Wheelchair Ramps for Residential Properties

With your parents getting older, you feel more responsible for them. Be it helping them physically, emotionally or financially, you feel the urgency of making your parents’ lives easier. If you are living with your parents who are suffering from limited mobility, it makes sense that you take the right solution and appropriate measure to get your parents what they actually need. To deal with mobility issues, what can be a better option than a wheelchair ramp? Ramps construction in the USA is very common and is a lifesaver.

Ramps in wheelchairs are more than just some pieces of metal, and if you think that there is a universal ramp that would fit every requirement, be sure that it is not. Wheelchair ramps are created using multiple types of materials, lengths, slopes and features, and certain purposes. Each and every type of ramp is unique, and it is important to determine the right type that fits your requirements.

The first step is determining the ramp’s length

While choosing the right ramp, it is important to determine the appropriate length of the ramp that is appropriate for your application. If you select a ramp that is too short, it will lead to a dangerous accident. On the other hand, longer ramps are prone to decrease the steepness of slope, making it an easier option for individuals with a mobility issue. While choosing the right length of your ramp, make sure that the length fits your requirement, providing enough safety to the user.

What are the different types of wheelchair ramps?

The next phase of selecting the right ramp for a wheelchair is to determine the type of ramp that best suits your needs. There are three types of ramps that you can consider purchasing.


If you are in need of making your home accessible for wheelchair, free-standing ramps are the best choice. They are meant to provide a long-lasting solution to its users, although they need you to pay a hefty amount of money. The materials they use are mostly aluminum and wood.


Portable ramps are designed to be compact, lightweight and easy to use, makes it easier for users to move it anywhere. There are easy-to-carry handles in most portable;e wheelchair ramps for better transportability.

Threshold ramps

Threshold ramps are different from free-standing ramps, these ramps are usually smaller in size and mostly used in residential purpose. These ramps help the user to overcome the height difference from room to room.

Why Iron Span USA?

Wheelchair ramps come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can increase accessibility for people with a mobility issue. Not all wheelchair ramps are created equal and you need to decide the right size that suits your need. Whether you are a residential property owner or a commercial one, if you are looking for quality wheelchair ramps, then Iron Span USA can be your lifesaver. Having years of experience and knowledge, we are able to provide engineered structures to help you meet your wheelchair ramp needs.

January 23rd, 2020 posted by superadmin