Learn These Tips Before Investing In Custom Storage Containers In Kansas

With a surplus of new and used custom storage containers, they are considered durable and robust storage units for both residential and commercial use. They are incredibly hardy and designed to withstand severe weather conditions, including fires, keeping your possessions or inventory from damage. They are also cost-effective and portable. That means they can be shipped to virtually any location, provided there is enough space for the storage carrying it to maneuver.

Before buying custom storage containers in Kansas, there are a few things you want to consider to ensure that your items are safe and in good condition with minimal maintenance.

How will they be delivered?

Storage containers are delivered using one or two types of trucks, including a tilt-bed or a flatbed truck, or a roll-off truck. Flatbed trucks are usually more cost-efficient than their counterparts. However, it would be best to have a forklift on site to place the storage container.

If the shipping location is far from the container depot, then you want to consider the cost of hiring a forklift locally.

Will you need any permits?

Generally, you do not require any building permit for structures that do not have a permanent foundation. This means that if you set your storage shipping container onto concrete footings or railroad ties, you will require a permit.

Setup and maintenance costs

While the upfront costs of investing in a storage container are high compared to building concrete or wood-frame structures, the total costs of building a structure and the time taken might be more than purchasing a container.

Construction involves building costs, transporting materials, and labor costs as well. Moreover, these structures may not be as sturdy as a shipping container that can deal with the harshest weather conditions.

Do you need to stack the containers?

If you are considering getting multiple storage containers, consider stacking them to save your existing space. Generally, you must not exceed seven containers stacked on top of each other. However, the strength depends on the structural integrity of the underlying containers.

In order to prevent deformation, you may consider welding steel guardrails to the interior of the structure for additional safety and support for the container. The amount of reinforcement required depends on how high you stack them.

Are they well ventilated?

If your area has fluctuating day and night temperatures, then you will likely have an issue with condensation accumulating up inside your container. This can damage any valuables kept inside the container. As such, you should make arrangements to go with some ventilation system that will facilitate proper air circulation. Typical options may include fixed vents and a basic HVAC system.

Make sure to find a reliable container supplier like Iron Span USA that can guide you to the best container for your commercial or industrial needs. Shipping storage containers are a great, cost-effective option for businesses looking for a portable storage solution. They are easy to set up fast, and affordable, making them a great alternative to concrete or wooden structures.

May 13th, 2021 posted by superadmin