Importance Of Cool Roof Panels For Steel Building

In the current times, many homes and business owners are choosing cool coated roof panels for their steel building. Locations that are prone to high temperatures during summer, metal roof panels reduce the utility bills to a great extent.

Hence, it not only saves energy but also care for our environment at the same time. In the current times, 70% of the electricity is consumed by the big buildings, according to the U.S Energy Information Administration. The commercial and residential structures consume 40 quadrillion British thermal units of energy every year.

Cool metal roof panels

It needs to be understood that all roofing absorbs heat from the sun. Moreover, the darker the roof is, the hotter it is going to be in the summer. The truth is that dark roof absorbs 90% of the solar energy that strikes its surface.

Besides, it is needless to say that hot roof transfer heat into the building. In such scenarios, the air conditioning system has to struggle more in the sweltering summer for combating the transfer of heat from the roof. However, the latest technology of reflective paint reflects the sunlight and the ultraviolet which keeps the roof cool somewhere around 60 degrees. Today many industrial steel buildings in Kansas use cool-coated metal to keep the roof temperatures within an acceptable range.

Benefits of cool-coated cladding on steel building

  • Very few know that cool-coated panels reduce the air-condoning bills by 15% and more. You can say that a cooler roof equals the interior of a cooler building to a great extent.
  • 95% of the durable cool-coated pigments maintain their performance for many years without any hindrance.
  • It is also true that the areas surrounding the building tend to be cooler simultaneously.
  • Furthermore, the harmful UV rays that get reflected from the roof which prevent any chemical damage on the roof.
  • Even extreme heat lead to thermal fatigue in any roofing material. That is why cooler roof materials are always a better choice because cool roof temperatures extend the lifespan of the roof consequently. At the same time, reflective paints work perfectly in any color. Hence, you can explore various colors as there is no need to stick to only the white color.

Environmental benefits of reflective roof panels

Like as told before, cool-coated roof panels provide environmental advantages too. First of all, it reduces stress on the power plants which assist in avoiding blackouts and power outages. Less usage of energy reduces the levels of pollution as well as chemical emissions in power plants. It increases the lifespan of the roof structure. In this way, it also reduces the millions of tons of roofing materials which get discarded every year in the overcrowded landfills. In the end, steel roof panels are 100% recyclable which is an added benefit.

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March 5th, 2020 posted by superadmin