Why You Should Install Custom Storage Containers

When a storm threatens a job site or you are concerned about potential theft, what’s the safest way to protect your materials and tools? Many contractors think they can save a few dollars and build a temporary structure for storing items overnight. However, if you’ve installed security cameras and there’s fencing around the site, why bother renting a storage container? That thinking could cost you thousands with one break-in or damaging hailstorm. So instead, rent one or more storage containers to organize and protect your site.

Benefits of storage containers

Most custom storage containers in Kansas are converted cargo containers. As they’re built to withstand the rigors of sea and train travel, they’re extremely durable and able to withstand wet conditions. While deciding where to install storage containers on a job site. Still, they’re an easy way to organize and protect materials.


Storage containers are designed to safely carry goods on ships and trains, built to withstand splashing water and storms. It is advisable to install storage containers on a dry, level surface, perhaps on a riser if the Jobsite is prone to flooding. Still, they can withstand snow, hailstorms, and sleet.

Wind protection

Worried about water leakage or storm damage to materials? Storage containers can provide protection. They aren’t airtight, but they can protect the construction tools and materials from high winds and rain. Storage bins and Makeshift sheds can blow over or fall when a storm comes. This is because containers are strong enough to withstand harsh weather.

Control pests

Construction sites can be a hotspot for insects and rodents, including spiders, mice, and wasps. The experts say rodent control starts on the construction site. While construction starts, the piles of machinery, tools, and building materials provide a place for rodents to hide if the project is big and ongoing. The Storage containers can help prevent infestations on site.

Customized solutions

Storage containers can be customized to meet your demands. Standard 20 or 40-foot containers are useful for general storage, and they create a central location for materials and tools. They can be outfitted with shelving and lighting to keep the materials organized and accessible before dawn or night. Doors and Windows can be added, and they can be climate controlled or plumbed to provide worker break rooms or office space. You can ask your provider about custom solutions available in your area.


Cameras have become standard on job sites, but a security camera and temporary fencing aren’t enough to stop intrepid thieves, especially in the jobs where copper wiring and other high-value materials are used. Construction theft costs the industry millions per year. However, thieves can’t steal what they can’t see. a locked security container provides extra protection. In addition, an internal security camera adds extra protection for high-theft items.

Storage containers are essential on construction job sites. Whether you need space to store tools or looking for a climate-controlled office, we can help you find the right storage solution.

The storage containers are highly effective and used in various applications. The storage containers offered by Ironspan Steel Building are implemented in multiple sectors, starting from the office storage applications to the tool storage requirements.

March 10th, 2022 posted by superadmin