durability and Maintenance

Today, many investors are choosing companies that provide Steel Building Construction in Kansas because of steel’s toughness. One must know that steel will remain strong even after ten to fifteen years without any requirement of severe repairs. That is why it is one of the top choices for constructing strong structures meant to endure severe environmental conditions or wear and tear. However, concrete buildings require repairing services within seven to eight years and sometimes in much lesser time. Even though it might seem like the right choice because of low budget, but one must also consider the high-cost that will be required to maintain the building for the years to come. Furthermore, to prevent fire and water damage, various treatments can reduce the extent of damage to a minimal amount.

Versatility factor

We all know that concrete can be used in making various shapes, but this aspect is much better when it comes to steel. Steel as a building material offers life to the magnificent design of an architect. This is because steel can be used to make an infinite number of designs and plans, which is not possible with concrete. It can meet an architect’s design’s accuracy in an ideal manner and get it engineered and approved. The beauty of a building’s design lies in the details in various parts of the property’s structure. The better the details of the drawings come together, the faster the building will get completed. In other words, all these can happen when you choose steel as a building material for your next project.


We all know that construction time limits are extended because the project is still left with many incomplete segments. Generally, this can be heard in concrete construction projects, but steel projects rarely exceed their set time limit. First of all, construction gets delayed because of bad weather conditions in the case of concrete buildings. Even the late delivery of equipment becomes the reason behind the delayed construction schedule. Scenarios like these never take place in case of steel construction because it is lighter than other building materials. Therefore, it takes less time to make the foundation of the building. Hence, when the site preparation happens quickly, then construction can begin within a short time.

For more help and information regarding steel as a building material, contact Ironspan USA today.