Is Steel the Best Material for Custom Staircase Construction in Industries?

Staircases made of steel are predominantly famous because of their durability and high resilience. Steel stairs construction in Kansas is very common. Unlike wood staircases, they can withstand drastic changes in the environment. Steel stairs can be a beautiful addition to commercial or residential infrastructure.

There are two significant types of steel used in custom staircase construction. These types are of the finest steel quality and offer longevity and versatility. Both varieties of steel structures have gained much popularity in the market, but structural steel is being largely used to make the industrial stairs.



Structural steel is used mainly in modern-day construction. For example, those safety road barriers, steel decades, traffic sign poles, roof construction, and structural steel are made. Staircases are also built using this structural steel. Steel consists of iron, carbon, and alloy components. Fabrication is done to give steel more strength and durability to be used for staircase construction.


Stainless steel is another sturdy metal used to construct stairs and railings in indoor areas. Stainless steel does not support stain or rust. On top of this, stainless steel does not need much maintenance and is relatively low in cost. As a result, it is considered the ideal material for a custom staircase, giving it an aesthetic value.


Straight stairs are widespread phenomena. If you are after a simple design that is practical too, a straight staircase is what you want to invest in. These are easy to install and can look attractive. Make sure that you hire a professional contractor for the best quality staircase.

1. Spiral Stairs

Metal spiral stairs feature a helical arc and are ideal for limited space areas. If you want to save your building space or have a complex living place, spiral stairs would be right. For building the spiral stairs, the clients have to customize the stair structure as per the business needs.

2. Curved Staircases

Curved staircases are not like spiral stairs. They do not use any central supporting pillar and can be built in either oval or elliptical shape. The appearance it creates is extremely elegant, so it is commonly placed in an entry point to make the best first impression.

3. L-Shaped Staircase

L-shaped stairs are a variation of straight stairs that feature a bend in a particular stair area. There are no curved steps, but they have a flat landing. They are very useful and easy to walk in a corner.

These three are popular stair structures that are needed for construction. If you are searching for high quality industrial steel stairs for industrial use, make sure that you choose the best provider that offers good quality steel stairs. Ironspan USA is the most reputed steel stair provider in the USA; visit the official site now for more details.

December 20th, 2021 posted by superadmin