How Pre-Engineered Industrial Steel Buildings Save Money Now And In The Future?

Do you want your business to keep up with demand and stay competitive? With pre-engineered metal buildings, you can give your business a competitive edge. When the pandemic changed the needs and consumers’ shopping habits worldwide, the demand for warehouses, industrial storage spaces and distribution centres increased at a ground-breaking rate.

Meanwhile, the increased demand and the ever-increasing cost of lumber & construction materials have put many businesses at risk. As a result, manufacturers are discovering that pre-engineered industrial steel buildings in Kansas are a reliable solution.

Clearspan sets your building apart from others

At Iron Span USA, we can design clear- or multi-span framing options without interior columns for maxim uninterrupted interior floor, creating the space layout that your facility may need. These buildings are ideal for storage spaces, distribution centres, warehouses as they can clear span with no load-bearing walls, increasing the useable space with prefab construction.

Not only do pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs) manufactured by us offer more strength & durability than others, but they also accommodate large spans, call for minimum maintenance and last for generations.

We boast of our ability to design and engineer prefab buildings with clear-span framing options without interior columns to ensure uninterrupted interior floor space use. They are ideal for flexible multi-use space.

Easier permitting process

Our professionals can advise customers on the best ways to meet code & ensure a smooth permitting process. We can also offer value engineering to ensure faster construction of their buildings, especially if they are oversized or too complicated.

Why pre-engineered buildings save money in the long-term

Lower long-term energy costs

Metal buildings are easy to customize to meet energy codes that can substantially decrease energy costs. They offer the insulation package as part of the building package, removing a second step from the process while ensuring the insulation package is custom fit to the building.

Quality steel components cut long-term maintenance

Thanks to the quality & durability of steel components, the savings will continue throughout the lifecycle of the building. Once PEMBs are erected correctly, the only maintenance you will run into is regular dusting & cleaning.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies know that metal buildings are sturdier, long-lasting, and need less maintenance. That means your pre-engineered building will cost less to insure. In addition, they can retain their value longer and are resistant to weather damage.

Less expensive to remodel

If additional space is needed later, pre-manufactured steel buildings are simple and less expensive to remodel. In addition, these building systems can be supplied with various types of metal wall panels, canopies, fascia, and curved eaves, and are designed to accommodate curtain walls, pre-cast concrete wall panels, block walls, and other wall systems.

Seeking professional guidance on steel building engineering? Iron Span USA is your go-to choice, whether you are in the initial planning stage of your commercial building or have finalized your plans.

February 4th, 2022 posted by superadmin