Custom-Made Shipping Containers Are The New Retail Stores??

Storage containers have traditionally been used for either shipping or long-term storage for the longest time. Most companies that design these types of containers have done so traditionally, and all modifications have just been toward making them more durable and increasing storage capacity. However, with the evolution of technology and the number of companies being set up, storage containers have found applications in varying industries, starting from modified offices to modified retail stores, oil containers and dispensing systems, and pop-up camping trailers. For these reasons, custom storage containers in Kansas are rapidly gaining popularity.

An interesting application of storage containers is their usage in pop-up retail stores. The idea sounds ludicrous, but on careful thought, it has all the indications of being very much viable. Furthermore, this idea can further be extended even to grocery stores, convenience stores, and outlets connected to gas stations on the highways. As the I-70 highway, connecting from Kansas to several places, including Colorado and Denver, has now been officially opened, as announced on several news outlets, these storage containers cum modified convenience stores attached to gas stations can profit tremendously from the increase in traffic. Coupled with the fact that setting up the store itself is convenient, this is a tremendous business opportunity for gas stations.

How can storage containers help in the setting up these retail stores?

• During constructions and remodels: Pop-up convenience stores are designed to be mobile. During constructions and remodels, storage containers allow you to have a functional space. This can allow you to easily have your customers avoid the construction zone and continue business as usual.

• Using pop-ups for market testing: This is a very interesting application. Buying or leasing a space and securing permits to conduct beta testing is increasingly time-consuming and expensive. A pop-up setup allows you to conduct it in a much quicker and far less expensive manner.

• Installation of utilities: Storage containers allow for the setting up of a mobile utilities section like a restroom or a kitchen. This expands the scale of the services provided and allows for your store to become a living space as well.

Stockbox grocers are a miniature market that is packed and fitted into a modified shipping container and placed into the parking lot of a business or organization. The Stockbox team has envisioned these stores being located throughout urban settlements and in close proximity to work, home, and school. It is basically like a grocery store, offering essential grocery items and fresh produce that communities need to get through the week. The idea behind their location is to provide people access to healthy and fresh food rather than feeding their dependency on the standard fast food outlets. Stockbox grocers expand on the idea of the espresso stand model to position stores throughout the urban neighborhood to provide fresh produce and grocery staples to those who currently do not have convenient access to good healthy food.

At Ironspan USA, we encourage an innovative and growth-centric approach to all our products and services. Our affordable and custom-made containers are designed to fit various industrial and commercial requirements, and we are extremely eager to incorporate the various trends and applications that are in circulation in the world today. Contact us now to arrange a consultation.

January 19th, 2022 posted by superadmin