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Structural steel isn’t always for excessive-rise homes; it’s also an appealing alternative for building residential and other agricultural systems and metallic garages. Various reasons make steel one of the handiest materials for production.

Prefabricated industrial metallic buildings in Kansas are in massive demand nowadays. It is sustainable, low cost, and also durable. From constructing industrial homes, and hybrid projects to metal systems, many alternatives might be crafted from metallic. So, if you plan to construct any residential or business construction, deciding on metallic must be the exceptional choice for you. Always buy steel buildings from steel building manufacturers in Kansas.

Steel is durable, cheap, sustainable, and flexible. It is a fantastic material to construct and saves time on construction. The use of metal is many, and it is blanketed in each level of production like roofing, making columns, and framing. Here are some main reasons that make metallic one of the maximum desired substances for creation-

Steel Is Light in Weight

The great part of the use of steel is that it is pretty mild in weight compared to the alternative substances to be had within the market. Mainly, steel is lighter than timber structures, and hence, this purpose makes metal great production material. When you evaluate the equal length of a wood piece with a metal piece, the metallic weight is lighter than the timber shape. As it’s miles low in weight, it additionally leads to a light basis, and it probably reduces the overall price range of the venture.

Steel Needs Less Construction Time

The layout of business metallic homes in Kansas and different regions requires less time than wood systems. Besides, the development of metallic frames isn’t always time-eating. As the metallic systems are prefabricated and pre-engineered at the manufacturing unit, they are added to the development site and hooked up. Then, as the metal structures are assembled at the development website online, it typical saves money and time.

Steel Is Eco-Friendly

One of the principal reasons developers broadly use metal is that this cloth is eco-friendly. Steel may be recycled at the cease of the lifespan for constructing a distinct structure. This method means less or no residue on the development website. In addition, when metallic is blended with different construction factors, it becomes fairly strength efficient. As a result, it helps in reducing heat absorption, which further leads to electricity savings.

Steel Requires Very Less Labor for Construction

When considering the erection and layout of the metallic buildings, you will comparatively require little or no exertions for production than the construction of other conventional buildings. Also, because of the lightweight of the industrial steel structures, it requires less delivery cost.

Use of Steel and Wood Hybrid

The prefabricated metal shape has the combined capabilities of both steel and wood structures. They are versatile and sturdy like steel buildings and have large insulation houses like wooden structures. Several projects use these mixed structures to build splendid homes that have each the benefits over wooden and metallic.

Steel systems are taken into consideration for the high quality for creation. Want to have commercial construction production want? Consult the team from Ironspan USA; the relied on and reputed metallic structure issuer.

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Tips To Maintain Structural Steel Building After Construction Mon, 25 Apr 2022 06:17:34 +0000 Continue reading "Tips To Maintain Structural Steel Building After Construction"

Structural steel is one of the most valuable materials in the construction industry. It is durable, attractive, cost-effective, easy to install, and has high tensile strength. However, like any other material, steel building construction in Kansas needs proper maintenance to stay in good shape, especially after constructing any structure. This blog highlights structural steel maintenance necessities after construction.

Inspect the Structure Regularly

You need to inspect your steel building at least twice a year to identify and fix issues on time. Inspect every season since some seasons, such as winter, have harsh weather that could lead to damage. You don’t want to experience any issues in the future due to flaws that developed in the previous seasons.

You should inspect the steel parts after a remodeling project, like the enlargement of the existing structure. As the addition can affect the integrity of the existing one. It’s best to hire a professional to ensure no errors go undetected.

Take photos before and after the inspection. They can help you during the next inspection as you can quickly notice other errors you had not seen earlier. Record the names of the companies or experts you work with during the inspection. The government regulatory agencies may need these critical details during safety regulations checks.

Repair Minor Flaws

You should make minor repairs early before developing further and weakening the structure. If you notice any minor issue, call a welder to fix it; you don’t have to wait until your next inspection.

The parts you should pay attention to include minor fittings like door hinges. Structural steel piles are fastened together with fasteners or fittings. When they rust, they can get loose and affect the stability of the structure.

Therefore, you need to inspect, repair or replace them on time. Oil the door hinges daily to reduce friction to work efficiently. For extra precaution, you can paint new fittings with coal tar.

Bushes and Trim Trees

If you have bushes and trees around the structures, you need to trim them before they get attached to the structure. Plants hold water, exposing the structure to water, leading to corrosion or mold growth. The branches can create scratches on the walls and roof. So you should trim them early.

Check the Insulation

usually, Structural steel buildings are insulated to control temperature, noise, and moisture. However, birds, rodents, and insects, other pests might damage the insulation. For instance, if birds create holes in the insulation while building nests, cold air from outside gets in and affects the thermal comfort of the structure.

Therefore, if the structure doesn’t block noise or your energy bills have spiked due to high AC usage, call experts if you notice damages.

Clean the Structure

You need to clean the steel structure to eliminate accumulated dust that can lead to scratches or make your structure dull. In addition, you should remove mold that can be formed due to moisture exposure. You can use a mild cleaning agent or mix one cup of ammonia with five gallons of warm water. Invest in a low-pressure washer or a soft-bristled brush.

Steel structure maintenance is easy when you have the right tips. Ironspan inspects your steel structure, repairs broken parts, and guides you on how to prevent further damages. Contact us now for exceptional services.

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Why Choose Steel Building Companies in Kansas for Industrial Projects? Mon, 18 Apr 2022 05:52:12 +0000 Continue reading "Why Choose Steel Building Companies in Kansas for Industrial Projects?"

For centuries, steel frame buildings have earned their name as a fortune for the construction industries. Since its first impression in the late 1700s, the mass has recognized the need and advantage of steel and the steel building companies in Kansas. Due to this reason, it has overpowered the market by diminishing the need for traditional building materials. Resulting of this, the more steel buildings are being erected, the more people worldwide understand their demand, limitations, and characteristics.

Nonetheless, the image portrayed about the steel or the knowledge provided seems limited to the people who are constrained to the industry. There are other statistics and facts which are yet to be global in the market. Consumers barely know the characteristics related to the steel-framed buildings. With this in mind, here are some of the unknown facts about steel buildings that will help make a solid decision to choose steel over anything else.

Fast construction times

Although the whole concept of steel buildings is taking a new shape, the factor still intact is their ease of assembling. The parts ordered for a specific industrial or construction project come in an assembled form to the job location. This is where steels are getting the name of “prefabricated buildings.” When it arrives at the site, the laborers can put them in the designated form as per the drawing in the initial stage. Thus, it is hassle-free and easy to use.

Saves money

Building steel buildings is cost-effective. Following the economy, the market price of everything rises to an extent. But, the cost of steel has relatively been low for a few years. The lumber fluctuates but not much for affecting the budget of a running project. Additionally, steels are the most robust material that has been found on planet earth. So, the steel parts are less likely to form rust or degrade in quality for a prolonged period.

Demonstrated durability

Steels have a proven history of serving durability for years. This is the reason for steel building companies in Kansas being so popular. Steels they create are impervious to molding, shrinking, and rotting. Moreover, they are susceptible to termites and ants. Companies manufacture quality steel, due to which they barely have any defects found in it, which are evidently found in wooden planks.

Single source assurance

Unlike the previous times, companies hovered around one issue to bring out the root of the cause and then provide a solution. Today, the process is much more human-friendly. All the supplies come from one single source when steel buildings are installed. Thus, considering if any issue comes forth, one call takes away all the forehead lines in a short period.

Expandable material

Steels are materials that can be molded and drafted as per the project’s requirements. Moreover, it is the most accessible structure to modify irrespective of the shapes and sizes. Hence, tasks will be completed swiftly with a minimal framework and shorter construction.

In ‘Iron Span’, we step forward to get your dreams wings. We endure our customer’s needs as our priority, and thus, our team makes the best effort to fulfill our client’s needs. So, if you are too on the hunt for building the best structure with steel, call us now!

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A Comprehensive Guide on Pre-engineered Steel Building Construction Mon, 11 Apr 2022 05:33:21 +0000 Continue reading "A Comprehensive Guide on Pre-engineered Steel Building Construction"

Generally, metallic homes are said to be one of the most popular kinds of construction. The numerous capabilities of metallic, like versatility and sturdiness, indicate that it is ideal for traditional commercial or residential utilization and for building specialized homes like bridges. For the contractors looking for the exceptional type of steel homes for the primary time, you have to have a clear concept of those homes and the materials used to construct them. Several producers provide Industrial steel buildings in Kansas. This is perfect for lengthy-time period construction facilities.

Different Types of Steel Building Construction Facilities

Here, you will discuss the principle varieties of steel construction selections available. Due to the power of metal structures, there are numerous versions you could see within the market. Let’s delve into details to realize extra-

Plain Carbon Steel Structures

The simple carbon or slight metallic systems are considered a common variety of metal structures used for buildings. They are hallmarked for their durable nature. These structures can undergo excessive pressure and impact with no cracks, but they may also be bendy and ductile. The builders also can get a low version of a low carbon steel shape. They are quite clean to address. However, you must be careful concerning fire protection as they become weaker when uncovered to high temperatures.

Rebar Steel Structures

You can see those structures in plenty of programs. However, they’re now not designed to function on their very own. Instead, they are used for growing additional tension to the reinforced concrete or strengthened masonry. These structures are crafted from carbon metal, having the ridges brought with a better anchor type in the concrete. The steel facilitates preserving the concrete in a compressive nature. Various kinds of metallic rebar systems are available, ranging from epoxy-coated bars and chromium structures to stainless-steel buildings.

Structural Steel Structures

These are some popular forms of steel structures that are to be had by builders. These metallic additives are made from a specific type of go-phase, which might be designed with proper requirements for chemical and mechanical houses. They are available within the shape of I-beams, structural channels, and Z-shapes. Like the alternative structures made with metal, they may be fairly long-lasting, but they want care and renovation to cause them to be corrosion-resistant.

Standard Steel Frames

These standardized frames are available in numerous variations, including arch buildings, multi-span rigid frames, and single-span inflexible frames. The arch homes are self-supportive structures that do not have interior columns, trusses, and beams. They are in particular used for their ease of meeting. The unmarried-span inflexible frames are made with a beam supplying help at either of the frames. The major advantage of using this Steel stairs creation in Kansas is to create an unobstructed space without the need for an interior column.

To get the exceptional benefits of steel systems, you could consult the crew from Ironspan USA, one of the dependent vendors of metallic structures for both industrial and residential areas. If you need to have Steel stairs production, select this manufacturer for high-quality products.

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Various Different Types Of Steel Used In Construction Today Mon, 04 Apr 2022 05:22:24 +0000 Continue reading "Various Different Types Of Steel Used In Construction Today"

Steel is one of the most common materials used worldwide in construction. Known for its versatility and extremely high tensile strength and value, steel is widely used in residential construction and skyscrapers buildings. There are several different kinds of steel used in steel building construction in the USA.

Steel is a vital material in all kinds of construction. Let us look at three different types of steel available in the industry.

Structural Steel

It is a type of metal used to make construction materials. It is categorized into shapes, each with its own compositional properties, making them ideal for specific uses in construction. There are many structural steel shapes:

Parallel Flange Channels: These beams are U-shaped with right-angled corners. They come in many several sizes. However, the two sides of these channels are always the same length and are parallel to each other.

Tapered Flange Beams: Taper flange beams are I-shaped sections and are also available in various sizes. In construction, flange beams are often used for cross-sections of girders. While they have quite high resistance ratios, they are not usually recommended as they are not torsion-resistant.

Universal beams: Also known as I-beams or H-beams, universal beams are shaped like their namesake: an ‘I’ when standing upright and an ‘H’ on their side. These beams are made of structural steel and are used in construction, civil engineering, and other industries.

Mild steel

Carbon steel is steel containing between 0.12% and 2.0% carbon, whihc is the main interstitial alloying constituent. Carbon is used as a hardening agent in steel-making where the greater the level of carbon, the stronger the steel is through heat treating. Therefore, the higher the carbon levels, the lower the melting point in carbon steel.

Mild steel is the most common form of steel known today. Due to its versatility and low price across several applications, they are used worldwide. In addition, mild steel contains only a tiny percentage of carbon, making it malleable and ductile. As a result, it is often used when large quantities of steel are required.

Rebar steel

Rebar steel is shorthand for reinforcing steel, which is commonly used as a tensioning device to strengthen concrete and other masonry structures as structural reinforcement. This type of steel is usually carbon steel with ridges that ‘grip’ onto the concrete.

If you need quality steel fabricated to suit your unique needs, contact Iron Span USA today. Our team of expert structural steel fabricators has the experience and knowledge to answer any of your queries and will ensure that you find the best solution to suit your needs.

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Why You Will Choose Fabric Building Structure Over Conventional Structures? Wed, 30 Mar 2022 05:42:31 +0000 Continue reading "Why You Will Choose Fabric Building Structure Over Conventional Structures?"

From commercial structures like construction and aviation to mining and arctic exploration, the fabric buildings provide many advantages over the traditional brick and mortar buildings. Apart from just providing a durable shelter to the building and space for the operations or the storage facilities installation, fabric buildings provide better stability and usability than the traditional structures in the market as they reduce cost and increase efficiency.

When you are thinking of installing the fabric buildings, you should find out the reputed fabric building structure provider in Kansas, for example, with a good reputation in the market. Today, we are dealing with fabric buildings, and hence you will know the major benefits of choosing fabric buildings over conventional brick and mortar and steel buildings.

When you are comparing fabric building with traditional buildings or industrial operations, here are some of the benefits of using the tension fabric buildings, and they are as follows-

•Maximum useable space
•Reduced construction time
•Energy efficient

Fabric Buildings Have Portable Design

The best part with the fabric buildings is that they have a portable design that you will not get in any of the conventional buildings in the market. The fabric buildings are portable and flexible. Portability means that you can move these structures anywhere you want, depending upon your needs and choices. As these structures are light in weight, you can easily move them when required and then dismantle them when they are not in need. So, if you are choosing portable structures, fabric buildings are the best choices.

Fabric Buildings Are Design For Versatility

One of the major advantages of choosing fabric buildings is that they are versatile. This means that you can choose any design depending upon the need. Whether you want to make commercial structures or go for fabric storage facilities, you can make any one of them with the help of these fabric buildings. They are versatile. This is the most apparent reason the builders choose the well-known fabric building structure provider in Kansas who provide good quality fabric buildings depending upon the business needs.

Fabric Building Maximize The Free Space In Buildings

The free-span design of the fabric buildings means that there are no internal parts, pillars or beams. These buildings’ high ceilings generally maximize the useable space you get from the clients. Most of the conventional buildings require rigid support inside to make the buildings heavy. Pillars and columns and sometimes the additional beams support the structures to keep the roof from collapsing.

Fabric buildings are now replacing steel buildings due to the wide range of advantages and costs. If you want to install the fabric buildings, you can opt for a reputed provider like Ironspan USA, providing fabric buildings for several years.

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What You Know About the Ramp Construction in Kansas Thu, 24 Mar 2022 05:31:30 +0000 Continue reading "What You Know About the Ramp Construction in Kansas"

Installing the steel wheelchair ramp in the commercial property is helpful for different reasons. You might have some disabled employee in your workplace who needs to move to different building sections. It can be the first time you are installing the ramp construction in Kansas, or it is there already, and you are going to reinstall or revamp it as per your needs and budget. The steel stair ramp should be accessed by every nook and crook of the building, and hence, it should be done in the best possible manner.

Steel wheelchair ramps are mainly designed to enhance the accessibility of the property. Whether commercial or residential, it should be planned to make sure that the ramp meets the requirement of the occupants or the workers in the workplace. In addition, they should comply with the local ramp building codes and ensure that they are safe in use and will not collapse in any harsh situations. In this post below, you will know about the various ramp construction that you need to know.

What Are the Different Materials That Are Used for Ramp Construction

Various materials are used for making the wheelchair steel ramps. If you are thinking of installing these steel ramps at the workplace, make sure that you know about the different materials used to install wheelchair ramps.

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

It is one of the most popular ramp varieties you get in the market. If you are looking for a durable ramp that will last longer and if you consider installing this ramp in the entryway of the building, they are the best thing to install. Aluminum ramps are best for everyone who is there in the family. You need to hire a professional ramp installer for building the ramp that will suit your business needs.

Lightweight Threshold Ramps

The lightweight ramps are best, and they enable the occupants to have proper access to the different entryways of the buildings. The light aluminum body of these ramps stairs is easy to move around. They are one of the best options as portable ramps, and they are designed for accessing different properties and enabling them to utilize the property in the best possible way.

Steel Ramps

If you are looking for a durable option that helps make the accessibility in the workplace good, long-lasting, and safe, choosing steel ramps can be the best option. The steel stairs are installed at any workplace to ensure better feasibility and workflow. Various companies provide the service of ramp construction in Kansas as these wheelchair ramps have huge popularity in the market depending upon the need of the users.

Rental Ramps

One of the most popular things that businesses do is to opt for rental wheelchair ramps at the workplace as they are easy to rent, and you can give them back when they are not needed.

These are some of the best ramps that you can get in the market. Choosing the best wheelchair ramp can be done easily if you consult with a trusted provider like Ironspan USA, with several years of experience.

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Benefits of Using Steel Stairs in Buildings Thu, 17 Mar 2022 05:19:00 +0000 Continue reading "Benefits of Using Steel Stairs in Buildings"

Steel is produced by combining iron and carbon. It usually is grey in color and extremely strong. It’s utilized a lot in the building industry due to its excellent characteristics. The steel stairs construction in Kansas are one of the constructional uses of metal.

Why steel makes the best stairs


There are many causes why steel is extensively utilized inside the building sector. One of the major causes why it is truly an extremely strong metal. This guarantees the energy of structures that are built employing it. For example, when a staircase is built using steel, it is normally strong compared to timber and other supplies. This means that you will be assured of security in your construction with steel stairs.


The metal is quite malleable. It could be moulded and reconfigured to any shape. It can be why steel is becoming employed by several men and women to enhance their constructions. It can be produced into the typical staircase and be moulded into a spiral and other staircase designs. So you’ll be able to choose the routine of staircases that you need to decorate your house.

Resistance to corrosion

When steel becomes utilized for building, it is constantly made stainless. It implies that it can not be impacted by water-forming rust. As a result, they will remain shiny for a long time, which means that you can use a mop on them as an element from the upkeep approach.


Steel stairs last a lengthy time. This is because items like termites can’t impact them. Therefore, they will offer you good services for an incredibly long time. However, they may not be simple to break or bend when much bodyweight is positioned on them.

Simple to set up

A steel staircase is easy to set up inside your residence. This is as they occur readily manufactured. They save around the time needed for building, specifically inside concrete stairs. You will likely need to employ a skilled daily to set up the stairs.


Compared with other development possibilities, steel maybe just a little safer. The staircase is built so that the probabilities of slipping are very minimal. If a slip does take place, a steel landing makes a softer effect than concrete. The staircases possess a railing that could be employed for support to stay away from terrible falls.


Steel stairs are quite pleasing to the eyes. The metallic grey color blends in nicely with any given color scheme. In addition, it gives the house a modern-day sort of look that’s hard to obtain with other supplies. The rewards of using steel for the staircases and all other constructions are extremely several. The expense is also really sensible if you appear in the benefits of this choice. You can never go wrong with steel within your building site.

If you are looking for the best Steel Stairs Construction in Kansas, USA, Ironspan is the most preferred choice. The steel stairs are glossy to look and have a clear surface. These stairs give an amazing feeling during access.

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Why You Should Install Custom Storage Containers Thu, 10 Mar 2022 11:50:09 +0000 Continue reading "Why You Should Install Custom Storage Containers"

When a storm threatens a job site or you are concerned about potential theft, what’s the safest way to protect your materials and tools? Many contractors think they can save a few dollars and build a temporary structure for storing items overnight. However, if you’ve installed security cameras and there’s fencing around the site, why bother renting a storage container? That thinking could cost you thousands with one break-in or damaging hailstorm. So instead, rent one or more storage containers to organize and protect your site.

Benefits of storage containers

Most custom storage containers in Kansas are converted cargo containers. As they’re built to withstand the rigors of sea and train travel, they’re extremely durable and able to withstand wet conditions. While deciding where to install storage containers on a job site. Still, they’re an easy way to organize and protect materials.


Storage containers are designed to safely carry goods on ships and trains, built to withstand splashing water and storms. It is advisable to install storage containers on a dry, level surface, perhaps on a riser if the Jobsite is prone to flooding. Still, they can withstand snow, hailstorms, and sleet.

Wind protection

Worried about water leakage or storm damage to materials? Storage containers can provide protection. They aren’t airtight, but they can protect the construction tools and materials from high winds and rain. Storage bins and Makeshift sheds can blow over or fall when a storm comes. This is because containers are strong enough to withstand harsh weather.

Control pests

Construction sites can be a hotspot for insects and rodents, including spiders, mice, and wasps. The experts say rodent control starts on the construction site. While construction starts, the piles of machinery, tools, and building materials provide a place for rodents to hide if the project is big and ongoing. The Storage containers can help prevent infestations on site.

Customized solutions

Storage containers can be customized to meet your demands. Standard 20 or 40-foot containers are useful for general storage, and they create a central location for materials and tools. They can be outfitted with shelving and lighting to keep the materials organized and accessible before dawn or night. Doors and Windows can be added, and they can be climate controlled or plumbed to provide worker break rooms or office space. You can ask your provider about custom solutions available in your area.


Cameras have become standard on job sites, but a security camera and temporary fencing aren’t enough to stop intrepid thieves, especially in the jobs where copper wiring and other high-value materials are used. Construction theft costs the industry millions per year. However, thieves can’t steal what they can’t see. a locked security container provides extra protection. In addition, an internal security camera adds extra protection for high-theft items.

Storage containers are essential on construction job sites. Whether you need space to store tools or looking for a climate-controlled office, we can help you find the right storage solution.

The storage containers are highly effective and used in various applications. The storage containers offered by Ironspan Steel Building are implemented in multiple sectors, starting from the office storage applications to the tool storage requirements.

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What Are The Various Applications Of Steel Buildings? Fri, 04 Mar 2022 10:24:19 +0000 Continue reading "What Are The Various Applications Of Steel Buildings?"

An increasing number of food and grocery delivery businesses has resulted in an increase in work-from-home opportunities, making meetings via video streaming popular.

Innovation often comes from thinking outside of the box and looking for new applications for products that already exist. Whether you need more space for business or personal use, consider metal buildings’ value, quality, and versatility.

Today’s commercial steel buildings in Kansas are suitable for more than just warehouses and storage facilities. They can be used in a wide range of structures. If you are considering new construction, we encourage you to first look at all of your options.

Here are some modern applications of steel buildings you should be familiar with.

Agricultural buildings

The agricultural industry has embraced the value of steel buildings for a while now. Steel structures for agriculture can offer affordable, large covered spaces for animals, hay, storage, and protect valuable farm equipment. In addition, with so much to do on farms, low-maintenance metal buildings are a staple.

Aircraft hangars

If you need storage for a small landing strip or airport, steel buildings seem ideal solutions. They offer protection from the weather and theft and provide secure space for aircraft restorations and mechanical work.

Cold storage

Metal buildings provide excellent insulation opportunities for a variety of cold storage applications. These include medicines, foods, and dairy products. Metal buildings can be configured to provide the required space for your application. They can also serve as an addition to a current structure, providing additional versatility.


Many consider steel buildings while constructing churches as they need additional space or older structures are being replaced. Today’s steel buildings can be an attractive, comfortable, and affordable way to accommodate expansion.

Arenas for horses

Covered outdoor horse arenas built of steel provide a safe area to show horses no matter the weather. As a result, steel buildings have become the structures of choice for the equestrian industry. They are available in pre-fab steel building kits.

Commercial buildings

On the hunt for an affordable way to build your commercial building? Do you wish to create an investment opportunity with a high potential ROI? Steel building kits can be used for auto shops, retail space, offices, self-storage, fitness centers, strip malls, and more.

There are unlimited personal and business applications for steel & metal buildings. Construction time is reduced, maintenance is low, and steel buildings demonstrate resilience in various weather conditions. Steel buildings are a blank canvas when it comes to commercial metal buildings. You can use steel structures in a wide variety of ways to give them your desired shape and serve specific purposes.

If your perception of steel buildings is not clear, it is time to revisit all your options. Contact us at Iron Span USA and discover the wide range of steel buildings we provide.

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