Custom-Made Shipping Containers Are The New Retail Stores??

custom storage containers

Storage containers have traditionally been used for either shipping or long-term storage for the longest time. Most companies that design these types of containers have done so traditionally, and all modifications have just been toward making them more durable and increasing storage capacity. However, with the evolution of technology and the number of companies being set up, storage containers have found applications in varying industries, starting from modified offices to modified retail stores, oil containers and dispensing systems, and pop-up camping trailers. For these reasons, custom storage containers in Kansas are rapidly gaining popularity.

An interesting application of storage containers is their usage in pop-up retail stores. The idea sounds ludicrous, but on careful thought, it has all the indications of being very much viable. Furthermore, this idea can further be extended even to grocery stores, convenience stores, and outlets connected to gas stations on the highways. As the I-70 highway, connecting from Kansas to several places, including Colorado and Denver, has now been officially opened, as announced on several news outlets, these storage containers cum modified convenience stores attached to gas stations can profit tremendously from the increase in traffic. Coupled with the fact that setting up the store itself is convenient, this is a tremendous business opportunity for gas stations.

How can storage containers help in the setting up these retail stores?

• During constructions and remodels: Pop-up convenience stores are designed to be mobile. During constructions and remodels, storage containers allow you to have a functional space. This can allow you to easily have your customers avoid the construction zone and continue business as usual.

• Using pop-ups for market testing: This is a very interesting application. Buying or leasing a space and securing permits to conduct beta testing is increasingly time-consuming and expensive. A pop-up setup allows you to conduct it in a much quicker and far less expensive manner.

• Installation of utilities: Storage containers allow for the setting up of a mobile utilities section like a restroom or a kitchen. This expands the scale of the services provided and allows for your store to become a living space as well.

Stockbox grocers are a miniature market that is packed and fitted into a modified shipping container and placed into the parking lot of a business or organization. The Stockbox team has envisioned these stores being located throughout urban settlements and in close proximity to work, home, and school. It is basically like a grocery store, offering essential grocery items and fresh produce that communities need to get through the week. The idea behind their location is to provide people access to healthy and fresh food rather than feeding their dependency on the standard fast food outlets. Stockbox grocers expand on the idea of the espresso stand model to position stores throughout the urban neighborhood to provide fresh produce and grocery staples to those who currently do not have convenient access to good healthy food.

At Ironspan USA, we encourage an innovative and growth-centric approach to all our products and services. Our affordable and custom-made containers are designed to fit various industrial and commercial requirements, and we are extremely eager to incorporate the various trends and applications that are in circulation in the world today. Contact us now to arrange a consultation.

Why You Should Use Structural Steel for Commercial Buildings

Structural Steel

When it comes to constructing commercial buildings, there is not more durable, cost effective and reliable material than Structural Steel. The era of wooden construction is long gone as structural steel is becoming popular with business owners across the globe. Whether its warehouses, factories and shipyard or small manufacturing facilities and farms, structural steel can elevate the efficacy and efficiency of the whole operation and set up on the fast track to success. Here are some of the advantages of Commercial Steel Buildings in Kansas.

Build Fast and Easily

In the modern world,  time  is very important and fast paced  projects like  building of a warehouse or manufacturing  a facility  have always been a  nightmare for  engineers and architects who are expected to complete the project  ahead of schedule. These problems are eliminated with the use of structural steel. It allows for faster construction due to quick and precise prefabrication.

Steel is Lighter

Structural steel ends up being lighter than wood. This is because the construction requires less of the material due to its inherent density and durability. While lighter in its essence, you need plenty of wood to construct a structurally sound beam.

Steel simplify the design of your foundation and structure, leading to diminished costs and greater returns.

Highly Versatile

When it comes to construction versatility and variety, steel reigns supreme.  Steel constructions are used to build from agricultural buildings, airplane hangars to indoor arenas and skyscrapers. The material allow the architects  to b creative in design and build every type of  commercial facility knowing that the building will be sturdy, safe and  resilient.


When investing in commercial steel building, expect great experience and lifetime monetary savings. In order to save money on fast construction and labor, steel can be recycled easily. Steel requires almost no maintenance, being able to withstand extreme environmental conditions and beating in high traffic facilities. As the material is able to withstand tremendous abuse and stress, you are likely to pay a lower premium for the insurance of steel facility.

Environment Friendly

Unlike other materials, structural steel can be recycled when it has reached the end of its lifespan.  It not only means you will help in the preservation of the environment but will also eligible for major green building certification programs.

Structural steel has become the norm in the construction industry. If you want to build a commercial building that will save money and also last, steel is the way to go.

Wheelchair Ramps for Residential Properties

Structural Steel

With your parents getting older, you feel more responsible for them. Be it helping them physically, emotionally or financially, you feel the urgency of making your parents’ lives easier. If you are living with your parents who are suffering from limited mobility, it makes sense that you take the right solution and appropriate measure to get your parents what they actually need. To deal with mobility issues, what can be a better option than a wheelchair ramp? Ramps construction in the USA is very common and is a lifesaver.

Ramps in wheelchairs are more than just some pieces of metal, and if you think that there is a universal ramp that would fit every requirement, be sure that it is not. Wheelchair ramps are created using multiple types of materials, lengths, slopes and features, and certain purposes. Each and every type of ramp is unique, and it is important to determine the right type that fits your requirements.

The first step is determining the ramp’s length

While choosing the right ramp, it is important to determine the appropriate length of the ramp that is appropriate for your application. If you select a ramp that is too short, it will lead to a dangerous accident. On the other hand, longer ramps are prone to decrease the steepness of slope, making it an easier option for individuals with a mobility issue. While choosing the right length of your ramp, make sure that the length fits your requirement, providing enough safety to the user.

What are the different types of wheelchair ramps?

The next phase of selecting the right ramp for a wheelchair is to determine the type of ramp that best suits your needs. There are three types of ramps that you can consider purchasing.


If you are in need of making your home accessible for wheelchair, free-standing ramps are the best choice. They are meant to provide a long-lasting solution to its users, although they need you to pay a hefty amount of money. The materials they use are mostly aluminum and wood.


Portable ramps are designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use, makes it easier for users to move it anywhere. There are easy-to-carry handles in most portable;e wheelchair ramps for better transportability.

Threshold ramps

Threshold ramps are different from free-standing ramps, these ramps are usually smaller in size and mostly used in residential purpose. These ramps help the user to overcome the height difference from room to room.

Why Iron Span USA?

Wheelchair ramps come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can increase accessibility for people with a mobility issue. Not all wheelchair ramps are created equal and you need to decide the right size that suits your need. Whether you are a residential property owner or a commercial one, if you are looking for quality wheelchair ramps, then Iron Span USA can be your lifesaver. Having years of experience and knowledge, we are able to provide engineered structures to help you meet your wheelchair ramp needs.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing A Steel Building

Structural Steel

Knowing how to purchase a steel building is the key to get a project done on time within budget. Your choice turns out to be correct when the scope of a project and other factors related to it are considered carefully. Most steel building manufacturers in the USA, sell their products to the public directly, meaning that there are no middlemen marking the product up. Apart from this fact, it is true that clients can have the liberty of choosing their specific designs and features while working with a designer from that particular manufacturer.

Manufacturers are responsible for creating and shipping prefabricated structures of buildings to your desired location. However, while buying a steel building, there are certain mistakes that one can make. With the right knowledge and a little bit of research can make a huge difference to make the process of buying easier, saving you money and effort.

Here we will walk you through the potential mistakes that you can avoid:

  1. Imprecise building requirements

Most people do not have an idea for what they will need a steel building. without knowing the purpose, how would you know what to buy? Here are the questions that would help you decide on the structure of the building:

  • What purpose would the structure serve?
  • How much space would you need?
  • What type of roof pitch are you going to need?
  • How many stories are needed?
  • How many doors, windows, and opening would you want?
  • Do you need your building to be insulated?

Make sure that you have answers to all of the above questions before actually making a purchase.

  1. Vague building site

Most people are reluctant to pick a building site prior to the purchase of a steel building. however, it is important that you have the right site for building construction in place. the size and shape of the property determine the building’s size and shape that you are going to buy.

Without you having the knowledge of the size and shape of the building, it is impossible to get the project done right on time with efficiency.

  1. Prospective property owners do not verify zoning and permitting

It will be your mistake that you assume that the building is going to fit the local zoning restrictions. You are not permitted to build a property at your desired site as there are certain building regulations that are non-negotiable and strict. This is why you need to contact your local officers and building inspectors to make sure that the steel building constriction plan fits well with all the zoning codes for the particular site that you have chosen.

Why Iron Span USA?

Iron Span USA is one of the leading pioneers who have been working in the metal & steel building manufacturing industry for years. Having the right amount of knowledge and expertise, we can help you achieve the goal that you have for the construction prophet.

3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Construction Company

Industrial steel buildings in Kansas

The quality of a complete development will be determined by the kind of contractor chosen by any individual to build and design a commercial building. The constructors have got different skills and experience.  It is necessary for a person who would like to build to do research and settle for the best one when making the final decision of hiring.  Here are some factors a builder need to consider while hiring one of the best steel building companies in Kansas, USA.

  1. Rapport

From the starting of the project till it is completed, the owner of the building project and the contractor will take a lot of time.  So it is important for both of them to be able to relate to another during the period of construction. Many questions should be asked by the business owner during the interview sessions to make sure both the parties are on the same page. A suitable constructor will make the project owner feel comfortable and confident. A good impression will be showcased to complete the work promptly and strictly within the budget. The best way of doing the project to be successful can communicate with the team’s head of building and construction firm.

  1. References

Checking of references is considered as an essential factor to be considered before setting for any contractor who may be hired in charge of a project that may be large or small. A contractor who is honest will provide a list of clients or customers that he has managed to work for in the past. Many information can be collected by the project owner from the past clients the contractor has managed to work for. Information like project’s completion time, money used within the budget, how the contractor communicated and if the supervision was carried out by the contractor will be known.

  1. Experience

Years of experience is needed to manage large construction project successfully. The contractor’s qualifications should be reviewed as a vital factor to be carried out. The construction firm and building with the lowest estimates are the right kind of company to be chosen. In a situation a contractor with a little experience makes crucial mistakes, it can result in the cost of project more and surpass the amount which was provided in the market. The benefits from the construction project will be enjoyed when the owner takes a lot of time of hiring a skilled contractor.

Hiring a professional company is beneficial always but you should also know how to hire a company that can satisfy all the requirements. If you cannot find a company on your own, get recommendations from your friends and family members.

Ironspan is dedicated to design sustainable steel buildings and we induce practices to conserve resources and reduce carbon footprints to the environment. Our endless options for steel structures help to bring ideas to life. At Ironspan, we do not outsource our resources or responsibilities. Our structures are designed in USA and detailed in Kansas, USA only. At Ironspan, we strongly believe to create a better world. We implement latest technologies to manufacture our steel structures.