How about Investing in Cool Roof Panels for Your Steel Building?

While ordering steel buildings, many people opt for cool-coated metallic roof panels. Particularly in locations where the summer heat needs to be controlled, these cool metal roofing panels help to trim down the utility bills. In fact, in the U.S., buildings devour 70% of our electricity. The US EIA or Energy Information Administration reports that the residential and commercial structures together consume 40 quadrillion British thermal units of energy every year!

What are Cool Metal Roof Panels?

Cool metal roofing is a family of energy-efficient roofing products comprising unpainted metal, pre-painted metal, and granular-coated metal. It is extensively available in a wide variety of finishes, textures, colors, and profiles, for both steep-slope and low-slope applications. The cool-coated panels are essentially PBR or standing seam roof panels covered with a special baked-on, ultra-reflective paint. The Steel Building Manufacturers in Kansas can manufacture structures with such panels to make it a more sustainable and energy-efficient one. Cool metal roofing materials and products are part of an interconnected exterior roofing surface, substrates, configurations, underlayment, ventilation, and insulation.

Functions of Cool Metal Roofing Panels 

Cool metal roofing is used for reducing heating loads on new construction and retrofit roofing applications in the industrial, commercial, architectural, and residential construction markets. Depending on finishes and colors, these types of roofing products have solar reflectance and infrared emittance properties beneficial in reducing cooling and heating energy usage. It thus consequently lowers peak energy demand in buildings and helps in mitigating the urban heat island effect. You can always ask the Pre Engineering Building Company in Kansas you have consulted to incorporate such a roofing panel in your structure.

Are Cool Panels Right for Metal Buildings?

The inherent properties and the process of manufacturing these cool roofing panels make them a viable option that can be easily used in the metal buildings. Hence, they can be used even in steel structures or other metal buildings without any worry. Several types of metal roof systems are reflective, easily vented, and lend themselves easily to insulated roof systems to reduce heat gain into a building. Many products are also created to stop heat transfer through conduction by facilitating only minimal contact between the metal and the underlying structure.

Advantages of Cool-Coated Cladding on a Steel Building?

Reflective metal roof panels deliver impressive benefits in heat-prone climates:

  • A cooler roof also signifies a cooler building interior. Cool-coated panels lessen air conditioning costs by over 15% or more. In the hot weather, structures remain more comfortable, even in building areas without any climate control.
  • A cooler roof also reduces strain on the structure’s air conditioning system helping it to last longer.
  • Durable cool-coated pigments in the panels maintain almost 95% of their reflectivity for several years.
  • Even areas around the building or surrounding it will also be cooler with reflective panels.
  • The harmful U.V. rays bounce away from the roof, decreasing the chemical damage to the ceiling.
  • Extreme heat causes thermal fatigue on any roofing material. Therefore, cooler roof temperatures extend the lifespan of the roof.
  • Surprisingly, reflective paints work great in any color. There is no need to even stick to white if you want a more vibrant color.

If you are contemplating or looking to build a sustainable structure that would last for years, Ironspan USA can help build steel buildings known for being one of the greenest facilities. Opt for a steel building for your residential or commercial.

October 23rd, 2020 posted by superadmin