The leading Constructors of Ramps in Kansas

As an alternative to stairs, Ramps are inclined platforms that are used to connect the lower to the upper level. Specifically, they join the landings and the floors in a building. Now, ramps are an integral element in any building construction because, apart from their design possibilities, they allow the user to effectively overcome their physical barriers. For example, with the message of positive reinforcement, ramps allow physically challenged people in wheelchairs to access the building and enable easy loading and unloading of office supplies. Therefore, ramps construction companies in Kansas have stepped up a notch in constructing ramps of various indoor and outdoor designs and slopes.

Ramps are constructed when people of vehicles have to be moved from one level to the other. They are commonplace in public buildings and offices, train stations, airports, stadiums, hospitals, and exhibition halls.

What construes the shape of the ramp:

• Ramps are generally straight, but curved ramps also exist. Curved ramps are mainly used in parking structures or to shift the parking space to an upper floor.

• A minimum horizontal landing of 50cm diameter is provided for every change in the ramp’s direction—this diameter aids in a complete rotation of the wheelchair.

• The transverse slope of the ramp must be less than 2% to avoid lateral slippage.

Significant features and uses of ramps:

• The ramp floor should not be excessively smooth because it might cause slippage, especially in the case of wheelchairs. Ramps can be constructed from either or steel. The finishing material must provide a non-slip surface, both in dry and wet conditions, whichever the base material. The individual in the chair and their caregiver should have good traction regardless of the weather. Each ramp is equipped with safety side curbs at least 2 inches in height at each section as a vital safety measure, mainly in ramps for wheelchair users.

• Ramps are mainly constructed in government buildings, where the foot traffic is high, and now even in private residential buildings. For public use, ramps must have landings at regular intervals along the ramp. The most common place is at the top of the ramp in front of the entrance. This gives room to open the door and provides a stopping point to search for keys.

• There are strict guidelines regarding the bearing capacity of ramps. There are some ramps in the service entrance of the building that is used by vehicles and for loading and unloading. The bearing capacity of these ramps is different than those of others inside the buildings.

• Ramps are sloped usually at 1 in 10 to 1 in 15. This method needs a lot of space.

• Ramps for people on wheelchairs should have handrails on both sides. They are an important feature of a well-built ramp. It serves as a safety measure and a convenience for both the user and the caregiver.

• Ramps, like all building elements, have to have a modicum of esthetic sense in their design.

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December 13th, 2021 posted by superadmin